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Welcome to the Electors' Forum - please READ THIS FIRST!


General Helstrom:
Welcome to the Electors' Forum!

You have reached the main hub of activity for our forums - this the place where it's all going on. Discuss all your Empire-related topics here, from tactics to rules questions, from paint schemes to battle reports. Take your boots off, have a brandy, and join in!

Please note that we do expect you to abide by the forum's standards of conduct and posting rules. It's not much we ask; in general, please be polite, on-topic, and look after your spelling (ie. use capitals and punctuation, and do not use "l33t" or any other webspeak). For more help and guidelines to using these forums, please check out this board.

One good piece of educational material can be found here. Thanks to Konrad for finding this gem. Enjoy!

Enjoy your stay, general! Staff


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