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This thread is for the discussion of our command structure. Currently it includes those I am instating as heads of Regions, but if people within the regions dispute then we can have votes etc. Also, if regions want Sub-Commanders and organize themselves i'll edit it into this page. Without further ado...

Position: Forum Name (Fluff Name)

Overall Commander: Jerok (as Gen. Helstrom)
Head Scribe: Michael W.
1) Draken Downs -
          NO PRESENCE
2) Drakwald Deeps –
          NO PRESENCE
3) Reik’s Marshes – Canada
          Commander: Jerok (Martin Von Storegothe)
4) Howling Heights – Northern Europe
          Commander: Cisse (Heydrich Starkhof)
               Sub-Commander: Demonslayer (Gustav Feindschlaeger)
5) Rauberthal – Germany
          Commander: Powder Monkey
6) Great Confluence – Australia
          Commander: Stretch-135
                Sub-Commander: Reynard_of_Bogenhafen
7) Talabec Border – United States
          Commander: Wissenlander (Ortolf von Brennenburg)
               Sub-Commander: Dendo Star
               Sub-Commander: Ernst Brauer
8) Barren Hills – United Kingdom
          Commander: Veldemere (Unknown)
               Sub-Commander: Tostig
               Sub-Commander: Clausewitz
9) Taalford Lowlands –
          NO PRESENCE

P.S. - THis thread is replacing the old one started by Wissenlander. Everyone say thankis to him for getting the organization started!

My commander's fluff name is Heydrich Starkhof.

I've asked Demonslayer to act as second in command for the Howling Heights, and he agreed. So you can put him in.
We really need to get some leadership for the areas not yet covered. If anyone knows appropriate candidates...

The NO PRESENCE areas are places we litterally have no presence in. We have no members registered from those regions in the Recruitment thread.


--- Quote from: Jerok on May 11, 2007, 12:39:12 AM ---The NO PRESENCE areas are places we litterally have no presence in. We have no members registered from those regions in the Recruitment thread.

--- End quote ---

Wow, that's worse than I'd imagined.

Maybe we should try and find some sites from those countries to try and see if we can recruit some generals. If nothing else, some more members are always nice.

That's Spain, France and Italy... I'm fluent enough in French (I live in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, but we do have a house in the French-speaking part as well... don't ask, it's complicated and less expensive than it sounds  :wink:) to try recruiting from some French forums if I can find them, do we have some members who speak spanish/italian?

I realise btw that this is not the thread to discuss such things, and apologise, but since the subject came forward here...

Good idea Jerok, these reasons are exactly why you're in charge. :-)

Dendo Star is my second in command.  Since the U.S. is blessed with numbers I am also looking for one or two other people to be on an 'advisory' council.  Just in case Dendo or myself cannot be present.

Also, I'm not sure how this works in the command structure, but Micheal W is heading up the fluff department I believe.  I'm not sure if he'll need any help and if he needs a staff or what, but it's something to consider before the campaign begins in ernest.


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