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1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« on: October 22, 2010, 08:31:29 PM »

Yesterday I had a little game against one of my friends Lizzardmen. We did some photos and I managed to draw a little map. It was a 1000pts battle and we just set up and... killed each other. A friendly "I-stab-you-to-death". So... sit back and enjoy!

The Armylists
I had:
- Captian Emil Weber with greatweapon and Armour of meteoric iron
- Wizzard Franz Feuerbach Level 2 and Dispellscroll, Lore of Fire
- 10 InnerCircle Knights FC
- 30 Hellebards FC
- 10 Swordsmen Detatchment
- 10 Handgunners
10 Handgunners
1 Greatcannon.
The Lizzardmen had:
- Saurushero (don't know what itīs called) with a +1 Attack Shield and a Flaming Blade thing.
- Skin Shaman, Level 2 and Dispellscroll
- 20 Sauruswarriors FC
- 15 Sauruswarriors FC
- 10 Skink with Javelins
1 Stegadon

The Setup:

My Wizzard got the Fireball and Fulminating Flame Cage spells. The Skink Shaman got the Iceshard Blizzard and Urannon's Thunderbolt spells.

First Turn:

I managed to get the first turn. All my units expect the Handgunners and Cannon on the left flank moved forward. The Magic Phase went great, I got 11 Powerdice and managed to throw a Fireball at full energy at the 15 Sauruswarriors, killing 4 of them but they didn't panic. The Fulminating Flame Cage was dispelled by my enemy.

In the shooting phase my greatcannon managed to hit the stegadon and dealed 4 Wounds! I really hate those monsters and wanted to kill it as soon as possible. The Handgunners on the left flank were too far away from the Sauruswarriors to do anything. So my first turn ended

My enemy rushed his skins forward close to the forest, Unit of 20 Sauruswarriors moved forward around the forest in the middle. The Stegadon marched a bit forward and the (former) Unit of 15 Sauruswarriors moved up just a littlebit to keep itself out of chargeingrange of my knights. The skink Shaman managed to get 4 Powerdice and send Urannons Thunderbolt on my knights, killing 2. The spell was cast with irresistibel force and the Skink shaman lost 1 wound... I had to smile a littlebit at this moment :D . The only attack during shooting was the stegadons giantbow but it failed to hit my knigts.

Second Turn:

Second Turn, here it comes.

My Knights declared a charge on the Stegadon. I just wanted to kill this thing. I rolled the dice and my mighty knights, the emperors pride, managed to charge an impressive 9 inches.... they didn't even come close to the stegadon :( . A great position, the 15 Sauruswarriors had a good chance at a flank at my knights and the stegadon could crush in them... My other units  moved a bit forward but not too much I didnīt want to get charged by any of those Sauruswarriors. My magiphase was a bit... impressive. I managed to get 12 Powerdice and cast a fireball at the 15 Sauruswarriors again, killing 6. The spell was cast with irresistibel force but I only lost 3 of my remaining powerdice. My fulminating Flame cage was cast at the 15 Warriors too, hitting them with irresistibel force (again) and killing 3) and again I lost 3 powerdice of my, now empty, pool. I was satisfied :P My shooting was nice too, my handgunners on the left flank managed to kill 2 Sauruswarrios of the 20 Unit, my handgunners on the right flank killed one Skink in the stegadon's howda and then... my greatcannon scored another hit on the stegadon and smashed it in the ground! HA! Take this beast thing!

The Lizzardmen a charges. The 20 Saruswarriors charged the hellebards and Swordsmen. They were about 15 Inches away so I was very certain they would not do it... but with a double 6 the wild beas-things smashed into my brave Soldiers! The remaining Sauruswarrios of the Unit of once 15 and the skinks moved up a littlebit too. The skinkwizzard was a littlebit confused I guess, because he only managed to get 3 powerdice. He threw a urannons thunderbolt at my knights but I used my dispellscroll. With a 15 on his castroll I wasn't able to ban this spell :D . Shooting was okay, the skinks killed two Handgunners and that's it. But close combat was a bloody mess. My Hellebards and Swordsmen only managed to kill about 4 Sauruswarriors but lost 11 of their own men! Thanks to steadfast I hold my ground... but this Saurushero is a monster!

Third Turn:

Letīs get ready to ruuuumble!
I declared a charge at the rest of the 15 Sauruswarriors with my knights and rolled again... a 3. So no charge from me this turn... those horses must be very sick these days.

My Handgunners turned all to the left to face the big unit of Sauruswarriors and/or skinks. So, a littlebit Magic now! My mage managed to cast the fireball at the former 15 Sauruswarriors and kill 1, the other spell got dispelled with the dispellscroll. The 1 kill was enough for a panic check and the sauruswarriors turned on their heels. But they didnīt run far enough to leave right now. The only unit able to shoot was my greatcannon and it managed to kill 5 Skinks with one shot! Enough to cause a panic check on them too … and they ran like hell and right off the table :D

The close combat was okay. My Swordsmen killed 3 Sauruswarriors, but the Hellebards didn't manage to kill even one. In return I lost about 5 more Hellebards and my soldiers again hold :)

In my opponents turn the Sauruswarriors on the flight rally and turn to face the knights. In the magic phase the shaman managed to cast  Iceshard Blizzard on my cannon. The close combat was again a bit of luck for me, I managed to kill 1 Saruswarrior and lost only 2 Swordsmen. The fight was a tie and nothing happened there.

