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The Count's Tavern / Re: Gamer thread
« on: November 13, 2018, 06:41:00 PM »
Wow, sounds like HoI has a much more flexible faction system than its predecessors.

I wonder, if you were to play as Republican Spain and win the civil war, would it be possible to form a rival, Trotskyist Comintern?  :icon_lol:

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 12, 2018, 10:28:35 PM »
Organ Guns are nowadays Range 30'', 2D6x2 shots. I think total game time was about two and a half hours. That, for three Empire and two Dwarf turns.

I think he didn't fully realize the extent to which Rangers can harass and interfere with movement, he's probably not used to thinking of them that way. He does recognize light cavalry as doing that, probably due to his most common opponent being a Highborn Elf player who uses light cavalry for that role. He usually deploys (quite correctly) his crossbowmen to counter such.

I concur with most of your analysis of what mistakes he made. I don't think though his combat blocks had much other choice than to charge my harassment units, they were placed close enough that going around them would have delayed his advance at least as much. Charged Rangers at least need to spend a turn rallying before they can do it again, unless they happen to rally in a fortunate position.

I think he put his left-flank crossbowmen there to counter maneuvers from my Reiters, but putting them behind the wall was unnecessary and suboptimal. There wasn't really anything seriously threatening them anyway over there that the wall would have made a difference against. With the Deep Watch and the Warriors side by side, it would have been harder for me to pincer off the Deep Watch.

I suspect a common cognitive flaw is to be stuck in thinking what a unit is ordinarily supposed to do, rather than what it can do under present circumstances. Like he put his crossbowmen behind that wall and his Organ Guns on the hill, positions that are usually advantageous for that kind of units, but might not be the best under present tactical circumstances. His plan might have worked if the crossbowmen had been on the outside the left-flank pincer arm, and one of the organ guns on the inside of it. To cling to a particular formation, as you mentioned, would be another example of this. By sending my halberdiers on that long march, I essentially broke up my own trademark formation. The same thing goes for shooting units, particularly the less mobile ones like handgunners and crossbowmen. You may feel like you "should" shoot with them whenever they have a target in their sights because "that's what they're supposed to do", even though situationally they might be more valuable doing the job of melee detachments.

I did commit my share of gambles though, that could have failed. The halberdiers could have panicked. Failure to snipe the Vengeance Seeker would have enabled the little git to block the maneuver, and cost my leftmost crossbowmen time they could have used to turn to face the left-flank pincer arm. Still, things went overall so swimmingly that I could have failed and still had a fairly good position left. Whatever happens on the left flank, I would probably have bagged the right flank by the Demigrpyhs sweeping away his warriors, followed by shooting up his deathstar so badly that I could have wiped it out with a combined charge of Imperial Guard, Halberdiers and Demigryphs, all before the left pincer arm manages to interfere.

Zygmund, I have to say, your stated aversion to a gaming scene where the players have an analytical attitude about the game surprises me. You seem to me more analytical than most  :-)

9th AGE / Re: 9th age Empire meta
« on: November 11, 2018, 05:54:26 PM »
Thread necromancy! What is dead may never die! REEEEEE!!!

I didn't see this thread when I first returned to the forum after having been away a decade. That was before T9A got its own subforum.

Seeing all the people in this thread playing T9A and talking about it, I have to wonder, where are you now? Did you just lose interest, or are you playing still?

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 11, 2018, 05:11:38 PM »

I won the game by using Reiters and Rangers as harassment units to mess with his movement. It allowed me to outmaneuver him on the left flank, and gave me plenty of time to gun him down on the right flank. Going first really did it for me. Even though much of my shooting wasn't in range of anything to shoot at, I got my Reiters and Rangers in his face. Yet another reason to drop early in the deployment phase. His two elite combat blocks spent their two first turns chasing harassment units, and one of them got trapped and taken out by a combined charge on my third turn.

