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The Altdorf Guard
« on: May 07, 2013, 06:42:42 PM »
Good evening fellow Generals.

I thought I would start a painting log after actually daubing some mini's. I have so far had a fairly haphazard approach to getting stuff done and have lots of part painted minis in my empire collection. Hopefully this, and some encouragement from you guys will keep the momentum going. :)
Btw: I am basically learning to paint again after a 10ish year break (!)

My target for this month:
 :closed-eyes: Greatsword test model, 4 Greatswords.
 :Ohmy: Halberdier test model, 4 Halbediers
 :biggriin: Steam tank to highlight stage at least.

Base Colours on my Arch-lector
Assemble, base and prime 10 more Halbediers (taking the total to 50)
Assemble, base and prime 2 foot wizards (lore of light and lore of metal completing all the colleges  :eusa_clap:)
Assemble and base 3 thunderwolf cavalry, green stuff gaps and robo parts on wolves.
Clean and base 3 Finecast captains. Prior to probable extensive green stuffing next month.....  :eusa_wall:

I'm going away for 6 days near the end of the month so this might be a tall order.

Ill kick this off with a couple of pics of what I have achieved so far in May:

Sorry for the poor pic quality in advance, the best camera I have is on my iPad..

The Emperor's Fury (newly commissioned for Karl Franz by his economic advisor Ser Ignatio)

I think I picked an ambitious colour scheme here and may yet go over some of the copper pieces on the engine and paint them silver as it looks a little too busy - same with the brass sections on the front wheels.
It took quite a few thin coats to build up the red colour from Khorne red base on the hull and I managed to get some sections to blend ok with a shadow towards the centre of the plates - but then got over-zealous with my layer of evil sunz scarlet and covered over most of it because I was struggling with where to draw the brightest highlights in at the end!

Greatswords Test model (Who will hopefully soon become the first member of the Carrobourg Greatswords)
I am planning on 'outlining' his armour with gold (like in the Empire army book). I want to paint the belt too, to break up the matt black armour plats but I'm not sure what colour, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Again, sorry about the picture quality!

More to come soon (TM)

(edited for clarity)
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Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 07:33:16 PM »
Nice and clean.   :eusa_clap:  Are you going to dip them for shading?
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Re: The Altdorf Guard
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Thank you. Its a start :)

I wasn't planning on dipping them, but It definitely needs shading... I'll see how I get on using the washes (thinner, so as not to make them so shiny this time!)

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Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2013, 02:44:05 AM »
I'm really liking the colors so far.

It's also really good to set yourself a target like that. Makes it a lot easier to get motivated to get painting.

Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2013, 02:59:44 AM »
what colors are you using for a skin tone?

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Re: The Altdorf Guard
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I'll see how I get on using the washes (thinner, so as not to make them so shiny this time!)

It can be the case that a thinner wash is actually shinier than a thicker one; you may be better off with a blast of dulcote or similar.
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Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #6 on: May 08, 2013, 10:05:29 PM »
@ Gankom - Thanks!

@Duke Viktor Black -  I use a grey primer from B&Q called Plasti-Kote, its cheap and if you're careful and lightly 'dust' the mini's, works ok. Its roughly the same colour as celestra grey. I put 2 thin coats of bugman's glow over the grey, followed by 2 thin coats of reikland flesh-shade.

@ Darknight - Thanks for your comment, I decided to give it a whirl and when I finish this guy, i'll try it out (I have 2 cans of Purity seal, hopefully that will work)

So, when I got back from work and saw I had comments  :Ohmy: - I headed straight for my painting desk and got to work!
Here are some pics of how I got on. After cropping the G.sword pic in my previous post on photobucket, it made it look wonky so I left these ones with all their glorious cutting mat background!

Here is a picture of the current state of my Greatsword Test model.
I made a few mistakes doing this (particularly on the brown highlighting) and had to correct my mistakes by washing a mix of a darker shade, medium and water over mistakes. Thin enough the darkest shades still shine through.
Saying that, using a Rhinox hide + Gorthor brown 50/50 layer before the gorthor (or perhaps straight to baneblade brown 'edge highlights') will be much easier when painting ranks. The boots need fixing and a bit on the back of the hat.
I picked out some areas of flesh with another coat of Bugman's. I then proceeded to take ages messing up and 'fixing' the eyes.
I will probably go with evil sunz read highlights on the cloth and will give that a go tomorrow.

