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2400 tomb kings army project


For this list I am running
Tomb King on Kmerian warsphinx with blade of antthral
Herald of Nekaph with amulet of neru
Liche priest of nehekara level two with collar of sepesh
Tomb prince halberd and shield
35x tomb guard halberd and shield full command and magic banner all heros imbedded in unit
40x skeleton legionnaire with swords full command and light armour
2 units of 10 archers with musician and champion
3 skeleton chariots full command
1 screaming skull catapult with upgrade
6 usabti greatbows
1 tomb scriopion

My idea is a ranged list with huge hordes and sphinx to hold back

Wondering which edition of rules is being used.

8th edition specifically armies project rulebook


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