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Profiles for Forgeworld Units?


Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody could help me? I'm trying to track down the profiles for some of the FW sets which I believe were released as part of the Tamurkhan expansion?

I'm putting together an army list (more to organise my thoughts than take them into battle!) and I am having a hard time finding the stats for the following guys;

- Manann's Blades incl. command & Edvard Van Der Kraal
- Nuln Ironsides incl. command & Jubal Falk
- Lietpold the Black

I think these were available to download as PDF when they were still current but I can't seem to find copies online or links to them anywhere?

Can anybody help on this?

*Edit* - I found this thread just now but again it only seems to direct to what are now dead links to the PDF's;

Looking at the file names I also wonder if the original PDF profiles had separate files for the units and their character commanders therefore I've added these to the list above.


Didn't know they had separate PDFs.  Suspect they could be used as regular swordsmen, handgunners, and a captain or a general.


--- Quote from: GamesPoet on June 29, 2020, 11:00:53 AM ---Didn't know they ahd separate PDFs.  Suspect they could be used as regular swordsmen, handgunners, and a captain or a general.

--- End quote ---

Yeah it looks like they had individual PDF downloads for the units - whether or not Van Der Kraal and Jubal Falk had their own summaries to download separately or were included in the unit profile I don't know.  :?

I know they are outdated now and to be honest I don't ever intend to field my army on the tabletop anyway, but I like to try and keep my collection (and subsequent inventory/army list) faithful to lore and available resource materials where I can so would really like to hunt down the original GW produced profiles. They will likely contain little tidbits as well referencing appearance and colours etc. so I find these bits useful too.

As they say - every little helps!

Again, if anybody can help direct me to a live link or can supply the PDFs direct that would be most appreciated.


Ulrics Beard!:
Ahem, I believe I have both of these things if you want them.  Shoot me an email at and we can figure out a way for you to also acquire them.   :::cheers:::


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