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The Battle of the Ridgeway


Mike Stockin:
Samantha and I played a game of WFB 3rd (ish) edition.

3500 points of undead and 3500 points of Empire.

We use 3rd edition rules but have ported back a few of the more interesting models from 4th.

It was a fun game and much closer than the last one.

We randomly generated the terrain but there seemed to be a lot of hedges being rolled which resulted in an odd looking battlefield.
Still this adds to the oldhammeryness of it all.

Samantha had 4 catapults this time compared to just 2 the previous game and they proved very effective against my 2 big units on my centre/right flank.
It was quite common for her to hit 9 models at a time and end up killing 7, this happened a few turns.
Luckily my leadership was sufficient the hit units did not flee the field.

My elementalist used winds of magic to silence 2 of the catapults for a number of turns which allowed my Knights of Morr to gallop across the field and destroy them, cutting down some zombies on the way.

This time my Helblaster volley gun was awesome, it completely obliterated an entire unit of skeletons.
Though at 9 turns to reload it never had chance to fire again…

For a change only 1 of my cannons overheated and exploded, normally they all do.
So that was a nice change.
Though despite doing a lot of damage to the skeletons, the cannons were not as effective as they would be against the living as the undead don’t rout when blasted to smithereens.

Again, my general sought out the wights as only he and the 2 wizards could do them any harm.

Lots of shooting and fighting, lots of being charged by undead and if I recall correctly I only ran away once from being charged.
Though a unit of helblitzen I advanced right up to some undead spent turn after turn failing the leadership test and refusing to charge the undead, that was quite frustrating.

This was my first ever game using the steam tank and it won me the game, with its toughness of 10 Samantha only had 2 models that stood any chance of damaging it and whenever they tried they failed, the battle raged on and we decided to call it a day when it was clear that all would be left would be the tank and my general and the Lichemaster and her Vampire general.

I will try the War Wagon next game and as that has a lower toughness it should not be such a gamer winner.
I will likely use the Steam Tank again, but reduce its Toughness a bit.

And now some piccies.


Beautiful pictures and models.
Very nice!
Where is that Steam Tank from?

Mike Stockin:

It is a Warmaster one. (Citadel/GW)


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