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NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« on: August 16, 2010, 09:57:14 PM »
This past weekend I attended the NOVA Open Tournament being held at Chantilly, VA. Was my first Warhammer Tournamnet, and tons of fun! The organizers did a superb job, and there were tons of helpful staff about to answer rules questions/play questions. Upon signing in, we each got a ‘swag bag’ full of some pretty awesome stuff: there was a laser pointer (hooray for TLOS!) a calculator, several pads of paper and pens, mouse pad, shot glass, bag of bits, and a couple other things. Lots of cool toys.

Throughout the day they were also raffling off various prizes (from Orc Stompas to GF9 magnetized bases to packs of 40k melta guns).  The way it worked is that as soon as you lost a game, you had a ticket added to the raffle bowl. So the more you lost, the more chances you had to win things. There were tons more prizes for winners in various contests as well later on.

The format was four games and three different victory conditions.

‘Kill them all’ – Win by having 250 more VP than your opponent
‘Control the Watchtower’ – win by controlling the watchtower in the center of the table
‘Break their Will’ – win by reducing the opponent to 3 break points.

Each game had one of the victory conditions as primary, one as secondary, and one as tertiary.  The tables all had SET TERRAIN placed in specific locations ahead of time, so NO time spent rolling up and placing terrain. Just lay down your army and go. The terrain looked awesome and I think this greatly sped up play.  Each fantasy table had the same basic terrain layout: a watch tower in the center, then about 6-8 other pieces of terrain in a loose circle about the watch tower nearer the edges of the board – buildings, hills, and forests.

My list, at 2500 points:

L4 Life Wizard, Rod of Power, Crimson Amulet, Ironcurse Icon
Arch Lector, War Altar, VHS, AOMI, Biting Blade

BSB, Flaming Banner, Barded Warhorse, FPA
L2 Fire Wizard, Dispell scroll

28 Swordsmen, FC
30 Halberdiers, FC
30 Halberdiers, FC
14 Crossbowmen

3x Cannons
3x Mortars
15 Greatswords, Champion, Banner


Let me talk a bit about my list design.

First of all, you’ll notice I have no detachments.  That’s because, frankly, I can’t afford them. I have barely the bare minimum for core as it is (26%). Also I feel detachments have been weakened quite a bit in 8th edition. Winning combats is pointless if your opponent is steadfast, and detachments don’t break steadfast. So I felt I was much better off having more bigger units: dropping detachments let me go from 2 25 man blocks with two detachments to 3 30 man blocks with no detachments.

The 14 crossbowmen is a rather odd number, but I took them specifically so they could be joined by the BSB with flaming banner if I faced HPA or Grave Guard with the regen banner or Hydra or any other big nasty with regen. 14 crossbowmen should be able to place a wound on any of those units at long range, thus removing regen, and allowing the rest of my shooting to pile into them.

The presence of cannons and mortars is pretty self explanatory, I think.

The greatswords are there to provide another hard to capture banner for breakpoint missions, and to provide a ‘hammer’ unit that can actually generate some CR via kills.

The steamtank is there to be a tarpit. There are plenty of units I can’t be guaranteed to kill with shooting that will tear up anything I have in close combat. Flagellants are dead as a tarpit in 8th ed, so, enter the steamtank. It’s quite a bit less powerful than in 7th, but the toughness 10 helps him be a tarpit better, which is all I really care about.

My characters are generally cheap with relatively few upgrades or protective items. The Engineer has nothing. The L2 has nothing. The L4 I gave the crimson amulet because while I was playtesting this list, he kept getting hit with pit of shades or dwellers below and dying. The AL is the best protected of the bunch. He has biting blade because it’s cheap, and gives me a way of killing ethereals. I didn’t give him a GW because I wanted to be able to take advantage of the higher initiative I’d get from swapping with my opponents using VHS. I went back and forth over whether to include the war altar or not. It’s casting power is a pale shadow of it’s former glory but I felt that as a means of delivering the VHS bearing AL where I needed him to be, it was a good idea.

If you have a steamtank, a life wizard for your L4 is the natural choice. (My other choice was death, but I choice Life). The L2 is fire wizard, purely for the signature spell and chance at getting sword of rhuin. As I said, I was paranoid about big regenerating monsters and wanted ways to shut them down. I played a couple dual HPA lists while playtesting this and they walked all over me.

I have 7 fortitude points, lots of shooting, but 4 big blocks of infantry, so it’s far from a gun line. I have two good ‘tarpit’ units, and an L4 for magic support. I have NO cavalry, as you’ll notice. In playtesting I grew disgusted with how many things that completely ignored armor saves they kept getting hit with, and dying to no purpose. Stuff they charged didn’t break and then they whiffed away with S3 all game. Giant knight units are magnets for template weapons and tend to get decimated, so I wasn’t keen on making an even bigger knight unit. I can almost buy a 30 man halberdier block with the points I save by dropping a 5 man knight unit, and there’s no question as to which is more valuable on the battlefield.

I have no flagellants. In an 8th ed world it’s not worth paying 10 points for a naked T3 human. I don’t particularly think it’s worth paying 8 points for a naked T3 human with a crossbow either, but I wanted SOME way of dealing out flaming attacks in the shooting phase.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
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Game 1: Victory Condition – Kill them All!

The matchups here were decided randomly. After this they’d compute scores and match you up against players of similar skill. There were 32 fantasy players, and after 3 rounds, they’d be left with 2 undefeated players, who would then play each other.

I wound up playing a savage orc list that was very fluffy and friendly and I think not nearly ‘hard’ enough for the tournament.

We played with closed lists, but at the end of the game you had to give a printed copy of your list to your opponent.

My opponent (Jeff Riddle) had

Grimgor Ironhide
Savage Orc Great Shaman, Guzzlas Battle Brew, Channeling Staff

Night Gobbo Big Boss, BSB, Spider Banner
Night Gobbo shaman, staff of sneaky stealing

25 Black orcs, morks spirit totem

20 savage orc biguns
20 savage orc boyz
20 savage orc boyz
20 savage orc boyz
59 night goblins with nets and 3 fanatics

So, lots of orcs. He had his army attached to the bases with Velcro, so despite the huge numbers, his set up and clean up didn’t take very long. Smart move! He pretty much deployed line up against his left hand board edge: savage orcs, grimgors Black orcs, big uns, savage orcs, savage orcs with shaman, then the night goblin horde over on the other side of the building.

I deployed fairly centrally, with swordsmen facing off against his nightgoblins (reasoning my minor armor save might actually help against S3 bowfire) the greatswords facing the building, then war altar, then the halberdiers, then the steam tank, then more halberdiers. L4 and L2 went in the halberdier blocks, Engineer went with the 3 mortar battery facing off against the night goblins. There wasn’t anything worth cannoning so I put a cannon in each corner to try for flank shots and put another so he could shoot at the tower in case he garrisoned it. My crossbowmen went off by themselves to my left in a wood. I figured they could help shoot night goblin fanatics once they were released.

He won first turn, and off we went

Orc Turn 1:

Two of his units squabbled, but the night goblins, savage orcs with shaman, grimgors black orcs, and the savage orcs on the board edge all moved forward. I set up back from the front line by an inch or two so he was still out of range for bow fire and his magic didn’t accomplish anything of note. I store 2 dice in the ROP.

Empire Turn 1:

My army moves up. Swordsmen towards the NG horde, Greatswords towards the tower. My two halb blocks angle to their right to face off against his guys. My steamtank generates his 4 SP safely and moves off to the right to interpose himself between grimgors black orcs and my right most halberdier block. The war altar and BSB move last, making sure as many people as possible are in the 18” LD bubble and 12” BSB bubble. This was my standard practice in nearly all my games. Overall, I had very very few failed leadership tests. BSB with LD 9 is about a 3% chance to fail, and my guys were almost always stubborn.

