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The Brush and Palette / Re: Chumley Warner's Empire. Flying Death !
« Last post by GamesPoet on Today at 11:34:01 AM »
He and the bird mean business!

Wondering how you painted the white feathers?

No that would not solve it either as since Empire Total War the campaign map cannot be modded.
Lovely work, but I can't imagine that the lord on his griffon is very stable. Seems like he will tip over easily?
The Brush and Palette / Re: Pleasant Surprise 2017
« Last post by Novogord on Today at 08:50:32 AM »
The figures I used are from West Wind Dwarf wars human ranger. More specific: Armed Nordvolk Villagers.
Ok so 1st game 8K vs Warriors of Chaos, my Wood Elves got decimated by lucky Chaos cannon rolls!

I need a counter , the Iron Curse Icon will give a -1 to hit for my Eternal Guard, but also I'm bring an Elven Prince with a magic Sword, Giant or Ogre Sword, + 3 Strength, lol , So he flies in with St7 on the flank , and eats anything ...

I modded his arm for a bow also

The Brush and Palette / Re: Pandemonium Multi-PLog (Hobbits)
« Last post by GamesPoet on Today at 07:33:29 AM »
I like the humans, too!
The Brush and Palette / Re: The Leesburg Garrison
« Last post by RE.Lee on Today at 06:51:04 AM »
There's going to be several heavy hitters in the final battle and assassinating enemy generals is one of the objectives so I'm afraid running away is simply not an option  :happy:

Anyway, Alderfen/Heffengen is up next - to be played tomorrow.

Ar-Ulric/Changeling did its thing and the Auric Bastion is breached. As the Chaos Horde pours through wizards on both sides start performing rituals to help/stop rebuilding the great defensive line...

4k of Legion of Chaos will face-off against 2k of Empire and 2k of Vampire Counts.
In opposite corners there will be impassable hills/ritual sites with T6 , a 4+ ward save and an unlimited number of wounds (the acolytes just keep arriving). Whenever the site will take 1+ wounds the attacking unit will suffer D6 S6 hits (distributed as per shooting). Whoever causes the most damage to the enemy site will be victorious!

I was toying with an asymmetrical scenarios, but couldn't balance it out, so went for a one with same objectives on both sides. I also considered destroyable objectives (we did that for Battle at 9 Daemons), but at 4k I was afraid a single powerful combo might end the battle too early. The final result seems like a fun battle with some defensive and offensive moves needed to win.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Pandemonium Multi-PLog (Hobbits)
« Last post by ZeroTwentythree on Today at 03:54:09 AM »

Had to head out of town for a most of the week on short notice. Had a miserable time in Texas. Got home and had a busy weekend. But I did rush a few minis through...

In the center is the canine mascot for the Boar Cleavers (first two figures from last week are flanking him/her -- I think I need to come up with a name!)

On the ends are a couple of test figures for an upcoming unit (or two) of human halberdiers.

There will be even more humans to come, for the Jackrabbit Trading Company! Including archers. I've got this notion that the humans stuck with archery, while the hobbits, recognizing the limits of their pull strength and stature, switched to crossbows. (In case you're wondering about the odd reversal of fantasy stereotypes.)

When hobbits settled in the Little Country, there were already humans living there. The newcomers formed their own communities, as well as joining existing communities of the "tall folk." For the most part, the humans of the region found that they had more in common with the "little folk" than they had with their nominal governors bustling Marienburg, nor their neighbors in Bretonnia & the Empire, and the region has benefited.

When Nob Scrobbleton formed his Jackrabbit Trading Company, he recruited across the region. The Company is comprised of almost as many humans as hobbits (and even a handful of dwarfs!)

I believe the figure to the left is from a a Grenadier "Fighting Men" pack (now sold by Mirliton), and the gent on the right is from Front Rank. As previously mentioned, the hobbits are from Westfalia, and the dog has been confirmed as a (former) Mega Mini figure, now sold by Turnkey Miniatures.

Whoops! I just realized I forgot to go back and highlight the human's halberd heads! Guess I will go do that momentarily...
The Electors' Forum / Re: New to the forums and Warhammer 8th/fantasy
« Last post by Warlord on Today at 02:35:27 AM »
Welcome! Yes indeed, the background of WH fantasy is very rich.
People decide on province based on a number of factors. First things first, all provinces can have any unit - don't let people tell you otherwise, however you can decide to go for a more typical army province army vs a fully decked out one. That can limit your unit choices, however also gives great modelling and theming opportunities.

For example, these are some typical attributes of the various cities and provinces:
Stirland - a bit poorer and rundown
Hochland - forest dwellers mainly
Middenheim / Middenland - wolf themes
Nuln - a bit more blackpowder
And so on.

You can also read 'A is for Altdorf' which gives a decent rundown, and look at the Introduction board which has various threads about the players who play each province.

If you want to paint purely on aesthetic and colour combinations, that's fine too. There generally is a colour combination for any occasion.

Black and Yellow is very striking, and allows some interesting armour colouring too with black lacquered armour and gold trim. Averland is a solid choice.

Grey and White for wissenland breaks up the pure white from Reikland. Alternatively you can go mainly White with Reikland, and scatter the odd Altdorf unit it too.

I would suggest browsing the B&P for colour schemes, however since the photobucket troubles you may not be able to find everything you are after.

Anyway, welcome again!
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