Another thing I'd properly internalized was the value of conserving harassment units. If there's nothing for such a unit to do on a turn, keep it safe! There will be opportunities later. Worst case, they will die to hold up an enemy unit for a turn. Best case, they'll get to flee from charges, there will be nothing useful for the enemy to redirect into, and his unit skips a turn while yours is still alive. Conservation requires being patient and on the lookout for the usual chaff clearance units, like small arms shooters and cheap cavalry. It's worth remembering that if harassment units are used to force charges and flee, they get that flee move before any enemy shooter gets a chance to shoot at them, which can get them out of the firing line. Moves and placement should be done with likely flee moves in mind. Reiters are particularly good at this, getting a long and fairly reliable flee move, and the advantage that managing to rally means they can have another go the next turn, all while shooting at the enemy they harass. They are oh so fragile to small arms though, costing twice what a Ranger unit costs, have some armour, but no skirmish.

Game #5 was a 10-10 in kills that I won 13-7 due to the secondary objective. I left that game feeling that I could have done better with my harassment units. I'd say I did so now, though my opponent's anti-chaff game was also way better in Game #5, while it was almost nonexistent in this game. I don't think he will make the same mistake again. He's a beardling, but the rate at which he learns and improves is scary.

Another thing I learned, though only on reflection after the fact, was that the Steady, Men! order (cold-blooded Discipline tests) can be used to help out units that make dashing marches outside the General's bubble. If the unit starts in the bubble, it can get both At the Double! and Steady, Men!, which will both be in effect during the opponent's turn too. My riposte against his left flank pincer would have failed if the Halberdiers had failed a panic test on 7. They did pass it, but the odds would have been far more comfortable had they been cold-blooded.

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 10, 2018, 08:04:21 PM »
Also, appreciate feedback on the MS Paint maps. Do the arrows help you figure out what happened, or do they just clutter the picture?

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 10, 2018, 07:47:19 PM »

The board position at my Turn 3, at the start of the Melee Phase. Arrows show approximate moves since starting positions.

It felt a bit like the battle was over before it properly began, our main battlelines never properly clashed, I didn't manage to try out the usual tactics I'm trying to get to work with this army. It was more like a precise counterstrike at the left flank and rather usual gunline play at the right. I don't begrudge the other guy for conceding though, his position really had fallen that badly apart.

The dwarfs withdrew from the field, their battleplan in tatters. Colonel Ernst Adlerhof chose to secure the document chests but let the dwarfs withdraw in good order, mindful of the political considerations of incurring more grudges.

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 10, 2018, 07:37:00 PM »

Seeing his deployment, a plan developed in my mind. I would riposte against his left-flank pincer by moving the leftmost halberdiers forward into the unconested centre of the board, then swing leftward, with the intent of getting a combined charge against his deep watch with the halberdiers and the demigryph knights. On the right flank, I would delay his deathstar best as I can while firing away, shooting his warriors just enough to enable the demigryphs to ride over them with a decent margin of error for bad die rolls.

Reiters vanguarded pretty much straight ahead. The rightmost two Ranger unit got in front of his two combat blocks to force charges, leftmost Reiters did the same to the Deep Watch. Leftmost Halberdiers got an On the Double! order for +4'' March Rate and started moving into the empty space in the centre. Rightmost halberdiers and handgunners took up position by the wall a bit in front of them. My Reiters in the centre surged forward to shoot his Vengeance Seeker, I knew that git could hold up my halberdiers who were making the push in the middle. My leftmost Crossbowmen joined in on trying to bag the little git. My artillery started bombarding his organ guns but did not manage to bag any yet. My mortar bombarded his deathstar but got only a partial hit to little effect. Combined shooting scored just one wound on the vengeance seeker.

Come his turn, the three combat blocks of his that were harrassed by my light troops charged them, all fled and managed to get away, three dwarf units trudge a failed charge forward. His warriors on the left flank are skittish about moving onward too fast and outrunning the rest on that flank, it seems. His Vengeance Seeker charged the Reiters that shot him up, they flee and the charge is failed. His crossbows in the centre shoot up those Reiters so that only one remains. One Organ Gun opens up on the Halberdiers making a push in the centre, killing a bunch. The other Organ Gun shoots, predictably with much less success, at the other Halberdiers taking cover behind their wall.

