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Well, I think that Karl Franz is going to come to his senses, or whatever it is, and rescend his quest for the crown and we'll be allies with the Dwarfs once again.

I think we should preempt the Emperor and show that we can put past transgressions behind us and FORGET all of the tension and hurt feelings from the last few weeks.  We are very close to working something out, but I think pride is stopping both sides from coming to the table.

I know some out there are thinking this is a waste of a great storyline, and I would agree with you, but only to a certain point.  It is a good story, but one that we cannot have taken seriously in such a short time and with no lasting impact.  Such thoughts only further the gap between our once staunch allies, so I believe we should put them to rest.

I move that we again unite with the Dawi for the end of the campaign in a show of unity.  Who's with me?

You are probably right and certainly have put more effort into balancing this campaign than anyone else, but we did not start the conflict and any resolution must come from the agressor in my opinion. This may seem like something of an entrenched opinion but I do not hold a grudge as long as them but will not forget a slight.

The Dwarves make a powerful ally and fearsome enemy, but it is up to them to apologise for acting completely out of character and adopting a WAAC stance (so typical of their army book, if they really cared we would have an organ gun not the HBVG).

There is more effort needed to make peace.

Dendo Star:
Good man!  Glad you're my Commander.  :happy:

Dendo, I notice your signature has changed. I would love to see what has changed you both.

This has been the biggest blunder of the entire campaign. Itís a disgrace that we have been unable to come too some sort of agreement, apart from the odd fluff mention here and there.
I donít know how we have ended up in this mess, when the Empire ambassadors came to Brewery I was over at Da Warpath & Blood Keep. I have not read the initial Empire/Dawi proposal I donít want to know, but what ever was said has left such bad feelings that any future agreement has been next to impossible. I truly wish that things had been different.



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