Magic Phase: I channel and get 2 dice back from ROP, so I have a good # of dice. He has some banner that gives him a bunch more dispel dice, and I think he steals one of mine, so we are almost even.  I get hammer of sigmar off on my AL, then nothing else until the L2 fire wizard gets an IF Wall of Fire off on the right most savage orcs. I am planning to block the black orcs with the steamtank and need time to get my halb block over there to face them. The savage orcs are partially within a blood forest and so lose about 5 guys to the initial casting.  For my miscast I roll the small S10 template and blow up about 5 halbs and do a wound to my guy. Not a terribly great trade so far, but if his unit moves next turn it gets nuked!

Shooting: My mortars and crossbowmen kill half the NG horde. I think one mortar shot alone killed 20. Engineer used his reroll to turn a misfire on a direct hit into an 8 or something. My cannons can draw flank shots on his central unit and so pick off an orc or two each. Think I knocked out about 6 from the central unit: he made a bunch of the ward saves.

Orc Turn 2:

 He calls his WAAGH and I think everyone surges forward except the savage orc unit with the firecage, which squabbles instead.  The night goblins move closer to my swordsmen and throw all 3 fanatics straight at me. 2 go hit me and go through, one rolls like a 3 or something and is short.  His savage orcs with L4 shaman go into the tower. Grimgor charges the steamtank. The rest of his orcs move forward.

In the magic phase he gets some spell off with IF that kills a few swordsmen and kills a couple savage orcs in the tower.

In the shooting phase he gets a couple more swordsmen with bowfire. Combined with the magic, the shooting, and the fanatics, half the swordsmen are now dead. They pass the one panic test they had to take (from the fanatics).

Grimgors unit does about 3 wounds to the ST.

Empire Turn 2:

Because my ST presented it’s flank at an angle to Gimgors unit, they’ve angled so that the war altar can see them around the building. I charge in, hoping Grimgor will make way and come challenge me. I also hope another orc unit will charge into me and then I can flank them with my halb unit. Steamtank generates two steampoints.

My swordsmen are bracketed with fanatics and so shuffle to the side 2 “ to let the crossbowmen draw clear line of fire to one of them. Greatswords move up in front of building but don’t charge it yet. My right most halb block moves around the steamtank so it can draw a clear line to the other savage orc block.


I manage to get off both throne of vines and shield of thorns on the AL’s war altar. I expect him to be engaged with two different orc units shortly. The S4 hits munch down a few black orcs. I also heal the steamtank twice with Lifebloom after carefully making sure I was exactly 12” away.

Shooting: the crossbowmen are useless and fail to kill any fanatics. Mortars continue to pound the night goblin block. One is a direct hit, one scatters sideways 2 inches, and the other scatters right on top of a fanatic. Oops! Scratch one fanatic. Fortuitously, it is the one directly between me and the NG horde. (Which is now down to 13 models).

 They fail their panic, fail the reroll, and start running.  I fire my steamgun and hit about 13 black orcs, killing a few more (no armor save yay!)

The cannons direct their fire at the tower. They are template weapons, so will do hit D6 of the guys inside each time. I kill about 6-8 this way, as all 3 cannons hit.

Close combat: The war altar and steam tank impact hit kill a few more black orcs. (7 or 8 dead so far).  Grimgor challenges me, I accept, and VHS our stats. Apparently grimgor gets something like 7 attacks. With my hatred and rerolls to wound and biting blade, this does not go well for him and he perishes. I win but he is stubborn and holds.

Orc Turn 3:

His savage orcs charge my halberdiers on the right. His big’uns charge into the war altars flank, just as I’d hoped.  The NG continue running, and his shaman’s unit decides to roll a 6 on animosity and charge into my greatswords.

One if his fanatics hits the other and dies, while the other escapes death and plows through both my greatsword unit and his shaman orc unit, popping out the other side and into a building and dying. I lose about 2 greatswords and he loses a savage orc or two.

Magic: Nothing of note. I dispel everything except something that kills a greatsword. Shield of throrns munches on a few big’uns and black orcs though. Hooray for S4 thanks to throne of vines!

Shooting: his only shooting is fleeing!

Close Combat:  His Black orcs fail to wound the tank, the savage orcs do a wound or two to the war altar. He wins that combat easily with charging and flank and ranks but I am unbreakable.

His savage orcs vs my Halbrdiers lose about 3 guys to halbs, and kill about 6.I have 21 halbs left to his 13 savage orcs. He wins but I am steadfast, so stay.

His savage orcs against my greatswords knock out 3 or so, leaving me with 9. He has 5 savage orcs left and I kill them all, easily winning the combat. I pursue and cut down his shaman, ending up in the building.

Empire Turn 3:

My unengaged halberdiers charge the big uns in the flank. The BSB charges as well. The Greatswords exit the tower and set up to flank charge the savage orcs who will flank charge my halberdiers who are flank charging his biguns who have flank charged my war altar who has flank charged his black orcs :p

Magic: I get off dwellers below on his unengaged savage orcs which kills about half of them. It also lets me heal a wound on the steamtank. I get off birona’s timewarp on my halberdiers from the war altar once he is out of dispel dice.

Shooting: Nothing really. I take potshots at his fleeing NG but then realize they are below 25% and don’t bother.

Close combat.

His savage orcs against my far halbs manage to kill the L2 by directing a lot of attacks at him. I lose the combat again but hold.

My birona’s time warped halbs have ASF and a higher init than the orcs, so they hit and kill tons. He does a wound to the L4 in exchange. He loses by a lot and both the black orcs and the biguns break and are run down.

 At this point we really don’t have much time left, and he doesn’t have much of an army left, so we call it so we can start picking up our many many guys.

I’ve scored something like 1770 points off of him and he has scored 125, for the L2 he killed. I felt a bit bad laying into a soft list like that but he didn’t seem too downhearted about it.

Things pretty much went exactly as planned. Crossbowmen accomplished nothing, my swordsmen never saw combat, but even if his NG hadn’t panicked from the mortar fire the swordsmen would have been able to beat them in combat and make them run, due to having more ranks. I always had more ranks than my opponent once my infantry blocks were engaged, which let me remove his steadfast where it counted or hold him up where it counted.

Magic wise, I miscast once to get off flame cage, got off throne of vines, dwellers below, shield of thorns, birona’s timewarp, and hammer of sigmar.  Probably my most active magic presence in any of my games.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
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After the game, I set my army back up in a ‘reasonable’ configuration so it could be paint judged. I also glued back on 5 of my magnets that came off. I’ve magnetized my army with a sheet of metal from home depot and rare earth magnets, but the glue is much less strong than the magnets and they keep coming off. I’m using ZAP a GAP, which is supposed to be pretty good! Some one recommended I use green stuff to give the magnet more to ‘hold onto’, which I started doing at the tourney when repairing broken figures, and that seemed to work pretty well.

I’d ordered some of the very snazzy looking Litko magnets that my friend Matt uses with his skaven, but they hadn’t arrived yet.

GAME 2: Victory Condition – Control the WatchTower!

This game was against Mark Aksel’s dwarves. My opponent would have also won his first game. I wasn’t that impressed with the list upon first glance, but he went on to soundly defeat me and be one of the top 2 armies, so obviously he was doing something right.

He had:

Runelord, Anvil of Doom, Runic Talisman
Josef Bugman
Thane BSB with Master Rune of Gomril

13 Quareller Rangers
20 Dwarf Warriors with GW
20 Longbeard Rangers
19 Hammerers with MRoGrugni
16 Miners with steamdrill
2x Cannons (Forging, Burning)
2x GrudgeThrower ( Accuracy, Accuracy & Burning)
1x Organ gun

His setup didn’t take long at all, with 2 scout blocks and a block of miners. He deployed pretty centrally and I deployed to match with the bulk of my guys. I put one mortar unprotected in each corner, hoping to entice his ranger blocks to making these ‘easy kills’. I had trouble placing my cannons since there was a building and a hill and the watchtower blocking my LOS to all kinds of the battlefield. I eventually settled on a ‘battery’ of mortar, cannon, cannon to the left of the tower, and one more cannon to the right.  My greatswords went out on the right flank, planning to march around the building and flank the hammerers. Steamtank went right in front of the hammerers (who were joined by the BSB, I think). I put my crossbowmen out on the left in a rather vulnerable looking position, hoping some of his scout blocks might find them a tasty snack and stay away from the watchtower!

