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Sigmarite Holy Inquisitiorial Tabernacle - The Legend

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In loving memory of our good friend Rufas

Sigmarite Holy Inquisitiorial Tabernacle
After an entertaining trip through a couple other threads, and losing numerous forum members to ... being burnt to a crisp by Rufas's torch ... along with a brief thread-hijacking and discussion with McKnight, I thought it was high-time we worked out an "Unofficial" Inquisition on this grand site, to prevent any unnecessary burnings

Wyzer1 - Constantly getting harassed by peons...

McKnight, Valdemere, dWhisper, machine-child, Ostermarker, Guvnor, Helblaster_Of_Sigmar, lonearcher, Doop123, warhammerlord_soth, Helborg, blind knight, Obi, Alexander de Wissont, Ben Seib, Mathi Alfblut, HighPriest Rian.

Members and Positions:
Inquisitor Levels
High Inquisitors: Boss In General of the Sigmarite Holy Inquisitorial Taberacle of Solace
  Vlademere, dWhisper, dWhisper, machine-child, Ostermarker, Guvnor, lonearcher, Helblaster_Of_Sigmar, Hochland Hero, warhammerlord_soth, Helborg, Obi, Mathi Alfblut, HighPriest Rian, Alexander de Wissont, blind knight, Ben Seib, HighPriest Rian
Poo Bucket

Inquisition Positions
Minister Arbites of Smiting Heretics
Malthi Alfbut
Investigations: Secret Heresy Investigation and Torture
Alexander de Wissont
Public Relations: Public Relations Inquisitor of Care and Karma
  Helblaster_Of_Sigmar, lonearcher
Executions: Sigmarite Holy Inquisitorial Tabernacle Head of Executions And Dismemberments
  Doop123, warhammerlord_soth
Deputy Inquisitor Sworn To Undo Rather Bad Evil Dudes
  Lone Archer

Order of conduct!

A new order of conduct for all inquisitors has been taken into effect. Recent events have forced the Head inquisitors to reorganise the secret servants of Sigmar.

All members of this order must follow the code or be expelled from the Holy Order of Sigmar and either repent their actions and join the ranks of flaggellants or be dishonourably discharged.

Here is the code

* Being a Sigmarite Holy Inquisitor means that all the following rules apply to you.

* The Order is a secretive order that only strikes when evidence is acquired. Evidence of heresy must be gathered before trial.

* The order does not support rouge actions of inquisitors. All suspicions must be reported in This thread with proper reference.

* Only High ranking officers are allowed to confront moderators about heresy.

* Spamming in the tabernacle is NOT allowed!

* Retain a high quality of posts in the tabernacle.

Members On Probation:

Rosencrantz - Crime: Minor Case Of Threadomancy and Unnatural knowledge of the forces of Chaos (
Joey - Crime: Building a Full-Sized Dreadnought and Wearing Marine Armor (
Garan - Crime: Using a two steam tank/War Altar list and spelling War Altar as, Walter. (
masterengineer - Crime: Plotting to assassinate Empire religous and state figures (
Mark Perry - Plotting to use two gods on a single war altar
kiron(1) - Crime: Threadomancy (

Burnt to a crisp:
Crimsonsphinx  ::heretic::
Spiney  ::heretic::
Captscott  ::heretic::
Gargoyle  ::heretic::
patsey02  ::heretic::
Gneeisenau  ::heretic::
Phydox  ::heretic::
Pojni  ::heretic::

Things Deemed "Heretical":
[o]Spelling "War Altar" As either Walter, or War Alter. Waltar is acceptable although you will be treated with suspicion
[o]Dressing as any of the characters from any of the games (aka LARPing)
[o]Threadomancy (Instant "Marshmellow on a stick" treatment as Rufas so elegantly put it)
[o]Calling Midaski "Grandpa"
[o]Posting in colours other than the proper black
[o]Bearing a Mark of Nurgle, Khorne or Tzeentch

Mission Statement
To take over the known world

The seven holy principles
1 of obedience to the Lord Protector and reunification of one's own will

2 of the privilige to accuse, dispense judgement, declare anathema and excommunication

3 how the brethren may dress and clothe themselves (wear black and only symbols like ghal-maraz or the twin tailed comet)

4 how the brethren will maintain the secretive nature of the order

5 the instilling of fear through the regular use of public execution and trials by ordeal.

