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Cult of Ulric and Middenland Lists

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So I have started on the long quest of making a (3,200pt) list for each of these. So far I've purchased:

Grandmaster of the white wolf mounted
Seneschal of the white wolf on foot
Boris Toddbringer
Wizard (mounted)
Ar Ulric

20 Teutogen guard
10 Knights of the white wolf (added 10 more for 5 man flank units)
10 Knights panther
20 spearmen
12 archers
14 crossbowmen
20 free company that i can use as whichever, warriors of the white wolf or wolf kin (up to 40 now)
2 cannons
1 mortar
20 halberdiers
22 handgunners including 2 hochland rifle champs

what else should i get to flush out the army? I was thinking a unit of hunting hounds and maybe a unit of flagellants to change into wolf kin. Plus i need a bunch of priests for it as well. I want whatever i purchase to be useable in both lists.

Hounds are a nice idea. Flagellants too. You could upgrade/modify them to have more pelts and furs.

Cannons are an obvious choice. I can't remember if the Cult of Ulric somehow shunned the use of cannons, but Middenland (and Middenheim) surely use cannons.


Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
No cannon in the 6th edition Cult of Ulric army list as such. However, since they were allowed DoW, they could always take a cannon or Galloper Gun as Rare choices.

Why 3200?


--- Quote from: KTG17 on May 26, 2021, 05:11:55 PM ---Why 3200?

--- End quote ---

Because there's always that one unit missing at 3k even. It's just where we ended up settling on for points years ago and have enjoyed every game since lol


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