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Its always nice when you are proved right. :-D

I (and others to be fair) said before the campaign began that the crown was made of warp stone ergo Karl Franz would realise its evil and not use it.

--- Quote from: Week 5 NC Dispatches ---The warriors of the Empire have found themselves hard pressed over recent days, though now word has spread that the Emperor is with them once more. Having retreated into the woodland depths with Luthor Huss, there to meditate upon the hunt for the Nemesis Crown, Karl Franz has returned, certain in the knowledge that the Crown is an artifact of evil that must be destroyed at all costs. In a rousing speech delivered to ten thousand loyal soldiers, the Emperor described how his mind was made up while deep in prayer beside Huss. Disturbed in their meditations, the Emperor had looked up to see evil glowing eyes regarding him for the dark tree line surrounding the clearing in which the two men knelt. Perceiving attack, the Emperor rose, and before the poised assassin could react, struck the vile creature down with Ghal Maraz. The assassin's body crumpled to the ground, and was revealed to be that of a Skaven. In the creature's hand was a vile-glowing weapon of blasphemous manufacture Looking into the sickly glow, Karl Franz received the revelation, as if from Sigmar himself, that the Nemesis Crown was made of similar stuff, and must not be worn lest calamity befall the Empire. The Emperor now leads his armies in person once more, his warriors fired by his resolve to not only find the Nemesis Crown, but to destroy it, and any who would use its powers to harm the Empire of Man.
--- End quote ---

Oh...and for any Skaven reading...  :-P :-P

That's good indeed.  Now let me talk to the Dwarfs to find out what they think.

Dendo Star:
Booyah!  Take that Skaven goofrats!

Blood axe the Slayer:
Thats good...dead Skaven. Im tired of those Rats sneaking around killing everybody without us being able to strike that Valten incident.

The alliance is still being discussed at the Brewery,there are some insisting that if Dwarves don't place 1st over-all, we cant get the Crown or "win". But there are alot for the alliance,I think we will have the majority if it comes to voting. It might not hurt if a few friendly Empire ambassadors come over and speak though.(and bring ale) :icon_biggrin: It would have to be decided today or tomorrow,at the latest.

The Vampires are the top evil faction with 4th over-all. I'd like to crush them and keep all the good factions at the top.

I'd much rather stand WITH the brave Men of the Empire & Bretonnia then against them.
Cheers to our (hopefully) alliance!

Dendo Star:
Did we happen to say thank you lately for Ghal Maraz?  :happy:


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