Author Topic: WK's secret empire project - Witchhunters, White Knight & Queen released (10/02)  (Read 220182 times)

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Do you by any chance have some pictures of your mounted imperial knights assembled (and painted)? I don't think I ever saw proper pictures of them. On top of that I was wondering if you have painted some of the various foot knights yourself already and want to share the results with us? Do you have any more human miniatures planned for the future?

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Basically, the sad truth is I haven't had time to assemble and paint any myself, which is a shame as I only had them made because I really wanted them.  :blush:

I do have plans to release more figures (the second set of witchhunter was added only recently, and I'll be releasing a set of naughty night goblin shamans next week). I would like to do some human soldiers with skull-masks to go with the cleric. :-)

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naughty night goblin  :icon_eek:
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I have a set of the mounted knights. I need to put them together and have them painted. When I do, I will post photos.
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I just finished my witchhunter on horse.

A pleasure to paint.

Thanks WK :)
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First painted one I have seen!  :happy:

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