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Feedback appreciated for my 2000 pt (6th ed)

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Joe Red Teeth:
Hi, I'd like to try some ogres in my list and that required a little shuffle. I have all the models listed, although I could buy a 5th ogre if I dropped some spearmen (but I like my big block of spearmen).

Heroes and lack of Lord. I normally take a Wizard Lord, Is taking two lvl 2 wizards ok instead? I use 'Lore of the Heavens' because of the rerolls. I use a a Captain because when I go Elector Count on Pegasus or Griffon, they always die quick.

I'm not a fan of cannons or volley guns, because I'm cursed (one roll of artillery dice is my limit, so Mortar is fine).

EDIT: I have reworked this list a few posts down  :smile2:


LvL 2 Wizard
Warhorse, Barding, 'Armour of Tarnus'

LvL 2 Wizard
On foot, no items, joins the Greatswords.

Pegasus, Full Plate, Shield, Great Weapon, 'The White Cloak'


10 Knights of the White Wolf
Champion, Standard, Knights of the inner circle (+1s)

5 Knights Panther
Champion, Standard

25 Spearmen
Champion, Standard, Musician, Shields

10 Handgunners

10 Handgunners


11 Greatswords (Wizard on foot joins these)
Champion, Standard
8 Swordsmen Detachment.

Mortar Team

5 Pistoliers
Champion with Repeater Pistol

5 Pistoliers
Champion with Repeater Pistol


Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres (Dog of War)
4x Ogres
Champion, Standard, Musician.

I'm not familiar with the point amounts any more because I haven't played 6th in quite awhile.  However, I'd consider having a cannon or two, perhaps things like dropping the larger Knights down to 5 figures, removing a pistolier unit, maybe even the mortar, all depending on how the point totals look.

It seems like a decent list you've got going there, and welcome to Warhammer-Empire! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
For some reason, my previous post disappeared. So, here it it is again (as far as I can remember):


Some incoherent remarks:

- Having two lvl 2 Wizards is fine, but I am not a fan of the Armour of Tarnus. I always took the Rod of Power and a Dispel Scroll. For self-protection in CC, you could consider the Speculum.

- For points elsewhere, consider dropping the champions in the units of Knights. In the smaller unit. you might drop the Standard too for a Musician.

-  The 11 model units of Greatswords can only have a 6 model Detachment.

- The Mortar is good, but without at least one cannon, the Empire is vulnerable against big nasties.

To add: Elector Counts should never be on a Pegasus or Griffon, but in a unit. You take him for Ld9 and the Magic (invariably Griffon) Banner for a State Troop unit. In a unit, with shield, Dawn Armour & the Holy Relic, he is almost indestructible.

The role of the Captain seems already covered by the Pistoliers.

I concur with Fidelis on the wizards forgoing the Tarnus Armour, and going with Rod of Power and Dispel scroll instead.  His idea on the standard being dropped for a musician is also good.  And I'd forgotten about the greatswords only being able to have a detachment half the size of the parent unit, so a good catch on that one, too. :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

Joe Red Teeth:
Why don't you like Armour of Tarnus? is it because it uses up too much of the magic item point allowance for the character?

Will modify the Knights Panther unit so they have a musician instead of champion and standard. I think I have the parts to make a musician.

--- Quote from: Fidelis von Sigmaringen on October 02, 2022, 10:46:06 PM ----  The 11 model units of Greatswords can only have a 6 model Detachment.

--- End quote ---
ugh. I can't believe I overlooked that. thank you. Will have the 8 join the spearmen.


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