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Michael W:
To the Men of the Empire

The campaign is, at last, launched.  Battles are being fought, victories cheered, defeats overcome.  The Warhammer-Empire community is THE front-running voice of the Empire.  We have a few alliances, numerous enemies, and dark and insidious plots are afoot (cheers to the rats).  The time has come to prove our resolve and show our steel in combat and blood.

Please, continue with story-style army introductions and battle reports in the "Nemesis Crown Fluff" thread.

On this thread, please post SHORT battle reports, in the following format:

Army Name:
Battle Size:
Fluff Objective:
Cool Moment:

The following is a "filled-out" example of what this should look like:

Region:  Northern Europe
Armies:  Empire vs. Ogres
Army Name:  The Finkelstein Legion
General:  Graf Todenhort von Finkelstein
Battle Size:  2,150 pts.
Objective:  Standard Kill-em-all
Fluff Objective:  Protect the road-building engineers
Outcome:  Minor Empire Victory
Cool Moment:  The WP's unit of Swordsmen chopped through the Ironguts in the first round of combat!

Michael W:
And here's the first post...

Region:  USA
Armies:  Empire vs. Dogs of War
Army Name:  Army of Gorim
General:  Marshal-at-Arms Charles Helborg
Battle Size:  1,500 pts.
Objective:  Kill-em-all
Fluff Objective:  Secure the Road
Outcome:  Minor Empire Victory
Cool Moment:  The Reiksguard Knights rode through three rounds of crossbow and cannon fire to charge the enemy battleline...and won!

Mark Perry:
Hi all, heres a 2K report against O&G. My opponent was a very experienced O&G player, it was a great game.

My list A/L on WA with Mace of Helstrom
W/P with VHS
W/P with Doomfire ring
Lvl 2 Heavens with 2 scrolls

23 Sword FC with 9 Sword Detachment
25 Sword FC with 9 sword detachment
7 Outriders Musician and Champ
10 Handgunners
5 Nilla Knights
5 IC Knights
2 Cannons

He had

20 Black Orcs full command - Banner of Butchery
30 Orcs Full command
20 Big uns - Full Command
10 Boar Riders
10 Wolf Riders
10 Squig Hoppers

I deployed

                   WOLF RIDERS


           RUIN on 2 Levels                                     

OUTRIDERS  HAND GUNNERS                                            IC KNIGHTS
                                   SWORD = D    A/L   SWORD + D       

           HILL / HRB                                                   HILL 2 CANNONS

I got first turn.

I moved my Handgunners to the Ruins so they could fire in 2 ranks.
Outriders moved forward to just out of charge range oh Wolves and Boars with IC knights about 5 inches Further back ready to flank charge any unit that charged the Outriders.
The Knights moved Forward as much as possable just out of charge range of Giant and Squigs.

Magic killed 2 Orcs with Orions Thunder.
Cannons and HRB killed a total of 6 Orcs, and took 2 wounds off the giant.

His Turn 1

He moved his Boar Riders up to charge my Knights or Outriders next turn. His army all moved forward. Magic he did nothing, and he had no shooting.

My Turn 2

My Knights charged the Squigs, and ignored the giant, leaving the cannon to kill him.
No other movement.

Magic, made IC knights and Swords unbreakable.

Shooting, Outriders with 23 shots at short range killed 9 Boar riders. The Handgunners wiped out the character - a Black orc.

Cannon took 2 wounds off giant. HRB missed.

Combat. I killed all the squigs thanks to hatred from W/P and overran to just behind the Black Orcs.

O&G Turn 2

He continued advancing his army, except the Black Orcs that turned around to face my IC Knights.

His wolf riders were no in charge range of my A/L.
Magic did nothing.

My Turn 3. I had a problem, I couldn't see the Black Orcs to charge them, and as I was march blocked I couldn't get away. So I decided that I could probably take the Big uns and Orcs easies if the Black orcs were caught up with unbreakable IC Knights at the other end of the table, so I turned the knights round to face the Black orcs.

The A/L charged the Wolf Riders, I wanted to get his Big uns into combat as quickly as possable. I knew his wolves would flee and he would charge me with his unit of big uns, I was unbreakable, could issue a challenge and the flank charge him with 1 battalion of swords in my next turn with the other battalion moving up to charge any unit who threatend to flank my 1 swords battalion.