I was really worried about hammerers or someone getting into the watchtower and never ever fleeing until I had killed every last one. Halberdiers just don’t have that much killing power against dwarf units. I messed up by putting the greatswords so far away from the building. In a building,  only 10 models can fight, and anything for ranks and banners doesn’t count – it’s all about the kills. The greatswords would have been able to kill more than the halberds, I think.

I also wound up with sub par cannon placement: there were a couple times I was a hair off being able to see some of his war machines.

He put down his quarreler scouts in front of my left most motar, and his bugman scouts in front of my right most mortar. I was glad to see this placement since I really didn’t care if he ate my mortars and that meant these units would be out of position for fighting around the tower.

He won the roll to go first (reasonable, since he was adding +1) and chose to go first. Let the artillery duel commence!

Dwarf Turn 1:

No charges, obviously. He moves his warriors and hammerers forward towards the tower. He moves his quarrelers forward so they are inside the 12” minimum range of the mortar. His bugman longbeards also move forward inside the minimum range of the right most mortar, while wheeling inwards slightly to be able to charge down the flank of my line. That’s fine, I don’t intend to still be there in his next turn!

Magic: I save two dispel dice!

Shooting. Ah, the phase of pain. Both his cannons shoot my steam tank. I thought I had it out of line of sight from one of them, but was wrong. He failed to wound with both, however, which made me happy. So instead, he wrath and ruins my steamtank, correctly guessing it is aimed at his hammerers.

His grudge throwers take a big bite out of one of my halberd blocks, killing something like 17 guys. Sadly this is the block with the L2, not the L4, so I don’t get a ward save from my ironcurse icon. His organ gun was out of range so didn’t fire.

All in all, not too bad. I’m kind of horrified at the wreckagae to my blocks even a small template can cause, but survivable.

Empire Turn 1:

No charges. ST generates 4 steam points.

My line surges forward, except for the xbows, who stand still. I really really want to get inside the building before he does! My steamtank moves a mighty 6” towards his hammerers. In case he gets wrath and ruined again, my war altar heads towards them as well. If I can tie up the BSB with a challenge for a while, I should be able to hold them up until my own guys get inside the tower.


With a runelord and the “I steal one of your dice” power, I don’t think I got anything off except throne of vines.


Aha, MY turn to unleash fiery war machine death!
My mortars shoot at the hammerers and manage to cause a grand total of one death, thanks to high dwarven T, lots of armor, and the master rune of grugni. I save my engineer reroll for the cannons.

My cannons do quite a bit better, blowing one of his cannons up and dealing a heroic one wound to a grudge thrower.

My crossbowmen FLIP OUT after my castigating them for being useless last game, and launch a salvo of long range shots at the organ gun. Half of them hit and I roll something like 4 6’s for wounds. Bye by organ gun!

Dwarf Turn 2:

He charges bugman’s longbeards into my cannon out on the right. His miners show up, and he anvils them into my ‘grand battery’. That’s disappointing, my battery is now doomed, but at least it means the steamtank won’t be wrath and ruined! Instead of racing for the building like I expect, his warriors and hammerers set up to guard the gap between the farm house and tower that most of my army is trying to funnel through. His quarrelers ignore my tasty little bait mortar just BEGGING to be charged and instead wheel to be able to charge my xbows in the flank next turn.

Magic: He dispels throne of vines with his power dice. Lesson learned! Don’t waste ones time with RiP spells when playing dwarves  On the other hand, I get cocky and decide to save THREE dispel dice!

Shooting: Ouchie phase again! Not as bas as last time though, as he’s down two war machines. I had managed to screen my tank behind a building, so his remaining cannon couldn’t see it so shoots at… my war altar. Hits it, wounds, rolls a 6, I fail my ward, blows it up. Oops. AL ward saves the cannon ball and lives.  (Cannons hit both the rider and the monster now, as template weapons). I had the 2+ ward save vs flaming item on my AL but I am not sure if it applies to the war altar or not.  He grudge throwers my other halberdier block, but I make tons of 6+ armor saves and 6+ ward saves from the ironcurse icon so am not too badly mauled. ‘Only’ lose about 10 guys.

Close combat:

His rangers destroy my right most cannon and reform to face my greatswords in the flank. His miners destroy one of the cannons in my ‘battery’ and overrun into the mortar. (I had it cannon- mortar-cannon so that no matter which side they came on, they couldn’t get to both cannons in one turn).

Empire Turn 2:

The wholly unmolested teamtank gleefully declares 4 steam points! Sadly he is 1” short of being able to charge my enemies blocks (no doubt just as my opponent fiendishly desired) so he just trundles forward. My greatswords move up even with the farmhouse, leaving the bugman’s rangers eating dust at least a foot away. My halb block with the L4 wizard moves into the watch tower! Aha! Victory is mine! The halb block with the L2 moves up only a tiny bit, while the swordsmen move full speed up beside the watch tower. My hope is that he will charge the halbs and fail, allowing me to charge him in turn, and then flank with the swords, or turn to face the swordsmen coming up in his flank and allow my halbs to charge him. My now on foot arch lector decides to join the party in the watch tower.

The crossbowmen, looking nervously over their shoulder and sensing that the dwarven quarrelers want revenge for the massacre of the organ gun, decide discretion is the better part of valor and they can best save their hides by marching a full 8” TOWARDS the enemy board edge (and away from the quarrelers!).

My BSB and L2 cower in the shadow of the watch tower, hoping this will save them from dwarf grudge throwers.


Nope, nothing.


Ah, the fun phase against dwarves. Peeved at the loss of the war altar, my remaining cannon uses the engineers expertise to smash his remaining cannon to itty bitty splinters. The mortars try their luck at war machine hunting and despite getting a direct hit, fail to wound.

Close combat: he destroys the mortar and overruns into my remaining cannon.

Dwarf Turn 3:

He rolls something like an 11, 11 and 12 for charge distance and just barely manages to charge my greatswords in the rear with bugman’s rangers and charges my halb block in the front with his greatweapon warriors and charge my crossbowmen in the flank with his quarrelers!. Ulp. That’s not according to plan at all! He may have used the anvil to move one of them actually into the charge distance. I think the longbeards. They were sooo far away I was shocked when they made it in!

His hammerers charge my steamtank, deciding to deny it the impact hits. Suddenly I’m engaged all along the line!

Magic: Still nothing.

Shooting: His grudge throwers shoot at the tower and the guys inside, taking out a few more. It’s MUCH less deadly inside though, since he only hits D6 of them. one of them scatters onto the swordsmen, killing a rank or two.

Close combat.

His hammerers don’t even ding the steamtank.

His quarrelers kill 4 crossbowmen, they might kill one in exchange. they break and get away, fleeing towards the tower.

Bugman’s rangers kill about half my greatswords, I kill 2-3 in exchange. I lose but am stubborn, and hold. I reform to face him.

His GW dwarves lose 3 or so to my halbs, then kill about 6 with their great weapons. I lose but hold.

Remaining cannon dies, his miners reform to face the tower.

Empire Turn 3:

Things didn’t go so well for me last turn. I suddenly feel like my line and ‘grand plan’ are in tatters thanks to all those successful long range charges. My steamtank generates I think 3 steam points.

My xbows rally and reform to face his quarrelers. This time they can stand and shoot if charged! My L2 is feeling vulnerable to quarreler fire and decides that since all the cool people are inside the tower, he’ll go in there too!

My swordsmen, their cunning plan of flank charging now ruined by the small fact that a giant watch tower made of stone is between them and their intended target, decides to trudge over to the grudge thowers and anvil of doom. The BSB moves behind his warriors in order to also be able to charge his war machines – but close enough to his guys to hopefully be protected from template weapons by the on going close combat.


