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Battles are done!

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Well folks, they've shut up shop!  No more battles can be reported.  I can't even confirm the Draw that I acheived over the weekend.

Sorry about the mis information on my part.

It got me as well wissenlander!  :icon_rolleyes:

I just want to say thanks to everyone at for being great protagonists against our Orcy antagonists! I have spent a good deal of time here every day during the campaign - I hope you lot haven't minded having an Orc looking over your shoulder for the last few months!  :icon_lol: :icon_lol:

Thanks Boyz!

What a polite orc....

Drat, I missed registering my game from last night too.  :-(

Warboss Kurgan, it has been very entertaining to read about the orcy antics you guys conjured over the campaign.  Da Warpath has a great approach to campaigning.

And Wissenlander.. if an orc is being polite he must be up to something  :wink:


*Suddenly stops filling loot-sack and looks a bit guilty*

Thanks guys. I must admit, I love a good campaign!  :icon_wink:


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