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Keeping it constructive. A guide to army list rating.

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--- Quote from: rufus sparkfire ---Very good indeed, but for the love of Holy Sigmar (whose Scripture is the Dictionary of the People) use a spellchecker/proofreader!

I mean really, 'genital does'?  :shock:

Once the spelling is cleared up, I think this would indeed make a good sticky for the parade ground.
--- End quote ---

both genital and does are spelled corectly. I did use a spell checker. :bonk:
 By proofreader do you mean a type of program or a human. Further more I stand by my subconsious sugestion. Nothing removes the desire to bring the imperial banner like a good genital does.  :wink:

rufus sparkfire:
I meant an actual human. I can see several other correctly-spelt but contextually-wrong words. A couple at least. Tell you what, I'll fix those for you and then glue this thread to the parade ground.

Another nice article Hedgy :clap:

That's the problem with spell checkers sometimes - they let you use a valid word with the wrong meaning.

However I see it's been cleaned up, (I even did a few bits myself, and if you like I'll have a go at your other one for you?

I only hope that it's accolade as a 'sticky' does not proportionately decrease its 'reads'.

Nice work!

Proofread it and it can get put up, no?

And no need to get pre-emptively defensive  :-P

Another Great Article, sorry about the other one but some of the comments were really getting out of hand.

This one is a good general guide to commenting and it was a great idea to write it.


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