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Creating a Captasus (squadron?)


Count James:
Hi all,

So in this age of 'want an army, no models' I've been thinking about how I'd go about making a Captain on Pegasus. Back in the day I know I used a Brettonian Pegasus Knight and stuck an Empire captain torso on it and gave him a lance, pistol and shield. The result was okay, I guess - annoyingly I don't have any pictures of him.

Anyway, I definitely want a new Captasus for my new army, I've been trawling the internet looking for options. Pegasus Knights now come in a box of three although you can get them for abour 12 off eBay (amazing what having your models out does for prices...) so perhaps building up three different options would be an idea. I'd prefer minimal green-stuffing - I can gap-fill but sculpting isn't really in my skill set...

This leads me to a few questions and my post!  :happy:

1. If you have one, what did you use?
2. Does anyone have both a Brettonian Pegasus Knight and a Freeguild Cavalier? (you can see where I'm going with this). Would it look out of proportion/silly to kitbash the front legs and wings of a Pegasus Knight onto a Freeguild Cavalier? How are the proportions? Also the heads looks a bit small on the Cavaliers' horses - is this just a quirk of the photos online?
3. Any third party 3D print or resin pegasi out there that would fit with Empire?

Soth made me one, many years back now.  I keep it in the same box it was received, and will need to dig it out to say what he used.  It was interchangeable between a sword or a lance using magnets.  Will get back on the rest when possible.

Check Fireforge games' Albion:

You can get four Pegasus Knights for 30.

Yeah, I'm loving the Pegasus captains in TOW, and would like to play more than one. But I want other things too, and have only played small games. So no room for more than one yet in my lists.



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