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This is a compiled list of the personal blogs of most members here. I have added a little twist to it by listing it under their respective province / city state. In alphabetical order of Provinces.
I'll add new blogs when you wish yours (or one you found) to be added here, to do so please leave a reply in this thread with a link to the thread

 The EmpireAverland (Yellow / Black):
Farmer: Link
Lion of Flanders: Link Link2
Silvero: Old New
The Drunken Halfling: Link
Pinback: Link
Jay of Averland: Link
Kolberg: Link
Auberoun: Link
LochNESS: Link
HavoK: Link
Zoring: Link
Sigur: Link
nuttunen: Link
fuzzyguy: Link
Stronghold Terrain: Link
sherbert: Link
mhewson: Link
MiniJunkie: Link
Alarick: Link
Duke: Link
Carlund: Link Autumn theme

Hochland (Red / Green):
Imperial: Link
Skipper: Link
Arkadiusz Jachymek: Link
Siberius: Link
Minsc: Link
anvalous: Link (and more)
Wolfenbaum: Link
LochNESS: Link
Maza: Link
Grizzled Hochlander: Link

Middenland (Blue):
Empire - Ulric: Link
Friis: Link
-SaH-: Link
Zak (with Talabecland features): Link
Erik Von Karlson: Link
Today: Link
Jaggedjimmyj: Link
Gwinn: Link
McSheehy: Link

------- City State of Middenheim (Blue / White):
Eberius: Link
Steveb: Link
Procurator: Link1 Link2
Threkki: Link
nichorn: Link
petey241: Link
Loran: Link
Ads: Link
Tarnell: Link
George: Link
MiddenheinGeneral: Link
mottdon: Link

Nordland (Yellow / Blue):
Fbjorn: Link
Verdouche: Link
Atrocity: Link
Morden: Link
Weilyn: Link
GeneralBear: Link
Falcatarius: Link
Gregourious: Link
Vrydesbyrd: Link
Ugrim: Link
Scar: Link
thundercake: Link
Zjivago: Link

Ostland (Black / White):
Sandor: Link
Anodyr: with Hochland additions Link
Generalbear: Link
Dread Pirate Garness: Link
Commander Bernhardt: Link
Tom Stanhope: Link
Bishmeister: Link
Vidpui: Link
Earlsyd: Link
durloth: Link

Ostermark (Dark Red or Purple /Yellow):
Delthos: Link
Chris: Link
Griffit: Link
ElenaDrouin Link
Ragentry: Link
Thomas the Steam Tank: Link
Jerseyboy381: Link
Stolzeuhu: Link
VonOstermann: Link
SpaceCowboy: Link
Bernhardt Schwartz: Link
Forgefather: Link
slaaneth: Link
andreasch: Link
Turnip86: Link

Reikland (White):
Valetus: Link
Warhammerlord_Soth: Link
Psycho Pirate: Link
Michael W: Link
Vintovka: Link
tcklein: Link
reiklander_01: Link
Yara: Link
Lord Alisk: Link

------- City State of Altdorf (Red / Blue):
StealthKnightSteg: Link
Skyros: Link
Porkix: Link
Hauptmann Gustl: Link
YankinDeez: Link
ShadowLord: Link
Geekmeister: Link
chaospuppet: Link
Silver Wolf: Link
Nuigen: Link
Essexkiwi: Link
Joadams: Link
Timbor: Link
JensDK: Link
Bean76: Link
Playonwords: Link
luitpold: Link
Voltan Ignatio: Link
ashdeuzo: Link

Stirland (Green / Yellow):
Otaku: Link
Steveb: Link
Calibretto: Link
General Tomerix Rotenkopf: Link
Douchie: Link
Erik Roof: Link
Boreas_NL: Link
Shadowlord: Link
Zygmund: Link

Talabecland (Red/Yellow):
Herostratos: Link
Mousekiller: Link
Count Claudius: Link
Firey Babs: Link
Dii (Dellamorte): Link
Spjuth: Link
Wgmar: Link

------- City State of Talabheim (Red / White):
Peraturabos: Link
Immovable Object: Link
RobertShepherd: Link
Noblesteedy: Link
Jipe: Link
Athiuen: Link
daftpunky: Link
madeinitaly1: Link
Mightymatt88: Link

Wissenland (Grey / White):
Arselus: Link
Zandur of Bronte: Link
Wissenlander: Link
Maaaaaat: Link
Dark Apostle: Link
Le Pistolet: Link
Slavik: Link

------- City State of Nuln (Black):
bluevein: Link
Moriar: Link
Timothias Link
Gunther von Heldenbrah VI: Link
Scactha: Link
Aranel: Link
Malvino: Link
Dekyreas: Link

And for the sake of fluffyness..