6 the suppression of mercy

Methods of Obtaining Information:
The Wirlig
A cylinder cage that can spin around. When in use, step away to avoid vomit

The Scold's bridle
Iron mask put on the subject's face with an iron spike that goes into the mouth of the subject, effectively gaggin him to ensure he does not cast spells or incarnations. Not for S&M use!

The wheel
large Wheel on a pole. Subject is strapped to the wheel and spun around.

Methods of Obtaining Confessions/Punishment:

Trial by cake
The subject must eat three pieces of cake at the Altar, Sigmar's wrath will cause him to choke, if guilty.

Trial by fire I
Subject must walk ten paces while holding a hammer that has been set alight. If the hammer is dropped, the subject is guilty. If the subject completes the test (given his flesh is unharmed from the fire) he is innocent.

Trial by fire II
Subject must walk across red-hot pkoughshares without showing any sign of harm.

Trial by water
The accused must remove a stone from a larger iron pot of boiling water with his bare hands. If his skin shows any sign of damage he is found guilty.

Trial by Hammer I
The accused must stand upright with his arms stretched out forming a T shape, symbolizing the Ghal Maraz. To prove his innocense he must remain in this position for a lenght of time determined by the witch hunters.

Trial by Hammer II
Subject shall be beaten with a predetermined number of hits with a hammer blessed by a priest. If subject's flesh shows damage he is a witch.

Trial by Water II
Subject shall be bound and gagged and feet strapped to a large stone and lowered into a lake. If subject reemerges, subject is a witch.

Trial by Fire 3:
Victim Supect shall be burnt at the stake: If Suspect survives, he is a witch and will be dispatched accordingly.

Trial By Flight:
Victim Supect shall be flown high into the air on a pegasus, and dropped. Should suspect fly away handgunner teams and hochland long rifle squads will shoot the witch. Otherwise suspect is innocent.

Trial By Cannon:
Victim Supect shall be shot at point blank by a cannon. Should suspect survive, he is a witch and will be dispatched accordingly. Alternative is to be shot out of a cannon, during a battle. Should suspect return, he is innocent

Trial Of Regeneration:
Victim Supect shall be de-armed, and de-legged. After four days if suspect re-grows limbs, he is a heretic and will be dispatched accordingly

Trial By Stake:
Victim Supect shall be placed in an iron maiden. Should Suspect survive, he is a witch and will be dispatched accordingly

Trial By Flogging:
Victim Supect shall be flogged and beaten for 20 minutes. Should suspect make any noise, he is a witch and will be dispatched accordingly.

Trial by Axe: The suspected has his head placed upon a block, and an axe aimed at his neck. If the man is guilty, the axe will bounce off. so we burn him. If the man is not guilty, the axe will simply slice his head.

Trial by Google: Suspects name shall be entered into the google search engine, followed by the hitting of the button "I'm Feeling Lucky". Should the page that comes up be considered adequate, suspect is considered a witch for manipulating the google search engine to his own gain, but should the page be considered inappropriate or not adequate, suspect is a witch and should be dispatched accordingly

To me, this looks more like a Count's Tavern candidate.

Keep it fun ;-)

Things deemed heretical: Surely dressing as any of the characters from any of the games, If you promise not to dress as the characters I promise not to burn you at the stake in real life!


--- Quote from: Veldemere on August 03, 2007, 10:37:59 PM ---Things deemed heretical: Surely dressing as any of the characters from any of the games, If you promise not to dress as the characters I promise not to burn you at the stake in real life!

--- End quote ---

Lol, seconded

how about making threats?


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