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What are you watching- TV shows

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--- Quote from: red shift on February 15, 2016, 02:31:09 PM ---My nightly feature is star trek on cbs action - currently deep space nine. I have to say it's a great show, shame that star trek died a death, would love to see a ds9 revival.

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+1. As much as I like TNG, DS9 has the best characters* and the best storylines.

* except Seven of Nine, of course.

If we are talking old shows, I enjoyed SGU.

I'm watching the original "House of Cards" again. An amazing show.

Currently watching last season of Downton Abbey, and other PBS programs if interesting as they come along.  Beyond that, not much of a TV watcher, other than occasional news program or sport event.

Doc J:
How is Downton Abbey my Amazon keeps thinking I might like it but Im unsure? What type of show is it? My professor likes it but shes like 75 although we share similar interests. I always got the impression it was a womans show but I could be wrong. The shows/Miniseries that I like/ have liked were

Hell on wheels
Outlander ( I find the amount of rape off putting though)
Black Sails
Peaky Blinders
The Borgias
Wolf Hall
I Claudius ( Im not sure if it counts)
Boardwalk Empire
Pillars of the Earth
Band of Brothers
The Pacific
War and Peace (I just finished it and it was pretty good)


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