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Greetings-greetings from Egondorf
« on: July 16, 2007, 05:13:27 PM »
Greetings, i am Mebob from the Underempire and my Clan (Clan Notch) led by the 4-armed Chieftain Flintch Slaughterhide has been tasked in mainting pressure upon Egonsdorf by leading the attack on Egonsdorf by the killing key figures and armies who are against Karl Franz claiming the crown. (The task set by Scarfester-a council of thirteen member in UE)

Throughout the campaign Flintch will be leading and co-ordinating Clans in attacking, ambushing and assassinating anyone who is trying to stop Karl Franz claiming the crown, ultimately leading to the assassination (or atleast attempted assassination if it doesnt go well) of Witch Hunter Walter Von Khan in Egonsdorf.

So what i am asking for in this post is fluff recognition of my attempts, so if any of you are writing about Egonsdorf, feel free to write about Clan Notch and their plans (but contact me about it first)

I have already wrote around 6 chapters of the fluff here incase any of you are interested in reading it.

Thanks, Mebob
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Re: Greetings-greetings from Egondorf
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2007, 06:42:45 PM »
So the new Imperial warmachine...I'm liking this "Giant Mouse-trap" idea more and more...

Oh, whoops, wrong thread...  :blush:

Just kidding, Mebob.  Thanks to the Underempire for finally sending somebody over...we keep hearing that you're "helping" us but nobody's really come out and said it.  I can't speak for the Barren Hills, but I can say that the rats have aided my army up in the Talabec Borders more than once (at least in the battle report that GW's gotten). 

Are you aware of the Hunters of Sigmar?  They're a knightly order that W-E has been pushing through the campaign.  It would be much appreciated if the folks over at Underempire would make mention of the Hunters in their fluff.  There's a thread here on W-E regarding them (further down, I'm sure) so you have some idea of what you're dealing with.  They're not specifically anti-rat or anything, but we're just trying to get some real recognition for an Order that has committed its full strength to the current conflict.

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Re: Greetings-greetings from Egondorf
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IOkay i've read the topic concerning the hunters of Sigmar, and also i've heard on the UE that they are Anti-Nemesis crown (could someone confirm that for me)

I'll probaly include the hunters of Sigmar sometime in the near future in my fluff to help you raise their awareness.(especially if they are anti-crown)
And anyone who helps raise awareness of Clan Notch's efforts will be greatly aprecieted :)

Anywho, i tihnk a short bit of background will help anyone considering writing about them:

Clan Notch was a fairly small Warlod Clan based in Norsca, relying heavily on its trade of looted weapons and slaves. Upon hearing about the war that would rage for the warpstone-crown the Clan's warlord, Notch Scratchpaw sent his trusted Champion Flintch Slaughterhide to lead the expeditionary force south. Flintch is a malicious selserving Skaven, picked out from his litter due to having 4 arms, Flintch wields a looted chaos and empire shield to battle along with two rustic swords.

Under the command of Flintch slaughterhide, the expeditionary force set up camp in the Barren Hills, slaves worked restlessly to fortify the area and expanding it beneath the ground with a series of tunnels that eventually broke into the man-things sewersystems, allowing Clan Notch to attack from anywhere the sewers led. Shortly upon his arrival Flintch was set a series of tasks by the council, making him unable to pursue his own agendas. Upon completing the tasks the chieftian was rewarded with the troops of other, less obedient Clans and many slaves.

Flintch was then given command of the attack upon Egondorf were he was to slaughter anyone working against the man-things cliaming the crown

Okay, not my best peice (created it in a rush :p )but that covers it, and in short:
Flintch sent to Barren hills, set up fortified camp, completed task set by council, has been given control over other Clans and tasked to ensure that the man-things gain the crown by killing those preaching against it.

The story so far here

So if anyones fighting Skaven in or near Egonsdorf, or writing about it feel free to contact me :)
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Re: Greetings-greetings from Egondorf
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2007, 08:15:49 AM »
Hi Mebob

Welcome to the site. I like your thinking initially looking like you are supporting KF only to ensure he becomes a warpstone driven lunatic, how very skaven.

To clarify the Hunters Of Sigmar do not have any strong feelings either way towards the crown, they are soldiers who will follow orders to fight for any purpose. They are not the usual shiny armour and damsel in distress kind of knights, they are dirty hard nosed warriors whose training specialises in clearing beasts out of forests and taints wherever they may be (sadly for getting the fluff agreement that would include large rats). Any mentions you could give would be helpful.

Also for all your clans fighting in Egon(s)dorf if you were able to mention how many of the citizens captured by the druchii are starting to return with the victorious warbands returning to Egondorf. The whole capture of civilians from Egondorf is a rediculous plot device and not bourne out by any of the results.

If you mention these things I am sure we could mention the sightings of large rat like shadows whenever we are meeting von Khan.
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Re: Greetings-greetings from Egondorf
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If you mention these things I am sure we could mention the sightings of large rat like shadows whenever we are meeting von Khan.

I have finished the next section of the fluff here and i have breifly mentioned the Hunters of Sigmar in there as you requested (although they will be mentioned in more detial in the next 1-2 posts).

If you could mentioned key preiests, Templars and man-things against the crown at Egonsdorf being Assassinated-or atleast an attempted assasination (By Skaven ofcourse :) ) or skaven sabataging things in your fluff, then it would be much aprecieted.
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