Fourth Turn:

I declared a charge with my knights... again! This time it actually worked :D My knights crushed into the remaining 4 Sauruswarriors.

My mage walked behinde the forest and the Handgunners on the left flank turned again. In the magic phase not much happened, all my spells got dispelled. No shooting because nothing was in range of my handgunners on the right flank and my cannon couldn't fire because of that spell. In close combat my knights destroyed the Sauruswarriors and turned to face the shaman. The Hellebards and Swordsmen get beaten into a blood mass. Killed non Sauruswarrior and lost 8 of my men.... what to say? They ran like hell :D The Sauruswarriors reordered and faced the Handgunners.

In the Lizzardmen's Turn the Sauruswarriors declared a charge on the handgunners and they flee. They stop shortly before the table edge and my enemy can't reach them anymore. The Shaman walks away from my knights. In the magic phase he casts urannons thunderbolt on my mage and toasts the hell out of him. :(

Fifth Turn:

My knights declare a charge at the Shaman but... fail again at reaching him... it isnīt the best day for those brave men... or maybe not my best luck. My Handgunners and my Hellebards rally, the swordsmen decide it is better to run back into the fieldcamp and get some hot soup. My Handgunners on the right flank walk up to get a better shot at the remaning Sauruswarriors.
My magicphase is non existing but in my shootingphase the cannon manages to kill 8 Sauruswarriors with a grapeshot ! Now there are only about 4 Left.

The Sauruswarriors charge the handgunners and during stand and shoot I manage to kill 2 of them, now there is only the Champion and the Hero left! Huuuraay!

 The Shaman manages to cast another urannons thunderbolt at the knights but can't kill one. The close combat is short and messy... the handgunners got slaugthered but I manage to kill the Champion! The remaining 3 handgunners flee... maybe they heard the swordsmen talking about soup.. who knows. The Hero reforms to face the cannon.

Sixth Turn:

The last turn! I declare a charge with my knights on the shaman and managed to reach him! My Hellebards move forward and thatīs it for my movement.

During shooting my cannon fires a grapeshot at the saurushero and... kills him. Yeah, 8 wounds is enough to kill this beast :P The knights Champion fights a duell against the Shaman and kills him too.

Thatīs it, a victory for the empire!


"Gott mit uns."

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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2010, 09:27:26 PM »
A glorious victory! You did well to kill that Stegadon fast. It would have trampled your army.

Saurus Warriors are great value in combat, but are very expensive as cannon fodder. Your opponent ran out of troops very quickly, while you lost units in combat and still had plenty left.

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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2010, 06:47:43 AM »
Congratulations!  Nice report, and I love the smaller battles as well.  I have never faced Lizardmen, and although they have a hard reputation, it seems like you handled it really well. 

I am curious though - on the second turn why did you not do a counter charge with your detachment when those Saurus made that long charge? 

Thank you for taking the time to post this!

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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2010, 09:02:45 AM »

Can we have another soon, same size.
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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2010, 10:08:04 AM »
Pictures and maps...

It's like reading White Dwarf all over again.  :happy:
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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2010, 10:46:00 AM »
Thanks a lot for the comments :)

@Dosiere: Yeah, but he declared a charge at the Hellebards and the Swordsmen and like I read it the Swordsmen are only allowed to make a counterassault if they are not assaulted.

But we are pretty new to warhammer, made a long pause. So if there are some odd things, that's just because we both were playing our second game of warhammer after a bunch of years waiting :D

@All: Yeah, there will be another one. Right now another friend finishes his O&G and maybe next week we have a match :)

So, thanks again!

"Gott mit uns."

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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2010, 06:59:35 AM »
I love playing small battles too.  Nicely done against the Lizard hordes! They can be tough but you handled them like a pro.

I especially loved the map icons. I think they were pretty well done. Of course I can't draw to save my life lol.
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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2010, 08:59:54 AM »
Pictures and maps...

It's like reading White Dwarf all over again.  :happy:

Back when WD actually made decent battle reports, and that's a long time ago.

Great report, thanks for writing it up and congrats on your victory Kolberg!
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Re: 1000pts Empire vs. Lizzardmen
« Reply #8 on: October 25, 2010, 09:40:39 AM »
Tell that Lizzi player that he should get at least two salamanders with 4 skinks in his small armies...they are...incredible. moving 12 inches and spitting fire on enemies with -3 to armour save is nothing to sneeze at also one big saurus unit would have served him better I suggest the flaming sword of chotec, the shield that grants +1 attack (at base strength) and either the frenzy item upping the big guy to 7 attacks S5 (6 of these with -4 to armour save) or the crown of command.