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Wayland Games Huge Discount Of Battlefoam
« on: June 05, 2011, 12:00:27 AM »
Wayland Games Huge Discount Of Battlefoam

BATTLEFOAM\n\nYou know we sell Battlefoam right? You know it is amazing stuff and protects your figures like nothing else. Well we at Wayland have been distributing Battlefoam now for about 9 months and have been amazed at how popular it's been in the UK and Europe. You have probably seen someone somewhere carrying a bag. One of the problems with foam etc is that because it is bulky it costs a significant amount to ship across the ocean adding VAT and duty adds again to the costs and so what should be a well priced product can as an import seem well more expensive than we would like.\n\nSo what have we done? Well after working together with Battlefoam and negotiating hard with freight companies we have managed to cut the importation costs significantly. What does this mean? † With immediate effect we are cutting Battlefoam prices from between 6% and 30%. Only a few are dropping 6% and almost everything is dropping over 15%.\n\nWhat does this mean if you have an item on order now, that hasnt yet shipped? Well we will refund you the difference to the new price. Also if you have placed an order in the last 30 days get in touch with our helpdesk and we will try and do something for you.\n\nFor example a pluck foam filled 1520XL drops from £160 to £130. †There is no better time to getting your troops protected.\nClick  here.†for Battlefoam\n\nSource: Wayland Games Huge Discount Of Battlefoam