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Talabec Border (US Regional Organization) Attack Port Maw/Morr's Gate!

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The Talabec Borders

1. Stone of Blood
2. Vragthar's Monolith
3. Headless Badger Inn
4. Mattengard
5.Hunter's Haven (manor) - Staging area for Hunters of Sigmar in this region.
6. Hanging Tree
7. Tower of Moonrise
8. Auenwaldheim
9. Waldberg
10. Morr's Gate - Cave

Continue the purge against any threat to the land.

Our main push this week will be against Morr's Gate (Gork's Maw)!  There is a harbor near there that has been constructed by the orcs called Port Maw.

We will reassemble at the tower.  Both battlegroups coming together!  We will attack north along the road and river.  The orcs will be heading south by the road and river.  There is a big effigy that we want to take down but this week we'll attempt to cut off the orcs and their Chaos Dwarf allies.  First we come in contact with Chaos Dwarf missile silos (to be used for a final week barrage!) and pickets.

How this will work out is if we have a higher rating in our region than the orcs then we will encircle them for the final week.  If we have a lower rating they're pushing us back.

I will seek aid from our allies on this as I would like for it to get a mention in the fluff.  Nothing else has besides Helstrom's 4th.

From Goomb:
Brettonian Merchant Charles de Gullible is moving an important caravan of wine through our region to Talabehiem and needs to have safe passage. As such, the entire Helstrom 4th Army has amassed at the Tower of Moonrise, and in the next two weeks, they are making a massive push north along the river and road to clear the way and destroy Gork's Maw and Port Maw! Scouts, picket lines and concealed CD rocket batteries are the first to be hit from the river and the road.

All battles from all factions involved will be reported at the Tower of Moonrise until further notice. All fluff will indicate that we are repelling Helstrom's 4th and their allies (Brets, Asur, stunties, etc).

We need you now more than ever! Kill those who oppose us! The rankings in the region will determine the fate of this epic battle! Also, this assault may trigger Da Eye of Mork!

Da Eye of Mork
On a mountain top somewhere in the Great Forest a secret gathering of Shamans is taking place. Smoke fills a dark cave as dozens of fires burn the offerings collected over the last few weeks. A hunched figure steps up onto a podium made from a broken and defiled Dwarf Oathstone and pulls back his hood: The face of the Goblin Great Shaman is cracked, wizened and scared, one eye is missing and half his right ear is bitten off. He shakes a rattle made from the teeth of butchered enemies and starts a low grumbling chant. The others move into rough concentric circles around him, each Greenskin holding a powerful totem or effigy aloft. The gathered Orc and Goblin Shamans slowly join in with the chant and as it builds in volume it also builds in tempo. Faster and faster the chant goes, driving the Shamans into a frenzy so that several of them vomit green lightning and smoke pours from their ears and noses. At the back of the cave a few of the young, less experienced Shamans drop lifeless to the ground as their heads explode with a dull thump, in a shower of bone, gristle, brains and blood. Others spin around in wide circles, their last visions are of the Da Big Zoggin Effigy to the North, before their heads explode as well!The most powerful Waaagh! Magic spell in all Greenskin history is about to be cast.

Keep fighting Ladz! All is not lost and the Orcs are making their push now! Two weeks of hard fighting, lets leave a lasting impression on da 'Umies! Waaaaaaaagh!

We can expect there to be a beastmen presence at the Stone of Blood(1), Vragthar's Monolith(2) and THE TREE (6).  The road travels from the fort (9) to the town (8) then to the watch tower (7) and on northwards past Mattengard (4) and the cave (5) and looks to connect with the Headless Badger Inn (3). 

First off, we should focus on areas that are already occupied by our troops, preferablly fortified areas.  This means the south area: 7, 8, 9.  If we don't have a large enough presence, we will get overrun quickly as I believe there will be an initial push on all sides to gain an advantage.

We must decide on where we think the initial push by us will be.  I would like to protect the local citizens, but that means we spread our forces.  The best option in my mind will be to fortify already manned Imperial positions, the Tower of Moonrise(7) or the fort (9).  We can move in closely to support the un-named town if need be (8).

The other areas are a bit untamed and would be harder to justify fluff wise I think, to start off with.  I would like to protect the humble villagers of Mattengard, but I cannot justify compromising the campaign so early.  We should send messengers (in the fluff of course) to let the people know they should evacuate to the fort, accompanied by the Hunters of Sigmar.

From there, once we secure our position in the south we should move as we see fit.  I don't want to get to grandiose of a plans as it will assuredly change.  I think we should be careful and take much thought before moving into the woods and only once we have a secure base of operations should we do so.


Dendo Star:
The point of this thread is simple and important.

1.  Tell who you are as an Imperial General are and what the backstory of your army is.

2.  What points level is your prefered fight?  Would you like 2000 points for this Campaign?  1000?  3500?

3.  Your army list for the campaign.

Now, of course, since this will take up much space, go with the KISS principle.  Keep It Simple Stupid!  Be as efficient as possible.  After all, this is the Empire Army!  Be short, concise and to the point.

Now, I do understand we may get a new Hero character for the Campaign through White Dwarf.  I think it would be best if we ignore this, for now, until we see exactly what we get.  If we get anything at all!

After a few posts, I will post my men.  :happy:

Edit by Jerok: This thread is also for discusing Regional stuff from now on.

We do have this taken care of a bit in the recruitment thread, who you are and such.  It is bare bones though, so this could go to help with fluff compilation.

My General is Ortolf von Brennenburg.  A grizzled veteran who commands a contingent of Wissenlanders (a letter detailing him and some of the men he commands is found in the recruitment).  1,000-1,5000 points is where I'll be as at the time the Countess could not see fit to dispatch more men.  Hopefully we shall recieve reinforcements shortly.

*Edit:  Jerok, I know you like to keep things neat and tidy, if you think that this will clutter space then feel free to lock it. 

Dendo Star:
Indeed.  I figured we could do something like this, 1 thread per country of origin.

The sticky is for everyone regardless of nation. 

However if I am in the error, you may reprimand me.  :-P


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