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Mathi Alfblut:
I have picked up the fanmade WHFB 9th Warhammer Armies Project. It is a living system with a dedicated fan working on it and updating it.

Long story short, I tried it for the first time on sunday, my first warhammer fantasy game in years.
The system is a modified and tweaked 8th ed, trying to take what was good in 8th and from previous editions. No more horde in the game. And hills benefit defenders again. One thing that is new is that you cannot have more ranks than you have frontage, so sadly, no column formations.

A huge thing at least for me, is that you can always fire two ranks. And bows have been severly boosted. All bows can shot multiple shots if the unit remained stationary. You get a -1 to your ballistic skill if shooting multiple shots but since it no longer matters if you shot at long range, an elven archer hits on 4+. Imagine an elven unit letting loose with multipe shots. 10 archers will deliver 20 arrows.

A Tomb king unit with Righteous smiting loose three arrows per when sending shooting multipe shoots that always hits on 5 or 6 regardless of modifiers. That really hurt...

However, my elven archers did come out on top in the end, and the Sisters of Avelorn with their str4 bows really dished out some hurt! And elven bows and longbows have armour piercing...

Overall, it was a fun game, and bows really matters now. And overall I think this makes handheld missile weapons on par with war machines in dealing damage from afar. Not that the Tomb king catapult did not hurt. All figures under the template are hit partial or not. Ouch, ouch, ouch...

I've been looking at using 9th edition from the armies project as my WFB ruleset, really good to hear how it works. Do many other people use it here?

WHFB Oldtimer here. Started with 3rd. Edition , left out 5th. and played 6th,,7th, 8th.. Stopped before Endtimes...But : recently played a game of 6th. My Empire Army vs. Druchii...ended up as a draw with Empire having killed slightly more points...took ages to play the 2.000 points...both of us had lost quite a bit of rules knowledge and, of course, experience in playing the game.

Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and discussed also quite a bit the development of the game over the years past. Eventually, we ended up talking about 9th. age and WAP 9th. Edition. As we are not into comp playing, we decided to give WAP a go and we will have a "revanche game" Empire vs. Druchii @ 2500pts  next week.

Noticed already quite a few changes for the Empire. Some look interesting ( i.e new Statestroops rules) , and others a bit disappointing ( i.e.,Greatswords nerf ) . However, bottomline I think the WAP Empire Armybook (1.41 I think ) seems to be quite ok and I expect it fun to play. Due to the disapperance of old Detachment rules and some other changes,  I had to setup a new list. We' ll see, how it works out vs. 6.Edition.

Rgds. Stefan

Mathi Alfblut:
I have played three battles using WAP rules. My high elves have faced Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts and in the last game Daemons of Nurgle.

One loss, one narrow loss and a rather crushing victory over the Daemons.
One thing to note is that archery is really deadly now.


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