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Eurobash 2024, the 15th edition!

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So 14th Edition of the Eurobash is concluded, it's time to look forward to number 15!

As per agreement this will be the weekend that is preceded by Ascension day.

Also a Disclaimer: Attending means that you agree to be on pictures unless you have specifically asked not to be!

Eurobash 2024
St Niklaas - Belgium

Date for Ascension day is Thursday May 9th 2024:

Arrival on Wednesday afternoon/evening May 8th at it's earliest

Gaming days:
Thursday 9th of May
Friday 10th of May
Saturday 11th of May

Leaving day: Sunday 12th of May (at end of the afternoon at the latest)


Warhammerlord_soth (I presume as he is our big honcho there)(MOD EDIT : You bet I'll be there!)
StealthKnightSteg (Of course I am! ) - Wednesday till Sunday
Ronald - Wednesday till Sunday
Commandant - Atleast the Saturday
Shavixmir - Saturday (Arriving friday possibly)
Henerius - Thursday till Sunday
Novogord + Mrs. D. - Thursday and Friday
ze Germans - not definitive who and how long?
Cisse - Thursday till Saturday noon


RealJuan (+ Juanita)

can't make it:

Even tough there were some options discussed for some particular gaming nothing was set in stone.

The Old World - will we be ready for this?

Though there was some unofficial talk about a Frostgrave Eurobash campaign that has started with some loosely played game (at most 3 games played) that will continue next year with more games or even a story campaign from one of the books.
Starter parties did not include a captain yet, but we will introduce it next year as an option to buy it in (maybe your party needs to be a certain level to do so?)

Also some Mordheim games were played so those could also continue.

I will make it. Not sure for how many days yet but certainly the Saturdays

@Gamespoet start organizing! :)

I am putting it in my agenda.

So count me in for at least the Saturday (plus evening/ night), although I will try to arrive on the Friday.

There is a rumour ze Germans are coming ... ... ... 

and I suspect The Old World will be top of the gaming agenda.



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