Come my second turn, my Rangers on the right flank rally, one of the units conveniently in the path of the Kingsguard in a rather decent position to do another turn of charge-baiting. Handgunners on the right flank wait for the enemy to advance into range. The Halberdiers in the centre get another On the Double! order, move onward and swing leftward to flank the Deep Watch. The Demigryph Knights on the left flank move forward onto the hill to get into a position from where they can charge the Deep Watch. The left flank Ranger unit jumps in front of the Deep Watch to chaff it and prevent it from getting away from being combine charged. Crossbowmen and the lone remaining Reiter in the centre finally manage to bag the Vengeance Seeker.

Come his second turn. His Kingsguard again charges the Rangers in front of them, failing again, but driving them away a convenient distance, almost back into my front line. His Deep Watch charges the chaffing Rangers that stay put to die for Sigmar Sunna. The Warriors on that flank move up into a supporting position. The other Warriors on the other flank march ahead. His Crossbowmen and one Organ Gun pepper the Halberdiers in the centre, which are now reduced to little over half their original number. Fortunately though, they understand that they are doing something important and that having come this far, they shouldn't turn tail and run. They steel their minds, pass their panic test, and prepare for glory.

Come my third turn, Demigryph Knights and Halberdiers combine-charge the Deep Watch, in the front and in the flank. Reiters that originally delayed the Deep Watch now place themselves in the way of the Warriors on the left flank, to take a charge to block them from joining the fight with the Deep Watch if need be, if not then simply flee from a charge as usual. My infantry on the right flank moves up to prepare for incoming dwarfs. Come shooting phase, my Rocket Batteries finally shut down his Organ Guns, and the Cannon even snipes one of his Engineers. The Kingsguard was benefiting from a load of Anvil buffs to protect it from shooting, so I instead turned my guns on the Warriors on the right flank, wiping out half of them, nicely in preparation for a future Demigryph charge.

Come the Melee Phase. The Deep Watch fail their Fear test. Demigryphs are scary. That means they have -1 to hit, and enemies striking at them do so with +1 to hit. Rarely am I hitting dwarfs on 3+ and being hit back on just 4+. Lance, beak, claw and halberd take down a whole 5 dwarfs, they only manage to inflict 1 wound back on the Knights. Deep Watch break and are run down.

At this point, my opponent conceded. I had so far only lost one Ranger unit, almost one Reiter unit, and bit under half a Halberdier unit. He had lost his Deep Watch, both Organ Guns, one Engineer, and had his right-flank Warriors reduced to the point of being easy prey. My riposte against his left-flank pincer was positioned to take out the rest of it piecemeal, and his Kingsguard deathstar was nowhere near combat, destined to get shot to pieces while being avoided and fed chaff.

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:08:44 PM »

He won the dice-off for choice of side and which of the two kinds of deployment zone he gets. He picked the one side that had a hill in the deployment zone, and chose the zone that let him deploy further ahead on the flanks. That means I got the choice whether to go first or second in deploying units. I chose to go second, I figured I want to force him to reveal his intentions and deploy reactively, that the nature of the game with objectives all around means I can do so very flexibly. Particularly, I wanted to see if his two souped-up Organ Guns go on his hill, so I can plan around staying out of their range.

He started by deploying his Kingsguard deathstar with both his King and BSB Thane, one of his Organ Guns, and its accompanying Engineer, all on the  right flank. I responded by dropping everything, the infantry in the usual alternating line, stretching from the center to the right flank, in an inward arcing line to envelop the push I expected him to make on the right. Demigryphs went on both ends of the line, Reiters on the far left and in the centre (when I'm assured to get the first turn, that means they will have vanguarded 12'' and moved 16'' before the enemy gets to shoot at or do anything about them). He responded by doing a refused centre, going for two combat blocks per flank, intending apparently to push forward on both flanks, his deatstar & friends going at my line while his two blocks on the left flank hit the exposed flank of my arced main battleline, presumably to roll it up from there on. Come scout deployment, my Rangers spread out to delay his advance across the board, one managed to conveniently deploy into a forest that put it within striking distance of his deathstar.

