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Holy Hand Grenade:
Master Thread for Tactical Decision Games (TDGs)

What are all these Tactical Decision Game (TDG) threads that you see filling up the Tactica Board’s page?  You have come to the right place for the answer.

Militaries use Tactical Decision Games as a way to train intelligence personnel and operators on their tradecraft of warfighting.  A tactical problem is posed, time is given for choosing the best course of action based on the situation, and then it is discussed.

This methodology has been applied to Empire in Warhammer.  Each TDG premiers a matchup between Empire and another army.  The battle is stopped at key points and forum members are invited to discuss the best way forward at that point.  Then the battle is fast-forwarded to another set of decisions.

Each TDG conducted has been a little different.  Sometimes multiple teams have been formed and competed against each other facing a common foe….sometimes teams are formed to play the good guys and the bad guys.  We try and strive to make each TDG a little different to keep up interest and to make it fun.     

If teams are formed, the goal is not to “win,” but to share ideas and learn.  TDGs are a great way to bridge the gap between normal tacticas that provide the “how to” beat an enemy and places like the Elector’s Forum where specific questions on tactics are answered.  TDGs cover the middle ground-  providing numerous scenarios of units facing each other that allow things to be learned that tacticas and normal forum posts don’t provide.

TDG 1:  2500 pts.  Empire Infantry-based list versus Ogre Deathstar

TDG 2:  2500 pts.  Two Empire teams versus a unique Dark Elf list

TDG 3:  2500 pts.  Empire versus a Khorne-based Daemon list

TDG 4:  2500 pts.  A fluffy Empire list versus a O&G Forest Goblin themed list

TDG 5:  2500 pts.  Empire versus Vampire Counts


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