So as predicted Wolves flee, A/L left all exposed (wohahahaha). Knights turn around, Nilla and Outriders move into position to flank the Orcs and Hand gunners turn to face the orcs.

Magic I kill 2 with Burning gaze from W/A and I fired from the doomfire ring at the black orcs, (which was a mistake!) The Doomfire ring kills 2 Black Orcs who fail there leadership test and flee 12" and puts them smack bang next to the Big -uns, stairing at my A/L.

Shooting, I kill 5 Big uns with the HRB.

O&G turn 3.

He is now in a very good position especially as he rallies his Black Orcs. He charges the W/A with his Big uns, but the Orcs squabble. The Wolves dont rally and the Giant moves up to be in charge range of my cannons.

No magic

Combat. I challenge he accepts with his General who steals my ward save. I hit with Mace he saves with ward save, he hits me and does 1 wound. I Hold.

My Turn 4

I charge the flank of the big uns with my Swords battalion with W/P. My IC Knights march to threaten the flank of the Black Orcs. My Nilla Knights move to the flank of the Orcs.

My magic does nothing.

Shooting I kill 7 Orcs with Outriders and Hand gunners. HRB hits the Black Orcs and kills 4.

Combat, General and A/L inflict a wound each. The Swords kill 0 Begins who kill 1 back, Orcs hold on a 4, with BSB.

O&G Turn 4

He charges the flank of my swords who are in combat with the Big uns. His wolves rally. Giant charges cannon crew who flee. His Orcs move forward to be in charge range of my 2 sword battalion.

No magic

Combat. His Black Orcs kill 7 of my swords on the charge. I kill 2 Big - uns. My A/L finally gets a wound past his ward save. My swords are unbreakable thanks to the W/P and we all hold.

My Turn 5

I charge the 2 Swords into the flank of the Black Orcs. . My Ic Knights are out of charge range of the Black Orcs and March blocked by the wolves, so they move forward to be in charge range next time. The Outriders move to the rear of the big-uns to cut them down when they flee.

Magic / A/L casts Soul fire and Burning Cleansing Fire, killing 5 Big - uns, 3 Black Orcs.

Shooting, last cannon kills the giant. The HRB lands on target and kills 9 Orcs who flee into the nilla and are wiped out.

Combat. The 2nd Swords kill 1 Black Orc, and lose 1 in return. The Black Orcs kill 2 Swods from the 1st Battalion, and lose 2 in return. The 1st Swords kill 3 Big uns who kill 1 back. In the Challenge I finally get the mace to inflict a wound on the O&G General who fluffs my Ward Save and I inflict 5 wounds. One Dead O&G Black Orc General. 

He fails his leadership tests and flees with both units into the waiting IC knights and Outriders.

He concedes.

Great game, sorry about the lack of picks.

W/P making units unbreakable is so good, he just couldn't break them, every time he wanted to dispel it he couldn't as I was casting Cleansing Fire, Soul Fire etc.

Region: UK
Armies: Empire v Chaos Dwarfs
Army Name: The Grand Army of Averland
General: Lucas Reinard
Battle Size: 2000 pts
Objective: Attack and capture village
Fluff Objective: N/A
Outcome: Massacre Empire Victory
Cool Moment: Catching his army in a pincer movement with 2 Stanks. Cheesy? who cares this is war!!!

Region: UK
Armies: Empire v Skaven
Army Name: Ulricswaffe - Helstrom's 4th
General: Boris Hertwig
Battle Size: 1000 pts
Objective: 6 turns, then VP
Fluff Objective: Keep Kurt von Egondorf alive! (Priest of Ulric who doesn't want KF to get the crown)
Outcome: Draw (we ran out of time, so we couldn't finish the game, though Kurt was alive, fleeing, but alive)

Cool Moment: Having a unit of White Wolves (Full Command) and my General with only the Doomfire Ring charged by a 25 strong unit of Giant Rats and a 20 strong unit of Plague Monks without taking and casualty and making them both flee and running them down two rounds later.


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