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Miniatures Comparisons - Please Post Here

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We are always having discussions about non GW miniatures from various manufacturers around the world. In fact our own Imperial Forge seems to spend most of his free time surfing on our behalf.

Lots of interesting stuff has disappeared into the depths of the back pages of the Electors' Forum, which is a waste.

It has been decided that it would be a useful addition to the forums to have one thread where we can allow members to post up pics of various miniatures for comparison.

The nicest and most helpful way to do this is to show minis from different ranges alongside each other. That allows for a direct view of size, detail and proportion.
For example: A Redoubt and/or Foundry Renaissance Infantry figure alongside a GW Spearman.
Similarly a Foundry Knight alongside a GW Knight.

Please do your best, when posting the images, to make sure that any pics do not affect the width of the whole thread. You can 'test' the appearance with the Preview button.

Please also add comments about your opinions of the models, and post a link to sites if you wish. Location, availability and cost may also be other things you may wish to point out.

Please can we also restrict this to a 'reference thread' and refrain from clogging it up with replies that just say things like 'Nice'

From t'other thread

Here we are - sorry for the blury shot, but there's too many buttons on this damned camera..!

GW Spearmen Vs Redoubt pike

Old Foundry late c17th Halberdier (on a par with Foundry ECW), GW plastic, and Foundry "Mercenary Pikeman"

GW Pistolier Vs Redoubt Cuirasier

Gamezone (GZ) Miniatures

GW plastic halberdier, GZ halberdier on std base, GZ halberdier on GW base.

GW plastic handgunner, GW metal handgunner oop, GZ handgunner on std base, GZ handgunner on GW base.

GW metal pistolier, GW plastic kit bashed pistolier, GZ pistolier.

And front views of the same models.

GW Pirazzo Lost Legion pike, GZ halberdier on std base, GZ halberdier on GW base.

Note on this last pic that the middle GZ halberdier is the same size as the old style GW pike, i.e. 25mm, while the GZ halberdier on the right is more 28mm in size.



Some more comparison pics:

Ludowik of Bogenhafen:
Those Gamezoneminis are the sh*t!  Any way I was looking for some new Helabadiers( no clue how to spell) Since I allready have a unit of Foundry Handgunners, these fighters will make my Bogenhafen army mor unique. . .by the awy Gamezone bretonians seem to by also quite good...
Anyhow, I really like GWminis, but in order to build a unique army, that will be remembered by all enemys, not only because of the beating they got, every one should add at least one or two not GW minitures/ conversions, e.g. champions, generals, mussicians. . .


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