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The Nemesis Crown campaign is finished. Now we can just wait for GW to write the great, inspiring conclusion story.  :wink:

So rather than clutter up any other threads I though I would begin this one to say thanks to those that have made the NC campaign most enjoyable.

Thanks to Jerok for gettings us at w-e started.

Thanks to my regional commander Veldemere (and my fellow sub-commander Tostig), for keeping us on track and informed in the Barren Hills.

Thanks to Wissenlander, for all his effort as Talabec Borders commander and everything else.

And well done to our other regional commanders as well.

Thanks to Michael for his newsletter.  It was very entertaining.

Thanks to all the foreign ambassadors for visiting.  FVC, Blackthorn, Giladis, Kurgan and Goomb, Tillman etc.  Discussions between the forums makes the campaign all the more interesting.

And, finally, thanks to all my fellow generals that contributed.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I.


Thanks to everyone who helped me in this campaign.  I won't even begin to go into detail, because I'm sure I'll leave someone out.  I've had help from the beginning with fluff, tactics/strategy, ambassadoring, etc. and believe me, every little bit helped.  So thanks again for everyone's help, you all know who you are....

And even if you don't, I thank you anyway. :wink:

Dendo Star:
Wissenlander is awesome.  You ran a tight campaign.

Happy to be a part of it, good to fight beside Good people.  The Bretonnians showed they are a staunch ally and this will not be forgotten by the Empire.   

To all the men of Helstrom's 4th, from the Black Company to the staunch men of Reikland to the Halflings of the Moot to the foot soldiers of Stirland, I salute you! 

Now, let's get drunk!

Mark Perry:
Thanks all great effort by all, I hope, think we did ok looking at the board.

Definitely finished strong, good work by everyone!


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