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Tomb King think they won

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I was surfing the Tomb King site that my brother belongs to and was surpised to see that they think they won.

Didn't they place 13th overall?

Oh well, I did my part, 1 tie, 1 massacre aginst my brothers Tomb Kings.  They didn't get by me.  :biggriin:


Matter of interpretation.  It was so vague they can take from it what they want, but I don't think GW will give them anymore than a hope.  I don't believe that they got anything, the wizards held the line and drove them off.

See, now we won. :-D

Dendo Star:
Did they conquer us?  Did they raid Altdorf and plunder the Vaults?

No, they did not.  Hence, the Tomb Kings did not win.  They are insane.


--- Quote from: Dendo Star on August 23, 2007, 05:02:40 PM ---Did they conquer the us? 

--- End quote ---
The Tomb Kings were attacking the US??  :icon_lol:

Well, they'd definitely lose then.  With all of the small arms that citizens possess the TK wouldn't know what hit them. :wink:


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