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First off, find the thread pertaining to your region - be it the US, UK, Germany or anywhere else.  Your regional commander should have a summary of instructions there.  If you are unclear on something, find out who your regional commanders are and send them a private message or post it in the particular thread for your region.

Fluff about your army and it's battles can be written and submitted to your regional commanders or posted in the related threads or (most importantly) through the Nemesis Crown website along with your battle reports/army information - see here http://www.warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=16892.0.

We have ongoing fluff agreements with the Orc and Goblin online community and others, see your regional commanders for details or check out the posts in this here forum!

Our board Moderator is Jerok.  He is also Supreme Commander for all Imperial Forces for the Campaign, second only to the Emperor himself.  All members of Warhammer-Empire.com's battle force are know as part of "Helstrom's 4th Army".  Make sure that when you register on the Nemesis Crown website you label your army as part of "Helstrom's 4th".

Alliances at this point are.......!

We are officially and fully allied with Bretonnia and it's online community in this Campaign.  May this lead to stronger ties between our two nations and progressive social change to both countries!  For the Lady and for Sigmar!
Both Empire and Bretonnian armies wish to claim Marienburg, and if either side captures it, it shall be partitioned evenly between the Empire and Bretonnia.

We are allied with many players who use Halflings.  Halflings are an important part of the Empire and have been included in our player-written fluff in this Campaign.  Part of the reason for this is to show GW we want our Halflings back in the next Empire army book or in White Dwarf.  The same applies to Imperial Dwarfs.

Wood Elves seem to be neutral, they are not really allied with anyone at all.  But we have been working hard on positive relations with them, so will shall see!

Dwarfs, Ogres, Lizardmen and High Elves make a big opposition block.  We due have "fluff alliances" with them, which means no fluff about us fighting will be submitted to GW by either side.  It is our goal to keep solid and good diplomatic relations with our longstanding allies.  However, the Lizardmen online community has agreed to aid us in fighting against Settra's naval assault on Marienburg!  So, fluff will reflect this and battle reports also.  Their intervention may save us from destruction!

A big shout out to the Ogre online community.  Although allied against us they have been wonderful in regards to writing fluff, staying in character and providing ideas to advance the plot.  :icon_mrgreen:

We are not, nor will ever be, allied with any of the Evil races.  This includes Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, Chaos Hordes, Beastmen, Chaos Dwarfs, Skaven and Chaos Elves. 

While Orcs and Goblins are not considered "Evil" per say, we naturally are not allied with them but we do have a a great relationship with Da Warpath greenskin online community.  We are writing great fluff with them - see relavant posts or your regional commanders for the details. 

We have gotten some Dogs Of War mercenary armies to join us in our fight!

Although we have been unable to locate full-on Kislev players or a Kislevite online community, Kislev is always our staunch ally.  They are one of the greatest of nations!  Include them in your fluff however you see fit - they are truly a mighty nation of Good and one of our most important allies.  Keep in mind, however, they are still heavily rebuilding after the Storm Of Chaos.

Now, as for the fate of the Crown itself.
Well, it has been proposed a "Council Of The Wise" commence once the Crown is captured to decide upon the best way to destroy it.  This Council will compose all the Good races - The kingdoms of the Empire and Bretonnia, the Dwarfs, High Elves, Lizardmen, the Wood Elves Of Athel Loren and also the Ogres (they have earned a spot!).*

Suggestions on how to do away with the Nemesis Crown so far are...
(some of these ideas are also put forward by GW in the Nemesis Crown Campaign Booklet)

1.  Give it to the Lizardmen for destruction.  The power of all the 2nd Generation Slann is enough to destroy it.  This was proposed by the Lizardmen and myself - but I have settled on a different option...keep reading.

2.  Give it to the Dwarf Runelords for disposal or to lock it away forever in Dwarven vaults.  Obviously, suggested by the Dwarfs.

3.  Give it to the Fey Enchantress for her to dispose of it as she sees fit.  Proposed by Bretonnia.

4.  Give it to the Empire.  One of our Magic Orders, be it Gold, Light or some other may be able to destroy the Crown through sorcery.  We may also either be able to smash it with a Runefang or Ghal Maraz - seeing as how these weapons were also made by Alaric The Mad.  We may also be able to lock the Crown away in the Imperial vaults or the Vaults of the Light College.  Ideas circulating our own community.

5.  Just heave the thing into the Great Maw.  This was suggested and by the Ogres themselves.  An excellent idea, and one I personally endorse.  The Ogres really don't care what this will do to the Maw.  Heheh.

6.  Give it to the High Elves for destruction through their Magics or for safe keeping.

!.  The Nemesis Crown must be kept safe from all Evil races of Chaos and also the Orcs and Goblins.  They must not be allowed to capture it!

It should be noted not all of these methods may be enough to destroy or seal away the Crown.  However, all have merit and some, like the Slann destroying it, are guaranteed to work.  Also, the Wood Elves have made clear that there is no way the Nemesis Crown will be allowed inside Athel Loren.  It is a concern that the Crown, being made of pure Warpstone, will corrupt or harm the Forest and/or draw the blighting forces of Chaos towards it.

*Our Campaign fluff states that The Emperor wants to use the Crown for good if it is found to be safe and not wholly Evil.  It is a BIG CHUNK OF WARPSTONE.  IT IS FREAKIN' EVIL.  So, there is no way that Karl-Franz will use it, wear it or otherwise not wish for it to be safely disposed of.  There is no way our scholars will find it anything other than the horrible Chaos trinket it is.  So, we are still after the Crown for the Emperor.  But keep in mind, if we do capture it, it will be deemed unsafe and Karl-Franz himself will order it's destruction or for it to be sealed away forever.

Note for MOD!  Jerok, if this is to your liking, would you please Sticky this up at the top?
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I thought this would be the best place to put this info.  2:16 Eastern US time (14:16) we are currently tied for first place with the Dwarfs and Dark Elves!  Take the momentum forward guys, we can take them!
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Umm so I've massacred brets 6 some times 8/

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Umm so I've massacred brets 6 some times 8/

That's fine.  Just don't write any fluff about it. :wink:
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