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Empire related stories


Hello, I'm looking for a master list of sort that contains EVERY book/short story that is connected to the Empire. Basically, I want to put every Empire appearance under the same roof, because currently afaik, there isn't a single collection that has it and done that so far. If somebody has a partial list, that would be good too, to build upon it.

Thank you in advance!

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
If you sift through here, it should give you a firm base to build upon.

Thank you, I'm aware of the wiki and various other listings, my problem is that based on those info, I still don't know which stories are Empire related. For example there are dozens and dozens of shorts in Hammer and Bolter and anthologies scattered around, but without actually reading them, there is not knowing which belongs to where.

That's why I was asking if someone has done a big collection list some time in the past.

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
Well, there are some stories/cycles that are obviously Empire-related (like the Mathias Thulmann, the Heroes of the Empire, or the Empire Knights stories, but also the Vampire Wars stories) and that are obviously unrelated (like the Sundering or the Orion Trilogy) . For the ones that are not so obvious, I can only suggest to search the summaries that are usually available on the internet - at least, that is how I would go about it.


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