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This board will be locked and archived in one week, November 24

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On November 24 access to this board will be removed, if there is anything that you wish to save I recommend that you do so ASAP.
Instead what will be done is this board will be locked (no further posts will be able to be made) and it will be moved to an "archived" section of the forum.

Also, congratulations guys on doing a good job organizing the campaign for the Empire.

Dendo Star:
Is there any way one could save this entire board to a portable flash drive or something?

Yes please, there were many people (not including myself in that one) who put in vast quantities of effort and time, would just be nice as reference material as to what happened historically during the pointless campaign.

Dendo Star:
Heck, I want to buy a flash drive so I can keep a record of it! :happy:

How do I do that, if even possible?

Again though, cheers.  We won and saved the day. :::cheers:::

I'll look into a way of archiving it all.


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