Nope, still nothing. I know, I’m surprised too.


My mortars continue to fail to harm dwarves and my cannons are all dead.

Close combat.

Yikes, even more disasters. The greatswords kill several of bugman’s rangers (8 dead so far) but are then wiped out to a man.

My halberdiers kill several more GW dwarf warriors (6 dead so far) but then lose about 7 guys and break and run – only 7 of them are left, I am no longer steadfast. The warriors reform to face the tower.

My steamtank grinds and steamguns, and manages to knock out 4 more hammerers. He wounds it a couple times though.

Dwarf Turn 4:

His warriors declare a charge on the tower. He anvils the bugman’s rangers closer. The miners move towards the tower. The quarrelers move towards the tower.

Shooting: He manages to scatter a  grudge thrower shot right on top of my xbowmen. It promptly kills all but one. He doesn’t panic though!

Close combat: My AL and 10 halbs fight his 10 warriors. With the help of hatred, I kill 4, he kills more, but I’m steadfast so he has to retreat away from the tower.

Empire Turn 4:

My swordsmen are 16” away from the warmachines, so decline to charge, instead moving closer. The BSB realizes his rerolls are going to be needed to hold the tower so instead moves right next to it instead of charging off towards war machines.

The lone crossbowmen moves around to the dwarf side of the tower – ironically that’s the safest side, with dwarf quarrelers approaching from the left, miners approaching from my swide, and rangers and warriors approaching from the right.


Something actually gets through! I think I manage to regrow like 3 halberdiers or something.

There is a possibility that the game ends this turn if we roll a 6, but we don’t, so on to turn 5!

Dwarf Turn 5:

He charges bugman’s rangers into the tower to fight. Anvils the quarrelers closer. The miners move closer too.

Shooting: He tries to hit my BSB with a grudge thrower. I argue that he can’t since the template, if placed directly on the BSB, would overlap the building in which a close combat is happening, but he says he doesn’t have to place it ‘directly’ over the BSB but the hole can go at one corner of the base. Since I have the base perpendicular to the tower, rather than parallel, it doesn’t hit the tower. I’m not sure this is the way it goes, but then I remember my BSB should have been an inch away from the tower anyway so we let him make the shot. It scatters away and doesn’t cause damage.

Close combat: My AL challenges, his champ accepts. Champ dies. (I was hoping Bugman would accept!). My halbs, helped by hatred, flip out and kill FIVE long beard rangers. 

There are only 5 guys and bugman left in that unit, but THEY flip out and kill SEVEN halberdiers!  I have 2 men left in the halb unit, the AL, and two wizards, holed up in the tower. I pass my LD test but it’s not looking pretty.

Hammerers are still fighting ST but neither of us really cares about that fight anymore. It’s obvious neither side is going to win before the game ends.

Empire Turn 5:

I charge my swordsmen into a grudge thrower, and that’s about it, for movement.


Everything is dispelled. No regrowth on my halberds for me!

Close combat:

Swordsmen kill a grand total of one crewman. Crewman is stubborn so holds up the entire swords block, protecting the anvil from harm.

At this point we need to roll a 5 or 6 to end the game, which we proceed to do.

We have some difficulty deciphering the win conditions here. I am “in” the tower, which would give me the win. But there is a clause saying “If there is a close combat going on in the tower, count both sides as in the tower”. Technically the close combat ends because either the attacker wins and the defender flees, or the defender wins and the attacker is pushed back an inch, so in theory this clause is pretty meaningless. I think the intent is pretty clearly that if there is an ongoing struggle for the watch tower that goal is a draw and you move on to the next goal, which is # of VP killed. I’m getting really hungry so suggest we just count the watchtower as a tie and total up VP rather than spend half an hour reading building rules from the BRB.

I also felt it would be rather cheap to cheat him of his victory – he definitely crushed my army, and if my last two guys in the tower managed to win the game surrounded by 4 larger fresher enemy units it would be strange. Still, it’s a point worth clarifying with the TO’s for future tournies.

I had killed

Organ gun

He’d wiped out
3x cannons
Halberdier block

He won by about 300 VP, giving him the win on victory condition #2. So now I was at one crushing win and one crushing loss.

I felt pretty confident going into this game (feeling overly cocky from my previous victory perhaps) especially after the first turn where his shooting phase did minimal damage and  killed 2.5 war machines in mine.

Then things went south in a hurry when he sniped the war altar and made those 3 very long range charges. My troops were just obliterated in close combat against all those GW using dwarves, hitting on 3’s, wounding (and killing) on 2’s. I think I was too focused on the watch tower and didn’t pay attention to the rest of the battlefield as much as I should have. My opponent correctly surmised that it would be easier to take the tower if my whole army was dead first, and went about methodically destroying my guys. I put the greatswords way too far out on the flank to be of any use, and then sent my big swordsman block off to fight war machines. Plus I didn’t place my cannons correctly for good lines of fire at his grudge throwers (which were the machines I really needed to kill).  Fun game, learned a lot of important lessons.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
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I ran out and got some lunch at the restaurant block right across the parking lot from the dulles expo center. I cam back in enough time to repair the 3 magnets that had fallen off, as well as the plume that fell off a halberdier, as well as my BSB’s head, which broke off when the metal champion in my halb block (whose magnet had already fallen off) fell off the tower tap and landed right on top of the BSB)

GAME 3: - Victory Condition “Break Their Will!”

This game was against Scott Morgan’s Slaaneshi Demons. It was one of the most heavily converted and beautiful armies I’ve seen. So of course, I failed to take many pictures at all. Scott was a great opponent with a *very* friendly list for Daemons. He went on to win NOVA’s ‘Renaissance Man’ award and some other award for having such an awesome army.  He was a great sport and it was a great game.

He had:

Keeper of Secrets
Herald of Slaanesh, BSB (in with Daemonettes)
Herald of Slaanesh (in with the fast cav)
Herald of Tzeentch (Life Wizard, in with the changeling’s horrors)

10 horrors with changeling and banner
10 horrors with changeling
30 daemonettes with banner

5 chaos furies
5 seekers of slaanesh with siren standard
5 flesh hounds of khorne
2 fiends of slaanesh
5 flamers of tzeentch

He had a total of 6 fortitude points. I had 7. To lose, you had to be reduced to 3. The secondary condition was to control the watch tower.

He set up, left to right:

Furies, seekers, horrors + flamers, daemonettes, flesh hounds, horrors, fiends

I basically deployed my infantry centrally, alternating greatswords, steamtank, and AL between my state troops blocks. Cannons went spread out across the field so that no matter where he placed his keeper two of them could see him. Engineer and mortars went in a central battery behind my line. Crossbowmen went on a hill, that turned out to be a bad place for them, since there was soft cover and a building blocking most of their line of fire.

I think we could set up 15” in, but I was not desirous of closing with the demons right away and so set up at about the 9” mark to still leave about 24” between us.

For the first (and only) time in the tournament, I won the roll to go first! Which was very convenient for me and bad for him, since his Keeper was going to be a cannonball magnet.

Empire Turn 1:

No charges. Steamtank generates 4 SP and heads towards his biggest concentration of troops (the horrors with banner next to the daemonettes with banner).

Magic:  my magic just wasn’t all that effective this game. I kept having poor rolls to cast things. On the first turn I think all I got off was the ward save on my BSB.


Ah, the big question. Can the Keeper be pasted by cannon balls or not? It turns, out yes. One  cannon bounces perfectly, keeper fails ward, cannon wounds, rolls 6 wounds, keeper dead. Just like that. That was a pretty big blow to Scott (2 fortitude points gone) but he bore it with good grace. It feels kind of strange to just effortlessly wipe a big demon like that on the first turn, but that’s how cannons are. Sometimes they miss and miss and then blow themselves up, other times they perform perfectly. My mortars score a direct hit on the daemonettes, killing many of them. Crossbowmen fail to do anything.