The battlefield after scout deployment, before moving vanguarders.

9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:45:31 PM »

The Patent Wars are on! The previous battle ended with the Dwarfs succeeding, at considerable cost, to raid the Imperial Patent Office and make away with documents proving the legitimacy of their claims. Now, Battlegroup Fuchsenwald intercepted them on their way home. Both forces got into battle array, and in the middle lay three chests full of documents. In game terms, this means that the secondary objective was Spoils of War, i.e. there are three objective items spread along the middle line between the deployment zones, that scoring units can pick up and lug around, the player possessing most of them wins the secondary objective. Deployment type was Encircle, i.e. one player gets to deploy further forward on the flanks and farther back in the centre, and the other viceversa.

Army lists were as follows:

++ Empire of Sonnstahl (Empire of Sonnstahl 2.0 Beta) [4495pts] ++

Marshal [340pts]: Army General, Great Tactician, Great Weapon, Imperial Seal, Lucky Charm
Marshal [250pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Blacksteel, Household Standard
Halberdiers [265pts]: Halberd, 25x Heavy Infantry, Std, Mus
Halberdiers [265pts]: Halberd, 25x Heavy Infantry, Std, Mus
Crossbowmen [220pts]: 15x Light Infantry, Std
Crossbowmen [220pts]: 15x Light Infantry, Std
Handgunners [220pts]: 15x Light Infantry, Replace Crossbow with Handgun (4+), Std
Handgunners [220pts]: 15x Light Infantry, Replace Crossbow with Handgun (4+), Std
Imperial Guard [373pts]: 22x Imperial Guard, FCG
Knights of the Sun Griffon [366pts]: 3x Knights of the Sun Griffon, Replace Halberd with Lance, Std, Mus
Knights of the Sun Griffon [366pts]: 3x Knights of the Sun Griffon, Replace Halberd with Lance, Std, Mus
Imperial Rangers [90pts]: 5x Imperial Ranger
Imperial Rangers [90pts]: 5x Imperial Ranger
Imperial Rangers [90pts]: 5x Imperial Ranger
Reiters [175pts]: Brace of Pistols (4+), 5x Reiter
Reiters [175pts]: Brace of Pistols (4+), 5x Reiter
Artillery [160pts]: Imperial Rocketeer (4+)
Artillery [160pts]: Imperial Rocketeer (4+)
Artillery [200pts]: Mortar (4+)
Artillery [250pts]: Cannon (4+)

++ Dwarven Holds (Dwarven Holds 2.0 Beta) [4493pts] ++

King [485pts]: Army General, Shield, Rune of Destruction, Rune of Iron, 2x Rune of Might, 2x Rune of Shielding
Thane [310pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, 2x Rune of Iron, Runic Standard of Shielding
Anvil of Power [185pts]
Engineer [150pts]: Forge Repeater (4+), Shield
Engineer [150pts]: Forge Repeater (4+), Shield
Clan Marksmen [304pts]: 14x Clan Marksman, Crossbow (4+), Shield
Clan Marksmen [304pts]: 14x Clan Marksman, Crossbow (4+), Shield
Clan Warriors [310pts]: 20x Clan Warrior, Shield, Spear
Clan Warriors [310pts]: 20x Clan Warrior, Shield, Spear
Deep Watch [465pts]: 20x Deep Watch
King's Guard [800pts]: 30x King's Guard, FCG
Vengeance Seeker [130pts]
Organ Gun (4+) [320pts]: Rune Crafted
Organ Gun (4+) [270pts] 

The Brush and Palette / Heraldic transfer sheet useful for Empire?
« on: November 06, 2018, 02:16:15 PM »
I have long had a certain aversion to transfer sheets, but I thought I could give it another try. Does anyone know of any transfer sheet out there on the market with heraldic motives that would be suitable for the Empire? Any kind of heraldry, not just the usual skulls, eagles, laurels and iron crosses (though all of that is cool too). Preferably with black emblems, since my style has been black emblems on a quartered red-white field. Standard-sized or shield-sized are both fine, as the quartering allows me to use up to four smaller emblems on a standard.

