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Are you new to 40K?  Do you find all the abbreviations which experienced 40K players use confusing?  Do you wish that there was some way to find the answers?  Well, when you have a problem and no Fantasy player can help, you can call the 40K abbreviation explanation team  :icon_biggrin:!

Putting that dramatic introduction to one side, this thread is for collecting commonly used abbreviations in 40K.  If you have any which I have missed, and there are probably loads, as I don't use many abbreviations myself, please let me know.

40K Abbreviations (in alphabetical order):

ATSKNF = And They Shall Know No Fear
BA = Blood Angel
BT = Black Templar
CSM = Chaos Space Marine
C:SM = Codex Space Marines
CWE = Craftworld Eldar
DA = Dark Angel
DAVU = Dire Avenger Vehicle Upgrade
DE = Dark Eldar
DS = Deep Striking/Deep Strike
FNP = Feel No Pain
GEQ = Guardsman Equivalent
GtG = Go to Ground
IC = Independent Character
JotWW = Jaws of the World Wolf
KP = Kill point
MEQ = Marine Equivalent
MTC = Move Through Cover
PoMS = Power of the Machine Spirit
RoW = Runes of Warding
RoWit = Runes of Witnessing
SW = Space Wolf
TEQ = Terminator Equivalent
TL = Twin-Linked

HA!  I have always wondered what MEQ was supposed to mean but was too lazy to look it up!  Thank you Irisado!

Well I use PW and PF for power weapon and power fist.  Unsure how common those are though!

Thanks. I'm an experienced 40K player, but some of those are new to me, especially the *EQ ones. I had an idea of what you were talking about in the Eldar thread, just couldn't figure out what they actually meant. The problem with this Acronym thread, is that unless a mod makes it a sticky thread, it's going to quickly fade away.

It's much better to use the full version of your Acronyms on first use (i.e. Marine Equivalent (MEQ)), especially in a thread like the Eldar one where you are going to be using them a lot. Even if this thread gets stickied, it's still better to spell them out on first use. Call me lazy if you want, but it's a standard I learned a long time ago for documents where high numbers of Acronyms will be used.

The one thing I never understood was the need for TEQ or GEQ.  Apart from terminators, there is nothing that is equivelent to one!  So TEQ is totally redundant.
GEQ is even more pointless to me.  If you are saying a unit is good v GEQ you are generally saying the unit is poor and it can only kill the weakest units in the game.  At least that is what I read into GEQ  :icon_biggrin:

None of these are the fault of Irisado, he has just explained the general terms in use, but they annoy me!


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