Demon Turn 1:

His furies and seekers streak down my left flank. His flamers run into the building. His horrors and daemonettes set up to flank whichever of my units marches between the farmhouse and the watch tower. His flesh hounds dart into the watch tower and garrison it. His other block of horrors moves around to the right side of the tower, and his fiends run towards my right most cannon.

Magic: His magic doesn’t accomplish much at all. He rolled poorly for winds of magic and I dispelled just about everything.

Shooting: his flamers unleash holy hell on my halberdiers, killing loads of them. He’s got 5 and they each shoot D6! I pass the panic check.

Empire Turn 2:

My Steamtank generates 4 steam points and charges his horrors with flag. My hope is that I can crush them with impact hits, destroy the small unit, and take their flag, thus winning the game instantly. My left halbs charge the flamer house, my right halbs charge the flesh hounds in the tower. My greatswords move towards the horrors on the hill, my swordsmen march straight up the center, with the AL.

My crossbowmen are going to be flanked by the seekers, which will lead perfectly to an overrun into that cannon. I reform them into 3 ranks and face them differently in an effort to make the overrun not hit the cannon.

Magic: I think I get throne of vines off on the L4, nothing else goes through.

Shooting: I kill a seeker of slaanesh and a fury with a bouncing cannon ball. One cannon misfires and can’t shoot. The other cannon has a beautiful flank shot on the horrors facing my greatswords, but rolls a misfire on the bounce and so kills one. Mortars kill a bunch more daemonettes, down to about two ranks at this point.

Close combat:

My halbs killed 1.5 flesh hounds, lose tons of guys in exchange, and lose the combat. They hold, but are pushed back an inch. Other halbs kill 1.5 flamers, but lose a bunch of guys in the combat (and tons more in the stand and shoot). They hold, but are pushed back an inch. Steamtank only kills about 3 horrors with impact hits, after the ward saves and such. Then the changeleing switches toughness with him! Ut oh! Now I’m T3 or something laughable like that. He does a wound back to me and with his banner easily keeps from being swept away by combat resolution.

Demon Turn 2:

Furies charge my left most cannon. Seekers charge my crossbowmen. I’m all set to smash them with close range xbow fire when he reveals the stiren standard. No S&S for my guys!

Daemonettes debate  between charging my war altar or my steamtank, and decide to charge the steamtank in the hopes of cutting the T3 monstrosity to ribbons.

Magic: His life wizard manages to cast throne of vines on himself and flesh to stone on the daemonettes. Now T7 daemonettes get to attack a T3 steamtank! He heals a wound on a flamer and on a flesh hound.

Shooting: his flamers flip out and shoot me with something like 21 attacks. By the time they are done, I have exactly *four* halberdiers from that block of 30 left. Ulp. I am worried about their standard and do not think I will be charging his flamers. Units that can stand and shoot always are pretty powerful in buildings because they get a ‘new’ round of combat each time and thus another stand and shoot reaction.

Close combat:

Furies kill cannon easily. Seekers kill several crossbowmen, but they kill 2 seekers in return. Crossbowmen flee and are run down, and the overrun just barely clips the cannon. Fiends kill other cannon. Daemonettes do bucketloads of hits to the steamtank, but I only fail armor saves 3 times.

Empire Turn 3:

War Altar declares charge into the horrors! He can just barely fit between the farmhouse and the steamtank. I am hoping to challenge the changeling or something and kill him, so the ST can stop being T3 and can grind these units down! My right halbs charge the flesh hounds again. My left halbs move sideways and cower in the woods,hoping it will protect them from evil flamer shooting.

Empire shooting: cannons all dead or in CC. Mortars open fire on the flamer building. As long as the central hole is over the building, all the hits are at S6. I don’t know if they all still do S3 wounds. The mortars kill another flamer that way.

Magic: The L2 fire wizard directs a fireball at the building. He only rolls 3 dice, but manages to misfire, blowing up 5 swordsmen and wounding himself. With the rerolls to hit, I manage to kill another flamer. Only 1.5 left! I dispel his throne of vines.

Close combat: The halberdiers manage to kill a whole half a flesh hound and lose another 5 guys in exchange (10 dead so far).

The war altar impact hit kills a horror while the steamtank impact hit kills one T7 daemonette. The AL challenges and after a while my opponent decides his BSB will accept. I switch our stats, but since she is T7, I only cause one wound. I don’t take any wounds in exchange.

My cannon is annihilated and his seekers turn to face my swordsmen. They are down to just the herald and the banner bearer and one other.

His losses so far:

My losses so far:

Demon Turn 3:

His furies swoop towards my battery of mortars. His horrors back up away from my greatswords. His fiends start the long run back towards the battle from the lower right hand corner where they killed my cannon. My swordsmen are in a position to flank charge his daemonettes next turn, which will certainly doom them, so he rear charges them with his seekers.

Magic: I don’t think he gets anything off with magic. I think he tries to redo the +4 toughness but fails.

Shooting: I’m worried his flamers will shoot at my 4 remaining halberds, but instead he shoots at my BSB. I’m not worried about him, he has 2 W and a 2+ armor save. He manages to save all the wounds dealt to him.

Close combat: The AL fails to even hit the  herald, and the herald fails to dent the 1+ AS 4+ WS AL. Steamtank takes a another couple wounds (Up to 6 now).

His seekers kill a couple swordsmen and take a single wound in response. I reform the swords block to face the seekers.

Empire Turn 4:

My greatswords make a charge at the flank of the daemonettes but are short.

My halbs, deciding the battle with the flesh hound is pointless, start marching towards the daemonettes in case the greatswords fail (again)


I manage to get regrowth off on the halbrdier block with only 4 models. I roll a 6 and bring back 7 of them! Now they aren’t looking so horrifically vulnerable. I also manage to cast the +4 T spell on my own steamtank, bringing it to a mighty toughness 7. Yes my friends, I had to cast a + toughness spell on my steamtank. Don’t see that very often! This lets me heal two wounds off the steamtank. and take it a little farther out of the danger zone.

Shooting: not much to shoot. One of my mortars lands a direct hit on the furies and kills all but one, the others take pot shots at fiends as they run around behind the greatswords.

Close combat:

First thing that happens is the AL challenge against his herald. he finally hits with all his attacks and, now that the herald is no longer toughness +4, kills her. That makes him lose another fortitude point, ending the game right there. I would certainly have beaten the seekers and taken their banner too most likely, which would have cancelled out the one he could have gained from my halbs if they’d been so unfortunate as to die when they only had 4 models left. As it is though, he’s down to 3 fortitude points from 6, and I still have all 7, which is a solid victory for me. I never did get those flesh hounds out of the building or the flamers out of the farm house!

This was a great game and it was a joy to play against such a wonderful looking army. He sculpted entire models out of green stuff and had a great paint job. I feel fortunate drawing demons in the fortitude match, as they don’t tend to run lots of banners and have big, easily cannon balled generals. Scott was a great opponent and cheerful even when his wonderful conversion seeker got pasted before he could even move.

Everything performed about as expected. Steamtank held the enemy, allowing for my flank charges to move on in. My crossbows accomplished nothing and even their attempt at a sacrificial reform failed. My mortars tore the guts out of the daemonettes and my cannons killed his general, so my artillery more than paid for itself, even though they wound up being gobbled up by steeds of slaanesh. I didn’t get much magic off, but where I did it really helped (regrowth on the 4 man halberd unit!).  Once again, the AL’s terrible terrible stat line (worse than most captains) combined with the VHS allowed me to tie people up in challenges and eventually kill them.

After this game I repaired 5 more magnets that fell off :p

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
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GAME FOUR – Victory Condition “Break Their Will!”

This scenario could have been any of the previous three – the TO’s rolled a die to determine which it was. There was some confusion because some folks through the roll for 40k was applying for fantasy as well, but in reality there were two separate rolls. We wound up doing the scenario we’d just completed, break their will, with the watchtower as secondary.