Not happy with the base (I should have based him properly first, but instead just used a bit of textured paint..) I decided to fix one of a batch of 100 I made over the christmas holidays that came out a horrid colour (deathclaw brown doesn't look like blackfire earth texture paint!  :eusa_wall: I have know Idea why I was trying to match regular sand to the GW texture paints either!)

Then I stuck a halberdier to it!
Here is a very early WIP of the halberdier. I want to keep the reds dark and muted on the non-gs troops to give the army a 'darker' feel.
Trying to paint the Altdorf Guard out of the Uniforms and Heraldry book I came across a problem, which is the nice black and gold that I want running through my army doesn't work too well on the leather jackets! I will have to find a way to get some gold onto them without it looking strange, but hey.. Reserving the glossy black for the greatswords (and my knights of the blazing sun) I decided to try shading black (!)
I did this by mixing skavenblight dinge and abaddon black (Abaddon Dinge!) I then painted a coat of Nuln oil over the top.
I think this looks ok and will be better when I get to highlighting (and find somewhere to add gold!)

The light has washed a bit of contrast out in these pictures - hopefully some daylight ones when they're done(!)

Once I have the training wheels off, I'll hopefully be able to show some more interesting pictures, so bear (rawr) with me!
Thanks for all your support. 
I appreciate your comments and critiques.

*edit* noticed I missed a tiny patch of abaddon dinge on the halbedier. It isn't the light washing out the contrast, I just hadn't shaded the halberdier yet! Ha.
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The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2013, 10:23:33 AM »
So, it seems like the plan went out of the window yesterday and I went 'freestyling' with hobby projects.
Here is what I managed to achieve... (still figuring out photobucket - it is squishing my pictures!)
Mainly building, basing and a little painting

A little bit o' paint on some more greatswords, plus basing:

Then I finishsed assembling and based these bad boys:

As I looked through the thunderwolf cavalry box to make some wolfygryphs, I got inspired by the base (and the recent lovely arty pieces others have posted!) and decided to replace my old helblasters with new (steriod!) ones.

So here they are, a great cannon and a pair of helblasters!  :icon_twisted: (The helblasters are unattached to allow for swapping with the helstorm)

Great Cannon:

This ones bucket is full of 'coal'

Horse skull!

And a group shot

And a little pic of some crew. There are a couple of bronzino's crew here, I think I have all the variants, perhaps bar the guy with the sword. Unfortunately, I cant seem to find the actual cannon! Maybe it will turn up as I sort through things (its a little like archeology).

Whilst I was rooting around in my bits box I found something I got off Ebay before christmas. This was actually stuck to a war wagon with some fairly wacky conversion efforts involving a lot of green stuff attaching strips of tomato puree tube to hold it to the war wagon.
I have done my best to rescue both bits and with the exception of a chassis for the war wagon could probably assemble both!

A quick question - is this an 'old' steam tank, or an 'old / old' ?

Instead of the 3x Finecast captains I wanted to do this month, I spotted these and thought they need including in the army!
The 'witchhunter' is off of Ebay and will be getting a little lick of paint to bring him inline with my collection. Nice job though!

You might have noticed the wizard. He is a lovely model and an early citadel cast. I'm hoping someone will be able to identify him as the date on the base is pretty rubbed off. I thought it said '87 but had a little look on solo legends and couldn't find it. I'm sure someone (perhaps mr chumleywarner) will be able to help and save me poring through all the catalogues!

Any suggestions on school for him? I was thinking of making him my wizard lord of light.
I figure a cocky looking youngster is a little different to the usual decrepid and hirsute gentleman casting banishment these days!

Now to get these things primed and some paint on!

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Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2013, 11:15:42 PM »
Number 24 (from 1988 catalogue)

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Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #9 on: May 19, 2013, 12:58:55 PM »
Sitting in the garden painting is awesome. That and some inspirational reading on these boards this morning has got me motivtated and I should have something to show this evening  :biggriin:

Now back to the brush..

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Re: The Altdorf Guard
« Reply #10 on: May 21, 2013, 06:09:08 AM »
Can't wait to see more! I love Altdorf. Will the company of honour feature in your army?
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