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Rare critique
« on: September 13, 2011, 08:17:54 PM »
i would like to see some changes to rare but nothing too big.

1.  The steam tank,  I love and hate this thing and what exactly I want to change but T10 seems too good at the same time I hate how once Im brought to 7 wounds my effectiveness drops way down.

2.  Hellblaster increase to BS4 would be nice,  right now this thing is more of a scare tactic than really destructive unless you have an engineer sit next to it but I would like it to be more useful without being baby sat by a hero.

3. flagellants or as I lovingly call them the crazies.  I love them and don't really want to see a rules change.  A bigger cap on the unit would be nice to see though, can't really justify removing the cap entirely but being bumped to max unit size 40 or 50 would be nice.  Would like to hear thoughts on this. 

4.  Helstorm Rocket.  I like this gun a lot but much like the Hellblaster.  The only problem I have with it is the mortar seems like a better choice because of its ability to land on target more often than the Helstorm, unless there is an Engineer nearby.  I'm thinking a good change would be to remove the "bounce" like part of the shooting but reduce it to a small blast instead.  Thoughts on this?