For this game I played Jeff Leong’s ogres, who were painted and converted really really well. He took rat ogre heads and grafted them onto the ogre bodies, and used skaven as the gnoblars. That combined with a terrific paint job made his army look really sharp!

He had:

Tyrant, luck gnoblar, talisman of preservation, tenderisier
Buiser, BSB, dragonhelm, wyrdstone necklace
Butcher, biting blade, dispel scroll
Butcher, sword of anti heroes

4 Bulls
5 Ironguts with standard
5 Ironguts with standard
20 gnoblars
2 leadbelchers
2 leadbelchers
2x gorgers
Rhinox Rhider on Bull Rhinox

A small but powerful list. He put the tyrant and butcher in with one unit of ironguts and the other butcher and BSB in the other unit. This basically meant two strong units held the entirety of his fortitude points (5) and I would have to completely wipe out one or the other in order to win…or kill his general with my AL!

He outdeployed me in this game. He heavily weighted his right flank while my army was deployed more centrally, which basically meant my swordsmen and AL were facing off against the bulk of his army. Despite having a lot more drops than I did, the won the roll to go first, and the game was on!

Ogre Turn 1:

Everything surged forward. He was able to deploy on the 15” line due to the scenario so was really, really close to my guys, even though I set up at about the 9-10” line. His entire army pretty much was funneling in between the farmhouse and the watch tower, which provided me tons of big hulking targets for my cannons and mortars. All he had to the right of the tower was the gnoblars, a scraplauncha, a unit of leadbelchers, and one unit of 4 bulls right next to the tower. His giant moved to hide behind the tower, out of sight of my cannons.

Magic: I think he gave the BSB ironguts +1 str, everything else I blocked.

Shooting: scraplauncha missed, everything else marched towards me so didn’t fire.

Close combat: none

Empire Turn 1:

Steamtank generated 4 SP and zoomed forwards. The left part of my army actually backed up an inch or two (did NOT want to get closer to those ogres) while the right half advanced.


Got a ward save off on the BSB and I think Flesh to Stone on the greatswords and that was it.


Given the speed of his advance, I was only going to get one turn of shooting so I needed it to be good. He had tons of ogres jammed into a narrow alleyway, but my mortars failed to really generate any wounds, except the one which landed on top of the gnoblars, killing 10 of them and sending them running.  My crossbowmen managed to generate one whole wound on the leadbelchers, who had moved up in short range but were in soft cover. So it was time to see what the cannons could do! As it turns out, not very much. I really wanted to kill the rhinox rider but my bounces kept missing him. The one that hit him only did a couple wounds. Still, I killed one ogre in the Tyrant unit and two ogres in the BSB’s unit.

Ogre turn 2:

Charges everywhere! His BSB unit charged my steamtank. The Giant charged the halberdiers behind the steamtank, needing a large roll and making it. (I foolishly left a big enough gap for him to fit through). The Rhinox rider charged the swordsmen. They promptly failed their terror roll. No problem, BSB right here! They failed again. Only a 3% chance of that, and they were right next to the board edge, so that might lose me a banner right there! Then they fled a whole 3”, which was enough to keep them on the board. That was good. but it meant his rhinox rider could redirect into my AL on his altar, which was bad, because I wanted him freed up to go killing the enemies BSB in a challenge. His leadbelchers charged my left cannons and were short. One gorger came on
and also menaced left cannons.

His Tyrant’s Ironguts moved up behind the rhinox rider to charge the swordsmen next turn.

His leadbelchers also charged my right crossbowmen who, disappointed in their poor showing in the previous game, decided to redeem themselves in the final game by absolutely going Wyatt Earp. They rolled a bucketload of hits (needing 6’s) and then a bucketload of wounds, dealing a total of 4. That killed one leadbelcher and left the last with a grand total of one wound.

Magic: nothing of note. Think he gave +1 T to the tyrants unit

Shooting: scraplauncha scored a direct hit on my unengaged halb block, killing about half of them. Ouch!

Close combat.

Ah, the real meat of the game against ogres. On the right, his leadbelcher managed to kill one xbowman and stomp another. They failed to wound him, but held on steadfast.

The giant killed 5 of my guys between his attacks and thunderstomp, and my halbs wounded him twice. I held.

The steamtank dealt several impact hits which killed another ogre. I don’t think he took any wounds in response.

The Rhinox rider wounded the AL once and the war altar once. The AL did nothing in exchange.

Empire Turn 2:

Well, my line and plan was somewhat in disarray, with the AL and Halbs unexpectedly being in combat, instead of the swordsmen and steamtank, as I’d planned. My greatswords charged the flank of the rhinox rider. My swordsmen thankfully rallied. My unengaged halbs moved up to protect the flank of the halbs fighting the giant from the unit of 4 bulls.

Magic: I don’t think I accomplished anything.

Shooting: not much to shoot at, really. Most of his army was engaged in close combat with mine. I tried a cannon shot at the Tyrant’s unit but misfired. One cannon grape shotted the approaching gorger and rolled 10 hits! Only 3 wounded though, leaving the gorger safe to destroy my battery next turn.

Close combat:

Steamtank grinded down another ogre. Only one left in that unit! If I could kill him, that would be a fortitutde point! He took a couple wounds in return though, so he wasn’t going to be generating many steam points.

Halbs did another couple wounds to the giant, but he yelled and bawled so they auto lost by 2, so he didn’t have to take a break test.

Rhinox rider killed a couple greatswords and they did 2 wounds to him, which wasn’t enough to kill him. he held.

Crossbowmen finished off the last wound from the leadbelcher that charged them.

Ogre Turn 3:

Gorger charges cannon. Leadbelchers charge other cannon.

Tyrants unit charges swordsmen.

Bulls charge my unengaged halberdiers. I hold everywhere, he makes all charges.

Second gorger comes on and goes after my right hand cannon and mortar.

Magic: crucially, he gets regen off on the unit fighting the steamtank. Nothing else of note.

Shooting: I don’t know what the scraplauncha did, not nothing important. Think he took a potshot at my xbowmen and scattered.

Close combat: Leadbelchers destroy cannon they charged, overrun into mortar. The gorger destroys his cannon and reforms to face my swordsmen in the flank.

Tyrant and his unit kill many swordsmen (10?), but I am steadfast and hold. I would have lost more but I sacrificed my champion to challenge the tyrant. Greatswords kill Rhinox Rider, but I can’t overrun as it’s not the first turn of combat. Giant kills a few more halberds (killed 10 so far) and takes 2 wounds from the halberds and one from the wizard (6 followed by a 6!)

Steamtank has taken about 5 wounds so far.

Right halbs kill one whole ogre (3 wounds) then they take my unit from size 13 to size 7. I hold.

Empire Turn 3:

I charge the war altar and greatswords into the flank of the tyrants unit. steamtank geneates one steam point. If I had been smart, I would have rotated my archers to cover the oncoming path the gorger would likely take, but instead, the only thing they can see is the scraplauncha. Reforming wastes their turn.

Magic: My L4 casts regenerate on my halb block fighting the giant. He manages to miscast by rolling 3 6’s on 3 dice. Good job! Then he rolls the “everyone in B2B takes an S10 hit”. He’s in base to base with the swordsmen and the giant, who has taken 5 wounds so far. I roll…3 ‘s for wounding the swordsmen and a 6’ for wounding the giant. Amazing. The swordsmen survive the magical holocaust while the giant perishes! He falls on top of the wizard in last malevolent effort, causing a wound.

I lose something like 6 power dice, effectively ending the magic phase.

Shooting: Nothing.

Close combat:

His leadbelchers destroy the mortar they were fighting. The engineer panics from the destroyed mortar and runs towards my center.

The ogre bulls and my halberdiers all whiff. However, since I have a banner and he doesn’t, he loses, promptly flees, fails the BSB reroll, and is run down by my heroic tiny band of halberdiers!

My one steampoint rolls a 6 for wounds, then they all wound! Dead ogre! Yay! but he has regen, which cancels all 3 of them. Oups. Should have dispelled that, but I blame the miscast. If I’d killed that ogre I think that would have been a fortitude point for me. ST winds up with 4 wounds lost.

