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Dogs of war unit help

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I'm currently piecing together a Dogs of war army [apart from many other things] and was looking through what current models can be converted into the regiments of renown. My question is:
Was there ever a Dark Elf regiment of renown/ dogs of war unit? I seem to remember seeing one somewhere but it is not in the DOW rule book [as its the copy from 1998]. I also have the Warhammer chronicle from 2004 which contains additional DOW units but the dark elf regiment isnt listed.
I think i remember seeing this unit in a white dwarf issue....somewhere but i have about 24 years worth of white dwarfs and i dont want to sift through all the post 1998 issues to find this unit.
Does this Dark elf unit exist or am i just mis-remembering something?

Mengil Manhide's Manflayers. They're like DE shades but with a skinning fetish. Pretty sweet models with human-skin cloaks. ;)

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
They were in WD 298.  A pdf can be found here.

Thanks guys. Now I have to see where I stashed that issue

Thanks for the PDF Fidelis. These things are always handy. :)


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