Good of you to finally start this thread. It lets us see your Tilean creations in their own native context.  :-)

The Count's Tavern / Re: Happy and Random Thoughts!
« on: November 04, 2018, 08:02:56 PM »

This is a most awesome smiley that I shall have to stash away for future use. But what does the abbreviation stand for?

The Count's Tavern / Re: Happy and Random Thoughts!
« on: November 04, 2018, 07:55:47 PM »
A few days ago, I managed to sell my entire lot of 40k Imperial Guard for 120. A bargain price for a lot with all kinds in it. Today, I spent that same amount on a bargain lot of 6th edition Dark Elves, much of it good old metal. Out with the old and in with the new, feelsgoodman.


What Victor said. If "fantasy" means that anything can be anything like Alice in the Wonderland, nothing has any significance in the fantasy world. There is such a thing as internal, contextual realism.

The best fantasy worlds are those where the creators have given proper thought to the consequences of the presence of the fantasy elements, and made it show in how the world works. For instance, warmachines in Warhammer should be designed lighter, more agile and faster to aim than their real-world counterparts. Because the latter were designed to shoot at slow-moving rank and file, the former have to be able to deal with flying monsters.

Stupid armour has no reason to exist in a fantasy world, unless its user has style as a much higher priority than utility. Which is an entirely plausible motivation, though people who can afford to splurge money on such would probably have separate battle armour for actual combat.

Yeah, well, I shouldn't be complaining (and I really am not), just saying why the style doesn't quite do it for me. As I said earlier in this thread, those Lannisterific heavy infantrymen would work as T9A Imperial Guard (not for me, and I'm anyway good in that regard after having done my Perry foot knight conversions). The more plastic ranges there are out there, the better. The undead especially are good, I would much rather buy them than GW's current fare, which I frankly find hideous, and not in a good way.

It's not just the northerner infantry, it's everything. That one hero character is the spitting image of James Cosmo as Jeor Mormont of the Night's Watch. Those as of yet unfunded soldiers of the other human faction look almost identical to Lannister troops as shown on GoT, a style I don't believe ever existed historically, even if it is a combination of a variety of historical styles from around the world. The middle guy too is the spitting image of Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister.

If I were to abandon sense and give in to my creative inspiration to make the army of Gilles de Raux, those zombified northerner soldiers would fit in well. That armour could, based on painting, either pass off as leather or padded armour. Those zombified lannisters though, they'd stick out, and only being two poses, it wouldn't help to separate them alone into something else, like Grave Guard.

I don't care much for the human infantry. There's something that I don't like about them being obviously GoT, but meant to represent something completely unrelated.

The zombified soldiers though, I like them. For WFB/T9A, I prefer zombie models with some amount of armament, to justify them being threatening. Even if it's just a single S3 attack, that's still supposed to be comparable to a living human swinging a hand weapon.

I just recently got an awesome idea for T9A: The army of Gilles de Raux, the Vampire-King of Equitaine during the Seventh Age, whose followers embraced vampirism and necromancy in order to save their homeland from being overrun by the Ratmen. Army would be Blood Dragons absolutely maxed out to be combat monsters, including Vampire Knights, with the rest mostly zombies to clog the board and bog down the enemy.

The people whisper that I am a dark king, and curse me behind my back for leading an army of the dead. Would they prefer that it was an army of the living, to which they would be levied to suffer the horrors of war? An army that they would have to feed from their meagre stores? An army that they would have to quarter in their homes, that might inflict violence on their men and violation on their women? Be that as it may, I do not fight for the acclaim of the ignorant and prejudiced. I fight for Equitaine, and will endure any infamy for my homeland. I will ride with my avenging sword in hand until Equitaine is free.
-King Gilles de Raux

The crypts are our barracks! The graveyards are our mustering fields! The dead will rise, for vengeance! The dead will rise, to fight for the living!
-Royal Paladin Reynaud the Red Knight, from one of his better propaganda speeches

It's ambiguities like this that, I suppose, led T9A (as well as later editions of WFB, my memory fails me) to strictly enforce fleeing in a straight line, stopping for nobody, keeping going until clear or until reaching the end of the world gaming table.

