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Just as TOW returns from the deeps, so too do I.


Derek Contyre:
Greetings everyone!
Boy am I glad to be back here after the death of our beloved game many years ago.
The Joy I have at TOW bringing back our beloved world and lore is beyond measure.

An excuse to pull my empire army out of retirement, buy some new dice, paint up the long overdue models to finish up the army, and dust off my army building skills.

Although half of my armies background is now gone due to the time reverse, my little corner of Stattenland still exists in the current timeline and therefore so too does the Contyre dynasty.

Bring on some more games and a new army that I have always wanted to collect... Dark Elves!

Welcome old friends from WE.com I have missed you all.

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
Welcome back. I hope to see more once familiar faces  scratching a reversed 7 year itch.

Welcome home to W-E! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

Count James:
Welcome back fellow wanderer!  :happy:


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