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Recently returned to the Old World, as I'm sure many others are too. I'm lucky to have kept many of my models all this time but missing some stuff that isn't available from GW currently,  or never really was. I'm looking at Highlands miniatures for the outsiders, but haven't really found any options for bear or wolf mounts to sub in as demigriffs for my ulric and kislev contingents. so I'm looking for suggestions here. Thanks in advance for any help finding these.

You may need to reszie these in your slice software or Blender. I've not tried these. There's a lot more of them on Cults3D of course, also has cyber-and-not-thunder-wolves.
There are also these Hobgoblin Wolf Riders in the old 4/5E style, you can try using those wolves.
The above is not free, but are meant for some of the account's hobos riders also. In a more accurate retro style, I guess.

As for Kislev Bear Riders, I know Kyoshuneko Miniatures did a set of those, myminifactory
Titanforge also had a set for clearly not-Kislev

Wolf Knights
Griffon Legion type, with Bear mount option
Separate bears

Last Swords scale bad for 3D-printing; Highland good, why bad when good do?

Also, sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and winkwinknudgenudge

Thanks for all the suggestion stls.  : :biggriin:


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