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Best zombies I have ever seen. That one with just the spine sticking up made me laugh.
That necromancer is turning out terrific.
Well, thank you for the advice!
I was still wondering about bits to use, and since my works are divided on various phases, wasn't thinking about how 6th ed. pieces would fit.
I'll see how to solve this issue but your suggestion may be the one I'll go for  :happy:
Nice!  :happy:

I love the zombies the most, and both the crawling one and the walking legs are amongst my favourites (which may sound a bit stupid, considering it's a group of seven)
The Brush and Palette / Re: Sharkbelly's Projects
« Last post by Artobans Ghost on Today at 02:05:48 AM »
I may have asked this before but what game will be played with these guys and I know you have a megaton pile of models, would it be possible to get a group shot?  That may indeed be asking a bit much.
US WD 302. I should have it in my greedy little hands by March freakin 27 - April bloody 7 😸. Yay!!
At that point Iíll find out I remembered everything wrong and all can throw tomatoes ☠️

Well, at first, to everybody: Thank You!  :happy:
I wasn't even sure about starting this topic in the first place, and I'm glad so many of you are finding this interesting enought not just to read, but even to answer  :icon_wink:

You're totally right about both points.

About bits, I have to say I emptied all my reserves and need to find some more heads and shileds for a couple of side project. Having a lot of troubles about this (sadly). Maybe I have managed to find a couple guys who builted their Knights either as Panthers or White Wolf templars, and should have both spare heads and shields. But I'm still waiting for their answer.
In the meantime, I have some projects in standby.
I have to say this is one of the two Imperial guard units I managed to built up this way, so I think I'll be ok for a while.
I've seen yours, by the way, and really appriciated your work. And you're right, they represent well a full plate armoured unit, while mine aren't properly (especially the last couple ranks)

About plumes, I actually quite like them even if they're a bit bland. But I wanted to try something with GW washes soon.
Same for the yellow ones you'll see on other unit.
My main problem is that I almost always move miniatures taking them by their bases, but when I don't I grab them by their heads instead. So, here, by the plumes themselves. And I found out GW washes make bad reactions with my fingers sweat, unfortunately. They tend to dirt and become glossy even after months I painted them. And strangely even if I give a hand of seal.
So, I'll have to see what to do.

I ensure you these photos are truly disappointing once you try to zoom them.
Lights are almost always wrong, and sometimes the subject is out of focus too... One of my best friends is a professiona photographer, and sometimes he screams in pain when I show him my pics (of course I'm a little exagerating here  :engel: )

We're both infantry fans  :biggriin:
Maybe I'll try to get some more pics of single models rather than whole units.
Just to give you a little spoilers, I changed heads and add details on something as 42-43 of my 50 men unit of spearmen.
Only regret I have is that I should have cut away and switch some plumes in order to have different helms under them. The way I did it make all the heads rank under 5 categories only (helm 1-2-3-4 and no helm)  :unsure:


Me too. They were truly one of the best pages of those books. Dark Elves had something similar, with a full page on armour and harness of a Dread Elf lord on CoK, but as far as I remember no other army had and that is a shame.
Even if there were some truly inspiring books. I'll always have in my heart the Vampire one, with the two armylist pages with white artworks and writings on a black background... That book was a masterpiece.
In my collection I have every Armybook from 5th to 8th (bought them at every change of edition from non-collectors), but 6th are the ones I love the most.


So, today my army went on the battlefield to meet an Orc Waaagh menacing my lands.
I scrambled all the men I could find and marched to war.
Unsurprisingly (see later) it was a close defeat for the empire loyalists, with the Count and his Lieutenant heavily wounded and all the Guards dead to make him retreat safely.  :dry:

Here's a picture of the army I brought:

It was a Campaign match - 3500 points full paint models only.
I painted 50 spearmen for 1.3.4 and built them to fit in horde formation, but then they nerfed both horde and spear. Now I'd play 40 to 50 halberds on 5 to 8 wide ranks. If only I had them painted.
Also, I haven't still finished my 15 men unit of crossbow, nor I even have started my Rocketeers.

All my units performed well but I was facing an opponent known for his high throws (saved 5 wounds out of 6, on just rolls of 6s, on a goblin wolves unit) and with such a random list I'm still unaware on how I didn't badly loose.
He brought on the field amongst the rest two Pump wagons, a Giant with demolition ball, two Squig Manglers, a Green idol, a Doomdiver, a Rock thrower and a ballista.
My men (and my Steamtank) were just dead flesh.

Anyway the best of the show was indeed Maggie (as always)  :ph34r:
She cooked alive 5 Goblins and their fellow wolves, then smashed into 15 Black orcs tearing all of them apart (even if it took some time), and in the end even brought down the Green idol.
Ahhh, my sweatheart  :blush:

(here a picture of her just because)

And next, some Spears!
Or maybe the Archers.
I still don't know (duh!)...
The Electors' Forum / Re: Army of the Devoted - old white dwarf issue
« Last post by Brad on Today at 01:35:28 AM »
Oz WD 304 (April 2005) has an article entitled The Sigmarites, which is a short fluff-piece with very little in the way of photography, none of which includes a STank.  There's nothing even remotely related to Sigmarites within a couple of months either side.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Sharkbelly's Projects
« Last post by Sharkbelly on Today at 01:17:09 AM »
So this fellow is just about finished.

Thatís quite the project. The tank I remember was a brownish colour with the books and sigils very much like that. I seemto remember a Penant on crossed sticks flying off it as well. The luminaries hadnít been brought out atthat time either. But thatís a great thread.

Edit: just realized that has the same penant as well. Really nice. That is about 2015 date. Iím thinking  2005-6
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