Sylvania (Purple):
Nicholas Ironfist: Link
Bakalla: Link
Santawraith: Link
Alexious: Link
Lord Bakemono: Link


Wolfygriess: Link
Uryens de Crux: Link

The Moot:
Steveb: Link
Bas_2312: Link
Steve D: Link

Other personal chosen regions/cities within the Empire
Lion of Flanders (Cult of Ulric): Link
Sharkbelly (Order of the Cleansing Flame): Link
Oxycutor (multi state): Link
DariusZero (multi state): Link (Crusade): Link2
Tiny (Bogenhafen): Link
Immovable Object (Kemperbad): Link
mr chumley warner (multi state): Link
Sigmud (multi state): Link
Claus79 (The White Army): Link
Chris (multi state with Kislev): Link
Carcharoth (Grunberg): Link
Mariner (Nordland/Middenheim): Link
GMMStudios (Reikland compilation): Link
Willem I (old Dutch uniforms): Link
Sharpy195 (Averland/Ostland): Link
Zach82 (Sperlingen): Link
Harv (Multistate): Link
Cjp (Grand Army of the Order of the Temple of the Illuminati): Link
Estel (Cult of Ulric): Link
strollinthewoods (mercenary warband): Link
Tribun (blue steel cutthroats): Link
b0007452 (Bogenhafen): Link
Hoodling (mixed/multi state): Link
Kalrath (mixed/multi state): Link
Jambalaya (Mercenaries): Link
AdamK (Blazing Sun themed): Link
TheHoundmaster (Lustrian Empire): Link
Ashenwyte (Dietrich Feuerbach's Mercenary Company - The Blackfeather Band): Link

 KislevDocred7: Link
Steveb: Link
Mikecro: Link
Tongocbear: Link

 The Wasteland

ZeroTwentyThree: Link
Justin Hill: Link
Sambofred: Link
White Knight: Link
Sharkbelly: Link
S.O.F.: Link

 The Border PrincesOrion: Link
Darknight: Link

 TileaHirwain: Link

 EstaliaHenerius: Link
Rich burdet: Link
Hagen von Loewenstein: Link
King: Link

 CathayLiuzheng: Link


 Not yet Defined  :engel:

Fandir: Link
Warhammer-Weib's Painting Projects: Link
Warhammer-Weib goes terrain building: Link
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: Link
Hwd: (Pigmar) Link
Pistol Pete: Link
Jimpan Swe: (Swedish Caroleans)Link
Ulrichsberg: Link
Stretch_135: Link
FrankyG: Link
Mathi Alfblut: Link
Slick: Link
Mousekiller: Link
Tribun: Link
Merrick: Link
Jeadar: Link
Soren: Link
Dezzo: Link
Your Mother: Link
Foalooke: Link
Mogsam: (dwarf goblins) Link
Wolverine: Link
Colonel Goth: Link
eliseau: Link
Weedeeo: Link
McSheehy (multiple armies): Link
Shadowwolf: Link
Ivan.sdc: Link
diMarko (undecided province): Link
Rufus Sparkfire (something Empire): Link
Alleton: Link
Oldbig: Link
Uncle_Andrew: Link

Good start !

Nicholas Bies:
be greatly appreciated if you could find me - tale of 6 gamers or something (I've forgotten the title name can none of my searches found anything - yes my searchFU is weak).

Good job btw and welcome to the forum!


--- Quote from: Nicholas Bies on February 25, 2010, 11:19:00 AM ---be greatly appreciated if you could find me - tale of 6 gamers or something (I've forgotten the title name can none of my searches found anything - yes my searchFU is weak).

Good job btw and welcome to the forum!

--- End quote ---

I'll keep an eye out :)

And thanks!


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