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Rumours and what's new to be expected of 9th Edition!

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So 9th edition i coming and had a few teasers along with it

with new website to go along with it

Primaris Assault Intercessors with chainswords

New Necron Warriors

The Silent King

Little preview on rules changes (9 things):

1) Polished rules (as shiny as a polished necron head..uhm..)
2) Crusade will add an ongoing narrative thing
3)Codex will generate (more) CP, want another codex added in to you list you have to pay CP, end of soups?
4) Tanks can't be locked down in combat
5) Terrain wil have a bigger impact
6) different size games (from lunch break to full scale)
7) modifications on reserves to come from all sides and applying to more models
8) Explosive weapons do more against hordes
9) Flyers get better rules for movement

Pew pew

And wh40k App will be coming to join 9th Ed

Already a Q&A sheet for it

Feanor Fire Heart:
DAMMIT STEG YOU BEAT ME TO IT!!!!! AHHHH! I just saw the trailer on youtube and it was so awesome!

I was hoping it would go back to the older editions type of play but I understand this is more "new user friendly."


--- Quote ---There’s been one thing we’ve been asked for more than anything else in the last three years (aside from the Lion riding a Thunderhawk): “Can my digital codex come bundled with my print version?” Well, Noble Hobbyist, yes. Yes it can. Whenever you buy a 9th edition codex, you’ll get the digital rules for that codex in the app for free.
--- End quote ---

from that community link..


I'm very interested in all this. Seems like some great new updates and idea. I REALLY like the codex thing.


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