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Woo they look awesome! I really have to take some time and learn to magnetize stuff. It looks so easy and helpful.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Stan Lee Passed Away ...
« Last post by zak on Today at 01:59:12 AM »
WOW, what a life he has had, especially to his fans he was quiet the guy, thank you Stan ..Excelsior!!!! 
9th AGE / Re: Konrad's attempts at playing shooty counterpunch TVI [T9A]
« Last post by Konrad von Richtmark on November 12, 2018, 10:28:35 PM »
Organ Guns are nowadays Range 30'', 2D6x2 shots. I think total game time was about two and a half hours. That, for three Empire and two Dwarf turns.

I think he didn't fully realize the extent to which Rangers can harass and interfere with movement, he's probably not used to thinking of them that way. He does recognize light cavalry as doing that, probably due to his most common opponent being a Highborn Elf player who uses light cavalry for that role. He usually deploys (quite correctly) his crossbowmen to counter such.

I concur with most of your analysis of what mistakes he made. I don't think though his combat blocks had much other choice than to charge my harassment units, they were placed close enough that going around them would have delayed his advance at least as much. Charged Rangers at least need to spend a turn rallying before they can do it again, unless they happen to rally in a fortunate position.

I think he put his left-flank crossbowmen there to counter maneuvers from my Reiters, but putting them behind the wall was unnecessary and suboptimal. There wasn't really anything seriously threatening them anyway over there that the wall would have made a difference against. With the Deep Watch and the Warriors side by side, it would have been harder for me to pincer off the Deep Watch.

I suspect a common cognitive flaw is to be stuck in thinking what a unit is ordinarily supposed to do, rather than what it can do under present circumstances. Like he put his crossbowmen behind that wall and his Organ Guns on the hill, positions that are usually advantageous for that kind of units, but might not be the best under present tactical circumstances. His plan might have worked if the crossbowmen had been on the outside the left-flank pincer arm, and one of the organ guns on the inside of it. To cling to a particular formation, as you mentioned, would be another example of this. By sending my halberdiers on that long march, I essentially broke up my own trademark formation. The same thing goes for shooting units, particularly the less mobile ones like handgunners and crossbowmen. You may feel like you "should" shoot with them whenever they have a target in their sights because "that's what they're supposed to do", even though situationally they might be more valuable doing the job of melee detachments.

I did commit my share of gambles though, that could have failed. The halberdiers could have panicked. Failure to snipe the Vengeance Seeker would have enabled the little git to block the maneuver, and cost my leftmost crossbowmen time they could have used to turn to face the left-flank pincer arm. Still, things went overall so swimmingly that I could have failed and still had a fairly good position left. Whatever happens on the left flank, I would probably have bagged the right flank by the Demigrpyhs sweeping away his warriors, followed by shooting up his deathstar so badly that I could have wiped it out with a combined charge of Imperial Guard, Halberdiers and Demigryphs, all before the left pincer arm manages to interfere.

Zygmund, I have to say, your stated aversion to a gaming scene where the players have an analytical attitude about the game surprises me. You seem to me more analytical than most  :-)
I love the magma. The salamander looks ace!

Thanks Gankom! next time I'll have another one with the right texture stuff ( I hope)

So another update and a milestone marker if I'm concerned :)

to read the full story:

But here is the short version for this thread.

Finished my second unit of Stealthsuits

And this makes my milestone! A battle-ready Vanguard Detachment!

here are the spec's I want to run it with:

   - XV85 Enforcer Commander with 3 Cyclic Ion Blasters (CIBís) and a Shield Generator, protected by 2 MV4 Shield Drones
   - XV95 Ghostkeel with Fusion Collider and 2 Fusion Blasters, Target Lock and Shield Generator, aided by 2 MV5 Stealth Drones
   - 2x 3 XV25 Stealth Suits (1 Shasívre (leader) each) all bare bones with Burst Cannons
The Brush and Palette / Re: Ostland army under siege: update 181111 White Wolfs
« Last post by Irishzero on November 12, 2018, 09:15:54 PM »
Like the feeling of these classic minis. Somebody's gonna get it - pretty hard too!


Thanks zyg also like them a lot. They give a nice feel. The army have more and more evolved into classic minis.

classic goodness. love it.

It may be too late now but making the banner quite a bit more wavy would look good. Also, make sure you convert up a musician, can't go to war without one!  :dry:

Thank you bud! The firm was that way when I bought it, but the paintjob that was done was a challenge to change ....

But I will definitely take your advice on the musician convertion  :::cheers:::
The Count's Tavern / Re: Steveb, the man the myth the legend in his own time.
« Last post by King on November 12, 2018, 08:50:29 PM »
Our prayers are with you Steveb and its good to know you still watch this site and the comments we leave.....as Zak said your work will become immortal.
The Count's Tavern / Stan Lee Passed Away ...
« Last post by GamesPoet on November 12, 2018, 07:54:42 PM »
Stan Lee, the comic book artist and writer, as well as co-creator of such figures as Spider Man, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Thor, and Iron Man, has passed away at the age of 95.

Quite the selection of super hero's there, bringing fictional adventure and fun to millions for years.  These characters will live on for a long, long time, and thus so will the joy of such creations.
https://youtu.be/2rd7ohQG3OU opening up the last two hero boxes and a bonus on how to create outstanding bases for artillery. the Steve b way !!
The Brush and Palette / Re: Possibly Maybe My Next Army Project
« Last post by Shadespyre on November 12, 2018, 06:30:58 PM »
The old plastic skellies are a good call, I'll keep an eye out on ebay.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Northern Patrol Empire Army
« Last post by GamesPoet on November 12, 2018, 06:25:36 PM »
I liked your green and white color scheme, too! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::
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