T9A does it by imposing panic tests on friends fled through, and making enemies and impassable terrain count as a move through (very) dangerous terrain.

They say T9A has a ponderous rulebook written in unnecessary legalese. Meanwhile in 6th edition, there's a simple rulebook that creates so many (sometimes quite significant for the outcome of a game) ambiguities that loads of additional books and FAQs are needed to clear things up, and even then, they aren't always. Which has the unfortunate effect that ambiguities are in practice often resolved to the advantage of the one who is better at quoting (correctly or not) the rules that aren't in the rulebook, or is more insistent. Casuals and those who'd keep the game going amiably get trampled.

Sorry Zygmund, I did not mean that your older miniatures are badly painted. Everything I've seen you paint has ranged from decent to superb. I just wondered if your own opinion of your earlier paintjobs has decreased over time, as happened to me.

Maybe I'm a grognard by nature, or have become so by age. Life was better as an easily impressed wee lad  :smile2:

The Brush and Palette / Re: Monthly Painting & Scenery Goals 2018 ...
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:26:35 PM »
Also, I decided that Karl Franz is a brand of luxury designer armaments in the Empire of Sonnstahl. That's why the brand name is everywhere.

The Brush and Palette / Re: Monthly Painting & Scenery Goals 2018 ...
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:25:25 PM »
Yeah, looks like the sum total of what I will manage to get done this month is here.

Colonel Ernst Adlerhof has been built at least. Low-quality mobile phone camera photos por favor:


Greatsword stashed away on back, mace of command raised to give orders. He was elected to lead, not to read commissioned to command, not to personally wreck face.

Something else I was working on but will be resumed next month, something for which I just recently received some nice much needed bitz from Zygmund. Anyone want to guess what it is about?

9th AGE / Re: Warriors of the Dark Gods fluff
« on: October 27, 2018, 10:31:09 PM »
It can be found in the Warriors of the Dark Gods army book, downloadable from here: https://www.the-ninth-age.com/index.php?beta-page/

I like it, for the most part. It has some contrivances, but no more than GW. It is, for the most part, like a better thought-out version of the GW Chaos fluff. With dark gods that more closely match the basest impulses of human nature than GW's four gods, even though the latter are supposed to be just that.

What I found particularly amusing was the first part of the story of Ilarion Yanovich, a minor noble assigned command of Totvaros, a border town in Volskaya (a.k.a. Kislev). I don't know if it's intentional on the part of the authors, but I suspect it is: He arrives there and acts pretty much like he would in the Warhammer world, only to discover that things don't work like that here. He is flabbergasted to find out there's a temple to the Dark Gods in the town, orders it boarded up, to the anxiety and consternation of the locals. A bit later, a sizable force of Warriors of the Dark Gods approach the town. Ilarion mobilizes town defences and gets ready to die with his boots on, but to his surprise, the assault does not happen. Instead, a different party of Warriors comes into town every day, one party per Dark God, are reluctantly let in by Ilarion, worship at the temple and trade and interact with the locals, enticing some to join them.

The Brush and Palette / Re: Sharkbelly's Projects
« on: October 27, 2018, 09:27:36 PM »
I've been stockpiling cheaply acquired orcs for WAAAGH! Konrad. Probably half or more of the common boyz are 6th edition starter set ones like those. I'm going to make 100 of them, in 4 units of 25 each, with dual choppas and bows. Archers will get an extra weapon stashed somewhere, while choppa boyz will get bows and quivers slung on the back. All kinds of extra bitz will replace heads and arms here and there to add variety. A few will even have various other looted ranged weapons than bows for the sake of variety.

Ah, somehow I misremembered that part. Or played it wrong all along, don't remember that either.

As far as I know, that particular tactic (made possible by max one redirect) was a staple of Lizardmen play during 6th edition. It works, but s2 would need quite a good flee roll to get behind K (since the models have to move around K to get behind, not through like in later editions, unless the lizards have some special rule I don't know about)

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