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Making my own Pirazzos lost legion


Mathi Alfblut:
As I am reassembling an Empire army I am reaching the limit of my collection of miniatures..
As I am using Warhammer Armies Project I have easy access to all army books, among them Regiments of Reknown.
I have a  bunch of 17th century Warlord games pike & Shotte minis from a long ago abandoned project.
They are a bit small compared with GW stuff but at the same time I really need more soldiers and I started to think that "what the heck" they could look well enough.
Then I got the idea to make the muskets count as crossbows and make my own version of Pirazzos lost legion. They would have another name but be a Estalian mercenary regiment commanded by a captian Alatriste.

I am in the idea stage for now but any input is welcome!

Atlantic Games produces a conquistador plastic boxed set that might work.

When I tackled the same issue back in 2010, I used Empire spearmen from the Empire detachment boxed set. The miniatures were a close enough match. I just failed at making 'Conquistador' helmets for them out of greenstuff


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