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 Thanks a lot for the effort guys! I was beginning to think this was a phantom but Bartolís  mention of the collectors guide rings a bell too. I seem to remember  the double appearance.
I am afraid not. There is a witch hunter army by Steve Hinett's (and without a steam tank).
I tihink that peculiar army appears on Empire Collector's Guide too.
All big Eurasian cats belong to the genus Panthera, which I believe comes from Greek. So lions and tigers are panthers too.

Leopard is Latin, and literally means 'spotted lion'.


Indeed, each model is a masterwork.  :eusa_clap:

The Brush and Palette / Re: Bright College Pheonix
« Last post by Gankom on Today at 04:54:39 AM »
Yes summon him back to give us an update!
The Brush and Palette / Re: Bright College Pheonix
« Last post by GamesPoet on Today at 04:14:15 AM »
I hope there's a painted update as well!
Excellent spears unit, I love how those have been done. :icon_biggrin: :eusa_clap:

And the manticore and his riders, outstanding. :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

Wondering where the riders came from.
Age of Sigmar Discussion / Re: AoS Adventure
« Last post by GamesPoet on Today at 03:40:12 AM »
The first thing that came to mind regarding the roof not using cardboard is that it looks almost like a slate roof, although with that size, it'd be probably a heavy one.

Tougher to burn than the ... bamboo one. :icon_wink:
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