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Looking forward to that Greatsword unit!

Where are the wall pieces from?

The Brush and Palette / Re: Monthly Painting & Scenery Goals 2018 ...
« Last post by Shadespyre on Today at 11:41:14 AM »
Really? That was kind of someone!  :eusa_clap:

Too big for the table? Maybe, but GWs modern monster models get bigger and bigger perhaps not insanely so. The days when a WHFB Monster had to stand on a 50x50 base are long gone. The GW bases range now includes a 17 cm long oval and a 16 cm diameter circle (the latter possibly for WH40k more) so we're getting there.

I think suitable rules for a beast like this are harder to come across. In later editions, the stats of monsters just don't reflect the majesty of the models and the fact that EVERYTHING on the table can shoot at them. But I think someone who games like you do - in a narrative fashion - could have great fun with it. I think that's how I'll use it, too.
The Brush and Palette / Re: The Penguin's Desert Dwarfs
« Last post by Shadespyre on Today at 11:20:50 AM »
I have to say that I've always hated the idea of Chaos Dwarves... one of GWs worst ideas ever was "chaos everythings" and these are the worst of those in my view.

On the other hand, the army looks great!  :eusa_clap:

I particularly like what you've done with the Orcs, both fluff-wise and the painting. Some of us still remember the days before Orcs and Goblins were green-skinned...
I love the defended obstacle theme that you're putting together here. I've done a bit of work including scenery as unit fillers (mostly to help difficult models rank up) but I like this idea of using them to add to the narrative of the army.
Great stuff - love the greatswords idea.

On the subject of the shields, the square top on does tie in with the shape of the bulls head, - I mean in a sense of triangle shape with the 'point/chin' at the bottom so there is a certain symmetry.
Looks good, and I like the dramatic composition. It tells a story!  :eusa_clap:

The gun carriage is very ad hoc. They probably need to rearrange the gun firing position after each shot.

The defended wall is a great, unifying idea with your Handgunners and Artillery. Do you plan to do more units with this?


Thank you Zygmund! I'm looking for bitz for the canon still. I need the metal things that goes over each side of the canon (name in English?).

Yes that the idea, I found the walls and the unpainted minis so I got the idea. For the canon I built the rest of the barricade on top of the wall. The wall looked like the one for the hangunners first, so a little bit of conversion.

I can show you an idea that still is just that, an early idea for the greatswordunit.

So the idea is to have the greatswords, and some really cool rare minis like the ostlanders from mordheim, bursting out of this ruin they defended for so long.
Looks good, and I like the dramatic composition. It tells a story!  :eusa_clap:

The gun carriage is very ad hoc. They probably need to rearrange the gun firing position after each shot.

The defended wall is a great, unifying idea with your Handgunners and Artillery. Do you plan to do more units with this?

The Brush and Palette / Re: The Penguin's Desert Dwarfs
« Last post by Zygmund on Today at 05:46:00 AM »
What models are those artillery pieces?

Looking very efficient! The painting & the army. :)

The Brush and Palette / Re: The Penguin's Desert Dwarfs
« Last post by Sharkbelly on August 18, 2018, 09:52:42 PM »
Great looking stuff!
Thanks for the kind comments gents.
Dead Man's Hand--The Secrets of Beujuntae
The New Estalians, Old Guard and Bay Watch struggle with a trapped daemon...

John could not make game night, so the campaign goes on (we might have a final battle one of these nights, or not.)

I was the low warband again! It is so nice to get underdog bonus finally (though parting with Al Bobo, Juan and Captain de Guzman was a steep price.)  This time Chris had a rating +200 above my 345, so I splurged on a Warlock for +16 rating and STILL got +4 underdog bonus.

The plot of the scenario:  at the end of the Great Chaos Incursion the Slann have trapped a Greater Daemon of Chaos.  They confine the daemon in a physical tomb within the City of Ghosts.  However the daemon has lured adventurers to his tomb to unlock the wards placed to bind it.  If the adventurers bring all the wards into the tomb, they will free the daemon.

The New Estalians set up nearest two wards (those glowy green thingys).  Then a pit opens up under the Long Gunner and the Tilean (who fail their initiative rolls and plummet 5" into the catacombs!)

Here one of the New Estalian henchmen claims a ward.

The Bay Watch shooters (Captain Flashy, Critter, Floppy III and Baldy III) charge a Carnivorous Plant.  Flashy is wounded

The Beujuntae possesses a Bay Watch crewman.  The possessed runs afoul of a Carnivorous Plant...

The New Estalians out flank the Bay Watch. 

One henchman falls afoul of a Carnivorous Plant (skull counter).

Alejandro (who now works for the Bay Watch as a swab) threatens the fool

The fool defeats the Plant (I only brought one Carnivorous Plant, so it shows up in all photos)

The Old Guard clump up around the ruined gate

The 'New' Mister Wolfgang IV (warlock) gets shot by El Pistolero (who I learned is called Lydia).

Then Lydia charges him

Meanwhile, back at the gate, the handgunners by the ward are attacked by Hadj and the Old Guard's new warlock...

Joined by Almah, there is a great round of shooting

Francisco leads the rest of the crew toward the tomb

New Estalian heroes reinforce the handgunners (they all have dueling pistols)

The Bay Watch suffered two blunderbuss blasts (which mainly took away lucky charms). 

Here one of the gitz is charged by survivors

Little Billy III takes a hand

The Possessed reaches a ward!

The henchman on the temple is charged by Alejandro.

The New Estalian flank attack hits the Bay Watch

The Bay Watch Possessed threw off the daemon.  The strain of possession sent him out of action.  Then Esmeralda II was possessed!  She also blunders into a Carnivorous Plant.

The Bay Watch flee with lots of henchmen out of action and Mrs Wolfgang stunned!

Whathisname is stunned by another Carnivorous Plant

Francisco leads the lads to save Whathisname from a Carnivorous Plant.

The end is near.  Both the New Estalians and the Old Guard are continually drawn to these wards (which they never succeed in moving because of shooting, events and other unexpected occurrences. The handgunners moved to the ward on turn one, but squabble over who will carry the ward, are shot and then are bedeviled by Screaming Walls)

Two Swords (who I learned is names Ravena) claims the handgunners' ward.

Ravena must carry her ward to the tomb.  As she nears the tomb she is mugged by Francisco, Hadj and Emillo. AND 'Old Baldy' is possessed by the Beajuntae, so he must charge Ravenna, too.  Ravenna falls out of action.

The New Estalians roll a ten on a break test and flee!

The Old Guard collect +4 underdog bonus and win another game!  Its good to be the low warband.

The Bay Watch lose Mr Wolfgang IV.  He is the only fatality (except for Alejandro who escapes into the jungle when the Bay Watch rout).  The Bay Watch recovered no wards, but they did defeat three Carnivorous Plants.

The New Estalians were prone to events (which was welcome).  The first took the Long Gunner and the Tilean out of the game.  The Long Gunner managed to escape the Catacombs, but the building he climbed out the catacombs in suffered Screaming Walls (and was over grown with trees which made it hard to shoot from!)  Also Chris sent El Capitan to destroy the Bay Watch, which meant she was far away when the Old Guard charged.  Slim and Ravenna survived the battle.  A gunner with a blunderbuss is captured by the Old Guard! 
The New Estalians manage to recover one ward.

The Old Guard win the game and the experience lottery!  Josť dos Santos fully recovers being screamed out of action by The Walls, but Caliban the Mate suffers an old battle wound in a fall.  The Old Guard collect three wards (which can be sold as 'counts as' wyrdstone).
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