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Ok, things are coming down to the wire.  What are some things that people would like to maybe get mentioned in the end?

Our objectives so far (acheived will be in bold):
Helstrom's 4th
Protect citizens*
Hunters of Sigmar
Strangulation of passageways with support by river

Regional Objectives:
Talabec - Battle of Port Maw/Gork's Maw

Anything else?

*Semi mentioned with help from the Asur

Rufas the Eccentric:
Given the results of Saturdays battle, I think I shall not add any additional reports.

It was great meeting your esteamed self and Amanda.

Just to repeat what I said in person, Thank you for the amazing amount of hard work you have put into this campaign.  Some may not realize for every posting here, you must have many postings on just about every Warhammer site in existance.

One hypothetical question.  If a guy has the 7th edition Empire book, but makes his wife play with the 6th edition Orc & Goblin book, does that constitute a form of abuse?


 :laugh: She'll be glad to know you questioned that.  It will be one of my next purchases, I assure you.

Thanks for the appreciation.  It was fun and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be in this position.

That seems a fairly good breakdown, still not sure why the Hunters did not catch on, they were part of GWs own fluff, would have thought it would be easy to get that one through.

The protect humans was destroyed in part by the completely rediculous attack on Egondorf plot, which was not bourne out by results.

Sad to see that once again it was mainly the Dwarves who got their fluff listened to by GW (with the thankful exception of the heartstone), was this only due to them leading or is it symptomatic of GWs lean towards the Dawi?

I think the Dwarf positioning helped, but considering we were near the top for the entire campaign I'm not sure why so little of our fluff got mentioned.


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