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Last summer bored and unemployed I began as an odd off project a comprehensive guide to the Empire, I was unaware that 6 months later I would have 50 plus pages of stuff. Sadly I probably should be spending more time working on my masters thesis but this is somehow more enjoyable.

Update Info

3/8/14 Wissenland up

Coming Soon: Solland, The Moot, Sylvania (maybe)

Land of the Hammer
A Political and geographical Guide to the Empire

Complied and transcribed by jan von Aldium
Intrepid Scholar and Court Historian to his majesty
Prince Leopold Aulslander
Lord of Aulschweig  

In the late summer of 2521 IC, his majesty Prince Aulslander requested that I, Jan von Aldium, write a book detailing the nuances of the great nation to his Lordship’s north, The Empire. Prince Aulslander’s son was to be sent to University in Nuln and it was the Prince’s request that this tome be designed in order to garner a degree of familiarity to the land his son would soon set off for.   I spent days combing through his Lordship’s library as well as the library of those neighboring Princes friendly to his Lordship. When this proved incomplete, his Lordship most generously offered to pay for me to travel to the University of Streissen in Averland in order I may wholly round out my work. The six weeks spent there, provided me with an abundant amount of notes and without such this work would have been impossible. I would at this point like to extend my gratitude to faculty of the University of Streissen for their aid in allowing this foreigner, though of proud Imperial ancestry, such access to their archives.
Methodologically this work is a bit of a departure from most other scholarship on the Empire. While I have gone to great lengths in order to include as much relevant information from the great scholars of  our age such Hieronymus of Nuln and Frederick Weirde, this book is designed not only supply dry and dusty history but to allow for understanding of how Imperials feel about one another. To find this component, I have turned to what many of my colleagues would term the ‘Gutter Press’. Though the tales of such writers as Ehrhard Stoecker and Felix Jeager are utterly preposterous, I believe that one can garner a great deal of insight about how various portions of the Empire feel about one another. Certainly the portrayal of Stirland magistrate is done to some hyperbolic degree, as is the wont of such fiction writers, but there must be some underlying truth to the writer’s vision. Judge as you will for I shall be unrepentant in my method.     

Jan von Aldium
Castle Aulsweig

Rough Outline
Chapter One -Brief History of the Empire
Most likely chapter to cut since it has almost nothing written other than a fleshed out blurb concerning the 1360 Ottillan Empire creation and really seems a bit unessential to the book overall.

Chapter Two - Government of the Empire
Covers the Office and Power of the Emperor, the Council of State, the Prime Estates, key figures of the Imperial Government, and a brief section on provincial government.

Chapter Three - The Imperial Heartland
Guides to Reikland, Talabecland, Altdorf, and Talabheim

Chapter Four - The Forested North
Guides to Middenland, Nordland, Hochland, and Middenheim

Chapter Five - The Agricultural South
Guides to Averland, Wissenland, Stirland, the Moot, and Nuln

Chapter Six - The Sparsely Populated East
Guides to Ostland and Ostermark

Chapter Seven - The Lost Provinces
Guides to Solland and Drakwald

Chapter Eight - The Imperial Fringe
Guides to Marienburg and Sylvania

Chapter Nine - The Imperial Cults
Cult of Sigmar, Cult of Ulric, and a brief section on the other cults since they are not as important political players

Chapter Ten - Imperial Institutions
Colleges of Magic and the Knightly Orders of the Empire (considering moving the Templar Orders from here into the Cult section but the Knights of the Blazing Sun are a far more important organization to the Empire than the Cult of Myrimidia is so not certain about separate sections. Also Detailing the Knights Panther would be boring as it is the lone Secular Order with plenty of background.)

Appendix A - Land of the Bear - Guide to Kislev
Done on the lines of the provincial guides though slightly longer.

Comments and questions as always appreciated.

Some nice stuff here. You'll need to provide references though.

Thanks for the ifo on my Province.  I learned a lot, and it will make sense that my WP's will have Sisters of Sigmar- as Mordheim is on the borders and women are traditional leaders in Stirland.  Even my AL is a big old Brun-hilda and I use the Bret. female with the short rod as my Mage with the R.O.P.

You've added a lot to my background I'm building!

Great effort !
I'll bring it to the attention of the Master of the Library, Rufus Sparkfire. Perhaps you could coordinate with him on this ?


--- Quote from: warhammerlord_soth on July 10, 2010, 07:00:13 AM ---Great effort !
I'll bring it to the attention of the Master of the Library, Rufus Sparkfire. Perhaps you could coordinate with him on this ?

--- End quote ---

... especially as he knows the author of the original "A is for Altdorf" very well ..............  :engel:


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