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Dwarf Grudge Week 5- You guys feel up to it?
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The Council chamber is filled to the brim with many dwarven kings, thanes, generals, and their personal guards, scribes, and their own advisers all gathered around a massive table. Several Imperial emissaries, Bretonnian High Born Nobles, High and Wood Elven messengers, and other gathered commanders from foreign forces sit in improvised chairs. This is the iron walled command tent of King Logan Proudfist Damminsson, who by orders from Lord Kalin Gordum, had everyone gathered here. But King Logan Himself had yet to appear.

The air was beginning to fill with tension and animosity, as the gathered general became frustrated with the wait. Then he entered, his Blue Gromril armour shinning with a soft white light. His beard was braided in full combat style. His personal mentor The Wanderer followed behind, along with Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Death-hand Logansson, the Prince of Karaz Stromgorl whos slayer style appearance had been forgotten, and was dressed in full regal combat Gromthiul Dreng robes. The next two who entered were Kugru Kazak Rik Varin Icebeard, the prophet of Harek the Deathbringer, The Elder Rune Lord Morgrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson, and finally The Dual Thanes of Kaza-Ong-Varr Oin and Gurini. The group stood at the head of the table as King Logan offered his seat to the Wanderer, who painfully sat in the regal throne. Logan then grabbed a pint of ale and mounted the massive table, taking a huge swig of the black beer.

"I must apologize for my tardiness, I had to entertain some accursed Chaos Warriors at the Stone of Blood. Thank you all for coming, thank you all for lending me your ears, I salute you. Here we are gathered, within the twilight dawning of a new age, an age we can forge together, or falter in the making by standing apart. We stand here together but separated. Why My brothers, why must we stand separated, why must we be massively blinded by our own ambitions, our own greed, our own selfishness, for if we were to only unite, if we were to stand shoulder to shoulder together, we could rid this world of the dark things, the things that threaten our children, our wives, our ancestors, our homes. If we could fight together, putting aside our fears of unity, our ancient grudges, our painful dislike for each other, we could drive the forces of the blackest hells out of this world, we could put flight our wicked foes as we did long ago when the human Empire wasn't even thought of, we could deal them such a blow that they will never again harm the lives of any innocent human, dwarf, elf, or animal ever again. If we stand now, with one goal, one purpose, to find the crown, to rid it from this world, so that no one can ever wield its vile power then we have taken that one step, that one victory that may seem small but is of the grandest of all. Heed me call, heed my offer, heed my words, and trust me that by my beard, by my own life I will stand with you, without selfishness, without greed, with my purest heart, I will stand with you, it is up to you to choose to stand with me, so that we can take that step to defeat evil forever,"

King Logan drew his axe, the runes upon it blade shone with a holy glow. He gently ran his hand along the haft, and the blade, each rune lit up even more, illuminating the room with the light of the noon sun. Ever so gently laid it upon the table. "I lay my great great great grandfathers axe here, in my gracious sign of peace and truce, I ask that you leave your weapons here. Do not worry for they will be guarded by Twenty of my best warriors, Guthur Kazak Rik, Balin Whitebeard, one of the highest ranking Gromthiul Dreng warriors, and my personal friend. Also Rune Lord Morgrim will be placing a rune seal upon the tent and the ground itself to prevent any foul play. By noon I must have your decisions."

And with that King Logan dismounted the table and turned and left the tent followed by his son, mentor, and closest generals. And so the decision was left to the gathered generals.


I have listened to the debate. It has bee a good one. However, it is now Thursday, and we need to present a unified front. Gor this week, I am recommending a united forces of light against the forces of evil. I will go to th other forums, and present the same to the empire, Bretonnians, and Wood Elves as well as our allies.

Your targets in order are:
1) Vampires - we will try to get them out of the top 5
1a) Orcs - one of them has the crown
2 Skaven - It is too late in the campaign for them to have a real impact on us. However, an empire character may catch a poison blade while hanging out in the forest
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Re: Dwarf Grudge Week 5- You guys feel up to it?
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I think it's a good idea. 

As I posted on Bugman's, I think it's also a good idea for us to back off the crown.  Write in fluff what Clausewitz mentioned about prayer vigils for Karl Franz and his clarity.  Forgo the obsession with the crown and come together with the Dwarfs like we have always done.  Push that hard in the fluff so that GW won't have a choice but to listen to it.
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