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"Ordinary folks shouldn't be our enemies in this city, should they?" Hans asks, somewhat surprised at the group's reticence. "Which other way would we go?"
Did you plan an unarmoured range as well?

Maybe it would make sense to have one box named "armoured elven infantry" and another named "unarmoured elven infantry" (or something of the sort). Let both boxes have spear arms, bow arms, and bows in sheaths (to make Seaguard), and just have the torsos and legs of the boxes be different.
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: Dark Stars Game thread IC
« Last post by Gankom on Today at 06:53:32 PM »
"Damn." Desmond curses, tossing an old shirt on the table. "We've got spies and death cults on our ship, and we're trying to go off on a grand space adventure."

He sighs and leans back. "Perhaps we need more agents among the lower crews. Maybe I should stop in with our in training courtiers and see if someone wants a job. Bah, they need more training first. We don't even know if their loyal yet."

Desmond will pull out his datapad and do a few searches, trying to see what he can find out both about this possible enemy organisation and to send some messages to his various agents and workers. See if anything new has cropped up, or any new leads. He'll also contact Malik and arrange to send them more gear and supplies from the armory. Not only did they help out, but he wants to make sure they stay loyal to the captain. Keeping in contact seems like a good idea.

(I'm assuming I can do such things from my datapad of course. If not he'll wander over to a terminal but will try not to do to much by public coms.)
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: Dark Stars OOC (RT RPG)
« Last post by Gankom on Today at 06:48:34 PM »
Sorry lads, been a bit busy both in real life and other forums. I'll post now!
I want minotaurs!!
The Brush and Palette / Re: Metal Knightly Orders conversions
« Last post by steveb on Today at 06:15:59 PM »
I hate to see old classics chopped up, but I think that your best bet is to take the grand master remove his hammer, give him a lesser hammer and make him your musician as he is carrying a horn already, for a normal hammer use one from a normal trooper, give the normal trooper the original grandmaster hammer, put him on the plastic generals horse, and give him a ferocious mane of hair using green stuff, possibly incorporate an old plastic wolf's head and some wolf tails from 40K space marines (wolf chapter has lots of bits)to class up his cape and all.  whatever you do I am sure it will look amazing.  steveb
The Brush and Palette / Re: Metal Knightly Orders conversions
« Last post by Naitsabes on Today at 06:05:33 PM »
I would advise against replacing entire heads for plastic, I think the plastic ones are noticeably bigger. But, you could replace the helmet crests with plastic bits. That should look quite good and make them more diverse.

For champion/musician I don't have an ingenious idea. Replacing the lance with a sword is pretty straightforward...and lame. You can bend the metal arms quite a bit to change the angle of the sword blade into something less static. The musician could also get a sword and his trumpet could be strapped on somewhere else?

The other possibility is using the metal legs but regular plastic knight torso+arms+head. that makes for a lot easier conversions on the plastic parts but, the two won't tower over their peers.
The Count's Tavern / Re: The Minotaurs: End Times?... or Good Times?!
« Last post by scrubber on Today at 06:02:44 PM »
I may just have a copy of one of the pictures.

The Brush and Palette / Metal Knightly Orders conversions
« Last post by Drakenhof on Today at 05:36:46 PM »
Hi folks,

My Empire army is reaching the last stage of preparation in the march to the upcoming Gates of Kislev battle (take a look at the topic in this very forum). While I am finishing some heroes, I have in the desk 3 Knightly Order units to assemble and paint: Knights Panther, Knights of the Blazing Sun and Knights of the White Wolf.

I actually have the models, the matter is that I want to to transform two metal knights to Champion (Master) and Musician (I do not know the reason, but the Perry Twins did just the Grand Master, the Standard Bearer and trooper models for each unit :icon_confused:). Also I'm thinking about swap some heads of the Panthers and Blazing Suns with the "newest" version of them (plastic).

Any of you have tried to convert these metal models or have any idea on how to do so? I'm a bit lack of inspiration, and I just consider to use the plastic Empire Knights sprue to add a trumpet to a tropper and a sword to the Master, but I do not know how to make a substantive difference between White Wolves Master and the rest of them, for instance (can't use the Grand Master who will play as himself...).

Here are two catalogs pics (source: Solegends) to get an idea of the models I'm talking about (unfortunately no Reiksguard unit this time). Thanks a lot! :biggriin:

The Count's Tavern / Re: Magic the gathering...gathering thread
« Last post by Finlay on Today at 05:18:25 PM »
I'll have to check those too, they shifted any pricing?
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