My greatswords and swordsmen do about 4 wounds to the ogres. The AL challenges the Tyrant and swaps stats. I do maybe one wound to him (he’s T6 or something ridiculous), and has the ward save. The ogres kill a greatsword and about 7 more swordsmen. I think he wins, but I am steadfast so stay. There are 8 GS left and 12 swordsmen.

Ogre Turn 4:

Right gorger charges cannon. Left gorger charges fleeing engineer, (who runs away) and redirects into mortar. Leadbelchers also charge the mortar.

Magic: Don’t think he accomplishes anything. I think he healed a wound on each butcher or something.

Shooting. Think scraplauncha scatters.

Close combat.

The mortar is destroyed and the gorger and leadbelchers overrun. Gorger overruns into swordsmens flank.

Right gorger destroys cannon and overruns into mortar.

He does a couple more wounds to steamtank. It has 6 now.

He clobbers the swordsmen with the help of the gorger. He fails to hurt the greatswords and the greatswords do like one wound to him. AL fails to hurt tyrant, tyrant fails to hurt AL. Swordsmen lose by a ton, are no longer steadfast, and break. Gorger chases them down and destroys them. Ah! A fortitude point gone! Jeff is in the lead now. His Tyrant’s unit changes facing to face the greatswords. Uh oh.

Empire Turn 4:

I can’t generate any steam points with the tank, as it’s too badly damaged.

My halberdiers charge into his block fighting the steamtank, as does the BSB. Hoping to kill something somewhere! I really need to wipe out one of his banners.

My tiny band of 5 remaining halberds from the one block run inside the tower to hide.

My L2 fire wizard decides to get ballsy and charge the ogres in the flank. Hey, +2 CR ! (Charge + flank charge).  He might die to an ogre but my greatswords will swing first and hopefully fix that problem for me. The front rank ogre facing the wizard is the tyrant, who is locked up in a duel with the war altar still.


The life wizard regrows several greatswords, and heals a wound on the steamtank (5 wounds now). The AL waits until my opponent is out of dispel dice, then casts birona’s timewarp on the greatswords with 2 dice. Oh, yeah!

I still fail to dispel the regen on the ogre BSB unit, but I figure since my flaming banner BSB is in action, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Shooting: Nothing.

Close combat:

My BSB whiffs and deals no wounds. My Halberdiers fail to accomplish anything either. I don’t kill either of his characters or the last remaining ogre (carrying the standard!) in the ogre BSB’s ironguts unit. Sadface. That’s ok, the main effort is with the greatswords!

The AL does maybe one wound to the tyrant, who fails his AS, uses his luck gnoblar, rolls a 6, and makes out just fine. At this rate it would take me 10 turns to kill this guy. Looks like I won’t be getting fortitude points from killing the enemy general.

My Greatswords, with ASF and now a higher init than the enemy, strike first and deal something like 7 wounds, completely wiping out the back rank of ogres. This, among other things, makes my L2 wizard safe, which he no doubt appreciated greatly. I wind up winning the combat by a huge amount, my opponent needs a 2 or 3 to stay. He rolls a 2. If he had fled I could possibly have captured the unit, but would certainly have captured the standard! That would have tied us for fortitude and I would have had the watchtower, giving me the victory.

As it was, he won on fortitude and there wasn’t enough time to do another turn, so we had to call it. It was an excellent, excellent game, Jeff was a great opponent with a beautiful army. The game was a real nailbiter, and very close. I felt like it could have gone either way multiple times. Overall I’d say we were both quite unlucky. Our troops seemed more interested in engaging in slap fights than anything else. My opponent rolled so many 1’s and 2’s when trying to wound with his ogre attacks I figured it was only fair that he roll that for his leadership test as well!

I finished up with 2 wins, one crushing loss, and one skin of my teeth loss. The last two games I played were superb, against great opponents with beautiful armies on wonderful terrain. Great feeling, and I had a ton of fun at the tournament.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
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Analysis of my list:

Offhand, I don’t see any gaping holes in my list.

The steamtank was probably MVP. He never died, and each game reliably held up some big block of enemy nasties, allowing me to defeat the rest of the enemy army or try to bring up something else to flank. I don’t see how I would have done as well as I did without it. The steamtank killed almost nothing (hits like a wet blanket if it’s taken even a wound or two). Definitely a tarpit only, rather than the one hit wonder hammer of 7th edition.

The AL on War altar was also solid. His bound spells were a joke. I think I got 4 of them off all tournament, one hammer of sigmar, one ward save, and two birona’s timewarp. Everything else was easily dispelled. Not adding a power level and having to hit a power level to successfully cast is a real nerf.  Despite being blown up with one cannon shot in my game against dwarves, the war altar was surprisingly resilient otherwise. Having two unbreakable units is a definite help in gumming up the enemy center. Also it allows the war altar to find the biggest baddest enemy unit/character and carry the AL into a challenge where he can use VHS to destroy the enemy. Or at least stay alive by giving the enemy weaker-than-your-grandmother arch lector fighting stats.

If I could change one thing about this combo, it would be to give the AL a bit more punch in combat. Maybe the sword of anti-heros? Expensive, but I want to take advantage of the higher I he gets when swapping stats. I just wasn’t able to wound reliably enough enemy characters without a great weapon. I’d be S5 and they’d be T5 usually. AOMI proved more than enough in terms of protection.

My BSB never died. He was only even shot at once, despite riding alone by himself on a horse all game. The horse was great, giving him +2 AS and allowing him to easily reach the position he needed to be in to give more people the BSB bubble.

L4 wizard was solid. Never died. Throne of vines helped mitigate some miscasts, managed to regrow people at important times. Dwellers below was never significant. Shield of thorns on an unbreakable unit is great, especially one fighting several opponents.

L2. Didn’t really contribute. I only used my dispel scroll once (Granted I should have used it more, particularly in the ogre game, to get rid of that regen). I chose fire to deal with HPA and other regen monstrosities, but the only regen I faced was after I was already in close combat. Thinking of dropping this guy for a captain on Pegasus, who would be about as many points, and might give me a way to protect my war machines.

My infantry performed very well, not breaking from fights unless previously devastated by war machine fire or fighting ogres in the front and flank simultaneously. Bigger units are definitely better. If I had had 25 man units instead of 30 man I would have lost my last rank or been utterly wiped out about 5 different times. Definitely glad I chose halbs for my other blocks instead of spears. There’s no point in having spears when you only have 7 men left. The halbs enabled me to wound dwarves, ogres, and giants more easily.

The swordsmen were a bit of a disappointment. They didn’t seem to last noticeably longer than halberdiers. S5 removes their armor entirely, and then you’e just left with the ward save, which doesn’t work on the flanks or against several types of attacks (stomp, impact hits). I think I maybe made one 6+ ward save in my whole game vs the ogres. Them breaking and fleeing is what cost me that game.

Artillery: performed admirably in all but my last game. Almost always died, but usually performed what it needed to first. Mortars just don’t do well against ogres and my cannons just couldn’t quite kill what needed killing against the ogres. Still, I don’t plan to leave home without 3 cannons and 3 mortars.

I not once felt like I wished I still had detachments (the areas we were fighting were way too clogged to use the units I did have) and all my opponents brought enough shooting to reduce a 15 man unit down to 9, thus rendering them pointless.

I didn’t bring any cavalry, but I didn’t miss them except in the game vs dwarves, where I’m sure one cavalry unit would have been prioritized and wrath and ruined/cannon balled/grudge throwered into oblivion. A Pegasus captain would possibly have fared better, and I may consider taking one in the future instead of the L2.

Greatswords were great when they were great, and useless when they weren’t. If they didn’t get flanked from the rear, they generally did quite well. 15 of them is enough to have 10 or so left when you get to strike, and then that’s 11 S5 attacks. They killed WAY more than a similarly costed unit of knights would have killed, so I feel my decision to use them as my hammer unit instead of knights was justified.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2010, 10:57:25 PM »
Fantastic report, Skyros! Great army list, and your models look nice too.

