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My Empire Carthagineans

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So back when Age of Empires, Rise of Rome came out, I also learnt about Carthage.
I loved Hannibal, and how he could have destroyed Rome.

So about 15 years ago, during 7th edition, when we could take 2 steam tanks in a 2000 point list, I decided that my 2 steam tanks, would both be my elephants. I wanted cavalry and infantry, and no magic. I made my Carthaginean army, and had a lot of success with it.

But I never painted them - well, I painted a unit of spearmen, and that was it. But I had the models (or should I say kitbashes) in mind. I wanted them to completely unique, but I also wanted them to be mainly using GW minis. In the Warhammer world, Carthage would be part of Araby, rather than the Southlands.

Anyway, here are sample painted models for a few of the main units (Knights, Light Cavalry, Spearmen and Greatswords). I haven't finished converting / painting my elephants yet....


Camel Rider (Outrider - needs repeater handgun added)

Infantry (Spearman and Greatsword)

Warrior Priest

I havenít based them yet obviously. Previously I had this army on sand - for the Araby look. I have transferred them all to 25x25 and 30x60 bases now. Will probably do sand again.

For those wondering, the camels are from the LotR set. The Warrior Priest is from Aegyptus.

Great use of parts.
A tip on painting yellow. Use a white undercoat


--- Quote from: Rowsdower on May 06, 2024, 02:38:34 PM ---Great use of parts.
A tip on painting yellow. Use a white undercoat

--- End quote ---

Fair point. I have always primed everything black since forever, so unfortunately not an easy option to fix. But yeah, i see in the photos that the yellow doesnít look as good as it does with the naked eye.

For yellow, maybe even use light brown undercoat / paint/wash the area with IT before applying yellow paint. I also heard that yellow contrast paint is very good.

What's the army fluff? Some Estalia/Tilea stuff?


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