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Battlereport Empire vs Dwarfs 2500pts!


Yikes! Long time since my last post, I think it was a about 1,5 years ago or so. Nevertheless the army is finished and I played a game yesterday for the first time since forever. Here's the report!
Would love if you'd subscribe to the blog and elave a comment on what you'd like to see more of!

Great pictures and explanations.  I love those pikes, they're lovely models.

A pity that your cavalry was unable to engage otherwise I feel like the game could have been yours.

missed this little gem of a report when it first came out.

beautifully painted armies - check. in fact, I'd say both of you are overachievers
8th edition - check
pictures and text as opposed to video - check.

so, it does indeed check all the battle report boxes for me. Hope it won't take another year and a half before we see you again!

Thanks for the feedback guys! We play on a regular basis but often forget to take photos, I will arrange for a new report very soon!
Yeah, that cavalry failing to wheel around the tree stung a lot, but he needed a revenge after several defeats against my army  :eusa_wall:


Very enjoyable report! Good looking armies and terrain, and I like text  :smile2:

Too bad on the loss, but it was hard fought! Next time team up with the stunties and go hunt some evil doers!  :biggriin:


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