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Skirmish & Warband / Re: Guildball
« Last post by Gankom on Today at 07:59:01 PM »
One of the hobby stores a little ways away has just announced they're going to be running a league. Until that came out I had no idea there were many people, but I've been told a good 15 or 20 have signed up for it.
Skirmish & Warband / Re: Frostgrave
« Last post by Gankom on Today at 07:58:02 PM »
I think they look brilliant, and the idea of it sounds great as well.
Strike Team Fire Warriors! First unit of 5! What small details damn.... but battle-ready

More on my blog post:

My december spoils (Black Friday and Sinterklaas)

And my build of the Riptide all magnetized ofcourse

I'm so gonna own all you guys at the Eurobash at 40k!!!

Probably not
The Count's Tavern / Re: What are you watching- TV shows
« Last post by Dihenydd on Today at 07:28:20 PM »
Just finished last season of Shetland.  Man, if you like the English small town murder industry mystery dramas, this is a great show for you.

My love of the English small town murder mysteries has left me reluctant to visit again.  Chances are nearly 100% I would be the victim OR discoverer of a dead body if I ever go to a village ever again.

Although, those are the same odds I would be the victim of a serial killer in the US.  If TV drama is anything to go by, everyone is either a Serial Killer, a victim being stalked, a victim who survived or a emotionally abused Special Victim Crime Special Scene Investigator Consultant Special Unit officer hunting them down.  Oh, or a retired SVCSSICSO who is embittered/hunted/become a hunter/blackmailed.  Really don't like those odds.

I will stay in Canada.  Although the number of Moose attacks is on the increase.

Anyways, Shetland, Good, Well Acted, Not going to Visit.
The Brush and Palette / Re: My Grand Barony of Nordland Army
« Last post by Orfeo_Culzean on Today at 07:19:24 PM »
Revenge "Storm of Magic" game!
Yesterday my nordlanders got a great victory over WoC army. 5000 Pts per side, 4 fulcrums.

Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord which I'd paint as a present for Opponent:

Elector Count Gausser lead empire troops to battle:

Some battle situations sneak peek:

The Count's Tavern / Re: Gaming & Miniatures on Black Friday (And How!)
« Last post by Victor on Today at 06:22:36 PM »
So ... finally picked up my first Gamezone miniatures because of the sale ... the warrior priest on horse and the wizard on foot. :icon_cool:

Have you recieved anything yet? On the site, you can view the order status and apparently my order has not been shipped yet. "Order recieved" is all it says.

PS.: Their webshop is the opposite of secure - No https, and they store your login details and password as clear text somewhere.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Monthly Painting & Scenery Goals 2018 ...
« Last post by Padre on Today at 06:19:42 PM »
Forget my previously stated pirates goal, I am now working on 14 light horse (spears & bows) for the Bret mercs called the Brabanzon. They must be finished within 6 days!! (That's when the next campaign battle is on!)
The Count's Tavern / Re: What literature are you reading?
« Last post by Gankom on Today at 04:48:57 PM »
Everybody liked Captain Carrot. That's his thing.

The first few Guard books really show the evolution of all the crew. They all get a lot more development.
The Count's Tavern / Re: What literature are you reading?
« Last post by Finlay on Today at 01:36:00 PM »
i've read Mort and Guards! Guards!

I liked Mort a lot. Thought G!G! was just ok.

I actually liked the chosen peasant king hidden in dwarfs who you think is the main character better than the captain guy who is actually the main character.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Sharkbelly's Projects
« Last post by Artobans Ghost on Today at 11:17:07 AM »
Very nice!
I have a unit of these guys. One of my first few purchases way back when. The night goblins became my favourite faction for many years. Still maybe my favourite.
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