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An Old 10/12mm battle report


Mike Stockin:
A report of an old game when my wife was using Dark Elves, versus my Glorious Empire lads. 3100 points each.

My empire army was fresh and new then as this was a couple of years ago, so less Stirland troops than my current army.

WFB 3d edition.





Thoughts on the game.


We toned down the stupidity rules so that if you fail you donít attack your own side.
Even so, the trolls moved so randomly that even with toned down rules they spent most of the battle aimlessly moving back and forth.
However in true WFB feels they did manage to eventually get into HTH with my Empire General and vomit stomach acid all over him.
So that was ok.

It has made us decide to not bother with Cold Ones.
I have a few models though, so rather than waste the models I may just use them as horses and pretend thatís what they are.
They wonít be as good in HTH or cause fear, but they will be cheaper and more reliable.


The Ogre mercenaries were extremely powerful, and they totally managed to hold my right flank all on their own and the Ogre Captain actually killed Samanthaís Dark Elf general.
But they were 746 points which was a sizeable chunk of my army.
But they did well and will defo be back again.

All the games we had played up to and including today we thought that the automatic hits for cannons and so on was just too powerful.
But today, once again, as always happens the cannons blew up early on.
Now if we had been using the automatic hit rule as per the book, they would have managed to do some damage before blowing up, however as we had been rolling to it they were once again pretty crappy.
I also had some organ guns, 5 barrels of hot lead death.
Again like the cannons rather than all 5 barrels auto hitting we rolled to hit.
My rolls were pretty bad and it resulted in neither of my organ guns doing much damage.
I did think that 5 barrels hitting which would be 5 hits per rank (Samanthaís Dark Elves are mostly 5 figures wide and 4 ranks deep) would result in 20 hits would be overpowering as that is 1 hit on every model in the unit.
Though they still need to roll for damage.
However given the poor performance and the points and looking at the cannons and the previous games we are going to use the official rules of cannons hitting automatically.

That may make my artillery actually effective.



Terrain, the woods were interesting.
The road had broken fences and scrub along the borders.
Whilst cool looking this was a terrible faff for moving.
We have decided to go lighter on the terrain like that and that our generals prefer more plain open fields in which to battle, so less fiddly roads/linear obstacles next time.

So we have decided that even with stupidity lite house rules, we will drop Cold Ones.
We will use the official artillery rules.
We will have less terrain that makes play slower.


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