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I figure it would be usefull to have a thread for links an other info on current promotional salesoff, best offers and such - of different brands of miniatures in one place. Post here everything you find on the net.

Rackham is selling 6 nicely prepainted swordmen( they look a bit elfish) for a low price.

Enigma also has some promotional offers of their miniatures.

Actually this is a good idea.

I've ordered some of these - 40%+ off normal

There may be offers on some of their other ranges too if you hunt around their website.


Word of caution with Black Tree...

They make some nice figures, and some of their deals/sales are an absolute bargain. But they've got a horrible reputation for shipping times & customer service.

I ordered some figures a bit over a year ago and was one of the more fortunate ones. I got all of my figures in about 3 months. But I've read stories all over other forums (TMP, the WABforum, etc.) about people still not getting their figures, or having incomplete orders after far longer, even up to a year. On the other hand, some people get their figures within a week. So it seems like it's a bit of a gamble.

Also, in spite of the policy written on their web page, my credit card was charged the day after I placed the order, even though when I emailed two months later I was told they didn't have the figures in stock. The policy states your account is only charged when the items ship.

I've been wanting to order some more figures from them, and have been internally debating it since that previous order. But there have been far too many things I've wanted to buy from people that don't have shipping issues, so they've been the ones getting my business.

I keep getting newsletter emails about them getting "caught up" and improving service. So maybe they're working on it. I don't know. Maybe someone else

Yeah, BTD blows.  I ordered a bunch of goblins back in November.  I just received them a couple weeks ago.  It took over 6 months of follow up emails to get the order filled and ofcourse they charged my card the day I 1st ordered. 
Theres been lots of buzz about their poor reputation posted on da-warpath and TMP the past few months.

These guys look promising for Reaper minis, 25% off and free shipping on US orders.  Has anybody tried them?

Alas, I am a Black Tree victim. Its been 7 months, generally speaking the more popular the range the harder the re-supply in the US. They have had a hard time filling my particular order, I usually give a nagging telephone call every 6 weeks. My order is about 75% filled at this point.

As for how awesome the models are, many ranges are worth it. The dwarfs I ordered are absolutely awesome, very war-hammer role-play dwarf or third edition. I like them very much and cant wait to paint them( when they all come in). The Harlequin ogres that they used to make are a fantastic deal and I love the halflings. They are absolutely right on. I can also speak very highly of their dark elf range. I have a friend with an army and they look absolutely fantastic in the right paint scheme.

I would call up and ask about availability before ordering. The guy is nice enough, but their supply problems are crippling their company. Under current circumstance I have a hard time backing their product but if the model will do it for you... go for it.

In the mean time I am still waiting for about 20% of my order.  :eusa_wall:


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