Is that an ogre riding He-man's cat?

Also, is your first opponent wearing yellow shorts? If so, the man has style.
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2010, 11:40:30 PM »
Thanks for sharing.   8-)

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2010, 11:41:40 PM »
Great reports!  Thank you for taking the time to do these, and all the pictures! 

Two questions,one a rule question:

1.  How do you remember four games like that?  Do you take notes while you play so you can write us these reports?  I remember playing four games at a tournament once and I could barely tell you what happened at the end of it all.

2.  In your battle against the Ogres, there was a situation where your AL was fighting the Rhinox ( although it looked indeed like He-mans cat!) to his front and your greatswords to his flank.  He attacked your greatswords, but I think he should have been forced to attack the AL?  I remember reading the 8th BRB that a model in base contact to its front could not attack a flanking/rear enemy, and had to attack the "more immediate" (i think that was the wording) threat.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #9 on: August 16, 2010, 11:46:23 PM »
Nice reports!

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #10 on: August 17, 2010, 12:32:32 AM »
This past weekend I attended the NOVA Open Tournament being held at Chantilly, VA.

Was this the one at the Dulles Expo Center?
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #11 on: August 17, 2010, 12:34:08 AM »
Fantastic report ! Your feedback is very enlightening. I shall greatly ponder on your conclusions.
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #12 on: August 17, 2010, 01:03:29 AM »
Rufus: My opponent was indeed wearing yellow shorts.

Great reports!  Thank you for taking the time to do these, and all the pictures! 


Two questions,one a rule question:

1.  How do you remember four games like that?  Do you take notes while you play so you can write us these reports?  I remember playing four games at a tournament once and I could barely tell you what happened at the end of it all.

The photos and magic cards helped a lot. I did jot down some notes on the little paper pads we got in our swag bags to help me remember.

2.  In your battle against the Ogres, there was a situation where your AL was fighting the Rhinox ( although it looked indeed like He-mans cat!) to his front and your greatswords to his flank.  He attacked your greatswords, but I think he should have been forced to attack the AL?  I remember reading the 8th BRB that a model in base contact to its front could not attack a flanking/rear enemy, and had to attack the "more immediate" (i think that was the wording) threat.

You know what, I think you are right! That might have helped out a bit. By that time both my opponent and I were so exhausted we could barely think straight :p

This past weekend I attended the NOVA Open Tournament being held at Chantilly, VA.

Was this the one at the Dulles Expo Center?

Indeed it was! Were you there?

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #13 on: August 17, 2010, 01:07:34 AM »
Nice reports, thanks for sharing!  :::cheers:::

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #14 on: August 17, 2010, 01:13:39 AM »
Indeed it was! Were you there?

Naw, I'm still a fossil in gaming terms at this point.  Though when I first heard of it I was quite tempted.
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #15 on: August 17, 2010, 01:41:57 AM »
You really should have been there...

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #16 on: August 17, 2010, 01:43:44 AM »
2.  In your battle against the Ogres, there was a situation where your AL was fighting the Rhinox ( although it looked indeed like He-mans cat!) to his front and your greatswords to his flank.  He attacked your greatswords, but I think he should have been forced to attack the AL?  I remember reading the 8th BRB that a model in base contact to its front could not attack a flanking/rear enemy, and had to attack the "more immediate" (i think that was the wording) threat.

It's in the clause concerning supporting attacks. Supporting attacks cannot attack the flank or rear if the supporting model is not in B2B contact with the enemy.
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #17 on: August 17, 2010, 01:44:08 AM »
Were you there Phil? I didn't really 'connect' with any people from the internet - felt so rushed haha.

Still it was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it to others.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #18 on: August 17, 2010, 02:02:48 AM »
No, I live in MAine.  Wissenlander lives in VA.

If I had been within one state of that thing though, I would have strapped rabid dogs to a peice of plywood to come!

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #19 on: August 17, 2010, 02:06:03 AM »
I'm not a big fan of tournaments in general.  And I'm sure I would've pissed off a lot of people when they found out I don't know the rules.
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not together.

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #20 on: August 17, 2010, 02:14:18 AM »
Dear Friend of Stirland,

Your shoes have been put on backorder. We appreciate your custom.

Hope we are finding you shod,

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #21 on: August 17, 2010, 02:58:19 AM »
Great reports !

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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #22 on: August 17, 2010, 05:28:29 AM »
Sweeet! I know the time investment involved in putting that together. Thanks it was fun read. A few comments:

The L4 I gave the crimson amulet because while I was playtesting this list, he kept getting hit with pit of shades or dwellers below and dying.

Good catch. Makes a lv4 stand a chance against Dwellers, etc. I like this.

One  cannon bounces perfectly, keeper fails ward, cannon wounds, rolls 6 wounds, keeper dead. Just like that.

Excellent :eusa_clap:

I also manage to cast the +4 T spell on my own steamtank, bringing it to a mighty toughness 7.

 ::heretic:: ::heretic:: ::heretic::

I feel fortunate drawing demons in the fortitude match, as they don’t tend to run lots of banners and have big, easily cannon balled generals.

It seemed in the last 2 games you were hyper aware of what you needed to kill to get the victory. Very smooth.

he AL waits until my opponent is out of dispel dice, then casts birona’s timewarp on the greatswords with 2 dice.

That is exactly how you get those walter spells off. Wait till your opponent is down to 1 or no dice.

My BSB never died. He was only even shot at once

This one bugs me. He was riding around on a horse and no one took shots at him. If I were the dwarf player with all the artillery, that is an easy shot.  I love the idea of keeping the bsb mobile on a horse getting within 12" of where it needs to be though.  I just worry about his survival outside of a big block.  At this tourney, he did very well.

Artillery: performed admirably in all but my last game. Almost always died

Yea. This something to ponder as well. When we set up our arty batteries around a central engineer, the configuration is poorly designed to handle charge over runs. When one unit is charged, the over run always hits something. So basically you know when your battery is charged, 2 units are toast. So what is the answer? I run my battery(s) each with one cannon. Grapeshot is a beautiful thing in 8th. If I see a unit about to charge my battery, I try to move my cannon (thus losing a shot this turn) out of the over run path. I try to get my engy outa there too. This should give you a grapeshot attempt.

Thanks for the report :::cheers:::
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #23 on: August 17, 2010, 11:50:49 AM »
Excellent report Skyros, thanks for sharing.   :eusa_clap:

What are your post game thoughts on:

1) 3 mortars = 225 points; very little effect even when spammed vs. high T or high AS troops (Dwarves, Ogres)
    / great vs. low T and AS troops (O&G)


    1 HRB + 1 mortar = 195 points ....... do you think the S5 HRB would have been more consistent vs. all opponents.

    I ask because I have yet to make a decision myself   :?,  although I have an unhealthy fascination for the HRB.

2) 3 blocks of regular troops (1 Sword, 2 Halberd) @ 30 bodies per unit + a small (15 bodies) unit of GS


   2 blocks of regular troops (2 Halberd) @ 40 bodies per unit + a big (30 body) unit of GS
  (a)  Do you think that the bigger units, although fewer in number, would have lasted longer against all opponents
        especially 'killy' ones like Dwarves with GW or Ogres?   

  (b)  would you have been able to achieve your various objectives/flexibility despite having one less unit?

Your opinion/analysis would be very useful to the tactically challenged, such as myself   :icon_biggrin:
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Re: NOVA Open Tourny Report - with pictures!
« Reply #24 on: August 17, 2010, 11:58:41 AM »
Looking at that savage orc list, I can honestly say I don't think he intended to give you a soft list to play.  It features Grimgor, about the nastiest combat character in the game, and masses of tough, very killy orc units.  He just ran into a nasty shooting list with good magic.  His concept is connected to steadfast hordes that hit and grind it out against anything they touch.  Not a bad plan, it just failed against your setup.

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